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(We tasted the pink chocolate)
KitKat Ruby:

✍️ Did you try the new KitKat Ruby Pink Chocolate?
I did.
Read below my review and what I have found out about.

Pink KitKat Ruby chocolate KitKat Ruby choco
 KitKat Ruby KitKat Ruby choco
Pink Ruby chocolate Pink chocolate

Why it's a Pink Chocolate?

Ruby chocolate is worldwide presented as "a new kind of chocolate" or as "a new chocolate experience" and as you can well imagine, it has a light pink - ruby color.

This particular chocolate is made from Ruby cocoa beans and is hoping to give color to the three other types of chocolate we have known so far:
The white chocolate, the black and the brown colored milk chocolate.

The ruby cocoa beans give this new chocolate the unique taste experience of natural fruity berry flavor and even its color comes naturally, with a special grain processing technique and without adding any artificial coloring.

So after the discovery of milk chocolate in 1819 and after Nestlé discovered the white colored chocolate in 1980 it was about time for the ruby chocolate to show off.
Initially KitKat Ruby was tested in only a few selected markets in 2018, managing to be sold out within 30 minutes.

But you will tell me:
"People love new things and tastes" (even if "the old feels comfortable") and they just wanted to try the new flavor.
So it was quite reasonable that the KitKat Ruby quickly sold out.

The real question is only one:
Having tasted the new flavor of pink chocolate, how many people liked it that much to buy it on their own once again or to incorporate it to their favorite chocolate tastes?

Pink KitKat Ruby chocolate KitKat Ruby choco
Pink KitKat Ruby KitKat Ruby choco
KitKat Ruby chocolate KitKat Ruby choco

Lily's tips:

My pink chocolate's review:

Pink chocolate with aftertaste of semolina (rasp)berries and fruits. Reminds me something between the taste of white chocolate and the flavor of ice cream with blackberries but

Its taste isn't as sweet (as white chocolate's is).

The wafer inside the KitKat classic bar almost overlap with the fruity sense and may seem unnecessary in giving something more on the taste or even a little more interesting feeling to the chocolate aftertaste.

I think pink or ruby chocolate would be more interesting to drink rather than eat and will certainly gain more consumer interest in the years to come, with global dietary habits changing and turning more into cereal bars, fruit and special diets with berries.

For me I think KitKat Pink Chocolate (KitKat Ruby) is this: Grain bar instead of the classic chocolate or fruity yogurt cream instead of the regular ice cream.

However by calories isn't as innocuous as per 100 g of product gives you nutritionally:

Energy 2260kj/541kcal,
Fat 32g of which 18g. saturated,
Carbohydrates 57g of which sugars 45g.,
Fiber 1.4g.,
Proteins 6.5g and
Salt 0,21g.

The whole product has a net weight of 41.5g

KitKat Ruby chocolate pink Ruby choco
KitKat Ruby chocolate pink KitKat Ruby choco
KitKat Ruby chocolate pink Pink chocolate

Points of sale/purchase
KiKat Ruby:

Where to buy the Pink Chocolate Nestlé KitKat Ruby

1. Nestlé’s ruby KitKat
Price: 0,98

• I found the KitKat Ruby Chocolate in the greek supermarket store: MY MARKET.

2. Nestlé’s ruby KitKat
Price: 0,98

• Found the KitKat Ruby Chocolate in the greek e-shop:

3. Nestlé’s ruby KitKat
Price: 0,98

• I found the KitKat Ruby Chocolate in the greek supermarket store: AB ΒΑΣΙΛΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ.

Lily WasHere

KitKat Ruby Pink chocolate KitKat Ruby pink choco


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