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June 2019
LifeStyle • Diet
Tsipers Barbeque Chips Tsipers Barbeque Chips
• June 8, 2019
Tsipers Barbeque | New Potato Chips Flavor

We are glad to announce to you (before anyone else) that the well-known Chipita company with the Molto croissants, the fresh potato chips and so many other food products on the Greek market that occupies a special place in our hearts (and especially in the hearts of our children) will now produce a new fresh taste in an already existing product.

Which product and flavor is it?

June 2019
LifeStyle • Shop
Swimsuits under 20 euro Shop • Swimsuits under 20€
• June 6, 2019
Budget swimwear shopping

Which are the swimsuits you are going to wear the most this summer and they cost less than 20€ to buy? We spotted for you the best swimwear to rock the beach this hot - hot season. And when we say the best swimwear we refer to one piece bikinis, high cut bikinis, cover ups, tankinis and many other designs in a budget price (under 20€). Let's have a look. Ready?

March 2019
LifeStyle • Ootd
Wearing light blue shirt - Ootd “I don't wear it either I can't without you.”
• March 26, 2019
The light blue shirt

“The light blue shirt, sometimes I wore it and sometimes you wore it.”
(from the song of G. Dalaras)
in lyrics | music by Stavros Kougioumtzis.
“The light blue shirt, you never wore it again.”
And if so, why?
Today's photography may not represent your favorite style, but because the blue or the light blue color this year is in fashion (and every year it's style is in fashion to such an era that aries Spring), I have a simple, everyday suggestion for your to wear on your morning walks in the city's center.

March 2019
Ciccus bar Athens center Ciccus Athens
• March 19, 2019
Do you enjoy life?

“Ανοήμονες βιούσι ού τερπόμενοι βιούν.”
(Meaning: Fools live without enjoying life)
Democritus, 470-370 BC, Ancient Greek philosopher.
My review on the Ciccus bar where earlier today I've enjoyed my first coffee of the day. Located to the Monastiraki area in the center of Athens, this cafe bar is quite close to the archaeological sites of Stoa of Attalos and Temple of Hephaestus so Ciccus is a really nice place to stop by while you are in the neighborhood.

March 2019
Lifestyle • Diet
Molto Cream and Cookies κρουασάν
• March 9, 2019
The three-day weekend and the new croissants

Today is the beggining of this three-day weekend (this Monday is the Greek Clean Monday) and I want to wish you a Wonderful time and to let you know that I recently tested the two new Cream & Cookies flavors of Molto croissants that will come out on the greek market next Wednesday and especially with one taste I was excited!
Do you want to know what flavor is this?

February 2019
Lifestyle • Diet
KitKat Ruby ad
• February 19, 2019
Tasting the new pink chocolate KitKat Ruby

Ruby chocolate is worldwide presented as "a new kind of chocolate" or as "a new chocolate experience" and as you can well imagine, it has a light pink - ruby color.
This particular chocolate is made from Ruby cocoa beans which give the unique natural fruity taste of berries and even its color comes naturally, with a special grain processing technique and without adding any artificial coloring.
Did you try the new KitKat Ruby Pink Chocolate?
I did. Read below my review and what I have found out.

February 2019
Lifestyle • People
Plato's other half | Plato's philosophy | Love in Symposium
• February 14, 2019
Plato's Other Half

“According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves ... and when one of them meets the other half, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other's sight...”

February 2019
Lifestyle • Events
HoReCa 2019 | Tourism Exhibition
• February 13, 2019
New review is up and high

As promised, my HoReCa Expo 2019 review is ready.
HoReCa is definately the largest exhibition in Greece on hotels and tourism industry, hosting many interesting special events every year on coffee, food and beverages as well as on hotel equipment, hotel furniture and web marketing.
Do you need more information, visitors reviews or do you just want to see some new photos I took at this year's event?

January 2019
LifeStyle • Eat+Drink
Belle Amie cafe menu
• January 21, 2019
Review: Belle Amie Bar Restaurant

​My personal review about the Belle Amie Cafe Bar Restaurant in Pasalimani, Piraeus is up after my first visit for coffee and dessert. All the information you need on the interior, the prices, the menu, the taste and the quality at your disposal if you choose to read more.

January 2019
Beauty • MakeUp
Lily's beauty tips - LilyWasHere beauty blog
• January 17, 2019
New economical foundation to buy or to die but never buying?

Today is a sunny day and I have tried one more affordable foundation - the Delia's Luxury Look Lift And Smooth foundation in the tanned shade and I uploaded my review to let you know whether you should buy it or if it is to be avoided. Spring is on its way - I thought - and what's better than a product that shows your skin slightly tanned? Is this foundation the one I was looking for?

January 2019
Lifestyle • Food
ΝΑΚΑΜΑ Sushi bar Nea Smyrni Athens
• January 11, 2019
ΝΑΚΑΜΑ Sushi bar Nea Smyrni

Romantic date for Sushi in Nea Smyrni? It's Friday today and as we are sushi lovers and friends of the Asian's cuisine, we decided to give a try to the casual sushi bar restaurant NAKAMA in Nea Smyrni (the other Nakama restaurant is located in Kolonaki area) which has the reputation of a tasteful and budget sushi spot.
Was it so? Do you want to read my personal review on this place, on its food and its sushi menu to know if you should visit it too?

January 2019
Are you a snow or winter hater?
• January 8, 2019
Are you a snow or winter hater?

Today in Athens, we got up in the morning and (in the center of the city) there was some snow on cars and trees. To the north of the prefecture and the country, everything had been covered with snow. If you hate the snow and the winter, if the snowman looks a sad to slightly frightening figure, if you don't love snowball and you can't understand all the crazyness going on our country's social media - on the first snow, then I am your friend and below I have prepared your article.

December 2018
LifeStyle • Beauty Festive makeup
• December 17, 2018
New festive makeup

Happy week! Just a few days before Christmas, I have prepared a new post with a festive and quite affordable makeup that you have asked me for by mentioning all the products I have used without fear and passion and especially without being payed to advertise them though.

Check here and send me your opinion or your suggestions for a festive makeup!

December 2018
LifeStyle • Beauty Cheap highlighter stick
• December 13, 2018
New affordable highlighter

Happy name day to Spyrous and Spyridoula on their yesterday's celebration!
Today I upload a new personall review on a low cost highlighter stic from Gabrini cosmetics that I recently tryed.
Check out my photos, information on this product, its price and where you can buy it here.

Don't forget to send me your reviews too! Kisses!

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