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January 2019
Beauty • MakeUp
Lily's beauty tips - LilyWasHere beauty blog
• January 17, 2019
New economical foundation to buy or to die but never buying?

Today is a sunny day and I have tried one more affordable foundation - the Delia's Luxury Look Lift And Smooth foundation in the tanned shade and I uploaded my review to let you know whether you should buy it or if it is to be avoided. Spring is on its way - I thought - and what's better than a product that shows your skin slightly tanned? Is this foundation the one I was looking for?

January 2019
Travel • World
Cabo da Roca Portugal
• January 14, 2019
The westernmost point of Europe

The english translation of the page for my trip to Portugal and from my visit to the famous Cabo Da Roca - by the Atlantic Ocean is finally done and already uploaded on the TRAVEL section. Cabo da Roca is the cape located on the western edge of Europe, just outside of Sintra in Portugal (near to Lisbon) and is considered as the western end of the European mainland. The Cape of Cabo da Roca and the touristic area around is a very beautiful but still a undoubtedly quite wild landscape (as the unpredictable weather of the Atlantic Ocean effects the area), which hides some travel secrets you should notice in time in order not to become tourist trappings | read more |

January 2019
Lifestyle • Food
ΝΑΚΑΜΑ Sushi bar Nea Smyrni Athens
• January 11, 2019
ΝΑΚΑΜΑ Sushi bar Nea Smyrni

Romantic date for Sushi in Nea Smyrni? It's Friday today and as we are sushi lovers and friends of the Asian's cuisine, we decided to give a try to the casual sushi bar restaurant NAKAMA in Nea Smyrni (the other Nakama restaurant is located in Kolonaki area) which has the reputation of a tasteful and budget sushi spot.
Was it so? Do you want to read my personal review on this place, on its food and its sushi menu to know if you should visit it too?

January 2019
Are you a snow or winter hater?
• January 8, 2019
Are you a snow or winter hater?

Today in Athens, we got up in the morning and (in the center of the city) there was some snow on cars and trees. To the north of the prefecture and the country, everything had been covered with snow. If you hate the snow and the winter, if the snowman looks a sad to slightly frightening figure, if you don't love snowball and you can't understand all the crazyness going on our country's social media - on the first snow, then I am your friend and below I have prepared your article.

December 2018
LifeStyle • Beauty Festive makeup
• December 17, 2018
New festive makeup

Happy week! Just a few days before Christmas, I have prepared a new post with a festive and quite affordable makeup that you have asked me for by mentioning all the products I have used without fear and passion and especially without being payed to advertise them though.

Check here and send me your opinion or your suggestions for a festive makeup!

December 2018
LifeStyle • Beauty Cheap highlighter stick
• December 13, 2018
New affordable highlighter

Happy name day to Spyrous and Spyridoula on their yesterday's celebration!
Today I upload a new personall review on a low cost highlighter stic from Gabrini cosmetics that I recently tryed.
Check out my photos, information on this product, its price and where you can buy it here.

Don't forget to send me your reviews too! Kisses!

November 2018
Travel • World Venice on a budget | Lily travels in Venice
• November 29, 2018
Cold in GReece

The thing that until yesterday the weather was so good that you could go out of the house wearing your t-shirt and maybe just a jacket or blazer on the top and today is a day that you really want to go out wrapped with your quilt, is not a good sign of our enviroment and certainly IT IS NOT NATURAL AT ALL.
And I am capitalizing these words because I'm afraid that this thing will surely follow the flow that almost everything follows in life - somehow - when it is on repeat until it becomes a habit, a part of our reality, untill we will not notice it anymore.
In many areas and north villages in GReece it is snowing right now and early in the morning at Nea Smirni (Athens) it was sleety (falling frozen rain).

About our tavel stories I've finished my Venice post today about How you can travel to Venice in a cheap accommodation, food and tranfer and I think that in order to break the legend that Venice is only an expensive tourist destination, you have to read it carefully here and send me your opinion or even better send me your suggestions on how to make the same trip even more economical without losing its positive energy and enthusiasm.

Today's photo is from my own trip to Venice. As you already know I write on topics and above all I only propose to you things and experiences that I know at first hand. Maybe this is one of the reasons you show me so much love and your love is definitely one of my reasons to never stop.

Kisses and have a lovely day wishes!

October 2018
Travel • World Travel to Bergamo Italy tips
How about a short trip to Bergamo?

With its modern but mainly its old town, so close to Milan and with the possibility to find very cheap air tickets to get there, the trip to Bergamo will surely impress you and it will make you feel like you are travelling in another era.

September 2018
Travel • World Journey to Lake Como Italy tips
Journey to the cosmopolitan Como

If you haven't heard the lake Como in some of the world famous adventures of the Hollywood star George Clooney or if you haven't thought of this destination on your own travel map, get to know it now through my trip.
Learn where you can stay, what to eat and drink, what sights to visit and what to do while you are there.

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