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May 2019
Travel • Greece
Hotel Cokkinis beach At the beach Hotel Cokkinis
• May 18, 2019
Kakia Skala, Greece
A small getaway from Athens!

Today was finally the day for my first swim (of this summer). Keeping this in mind, we organized a proper getaway very close to the center of the capital and definately by the sea.
The family hotel Kokkinis (Hotel Cokkinis) is located in Megara, just above the beach of Kakia Skala (50 km from the center of Athens on the way to Kinetta and about 6.5 km far from it) and offers its residents, apart from the sea view rooms, the opportunity to enjoy their coffee or lunch overlooking the sea as well as to swim in the turquoise waters of the (almost) “private beach” it has underneath...

May 2019
Travel • Greece
Holidays in Milos Greece Photo: • Milos, Greece
• May 9, 2019
Greece in No.2 globaly on the 'Blue Flags' list!

Greece is No.2 in the world in Blue Flags with 515 award winning coasts. Thus, in all 47 countries participating in the international Blue Flag program, Greece took the second place after Spain.
The national operator of the Blue Flag programme, the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature - E.E.P.F. (at a special event held yesterday in Akti Vouliagmenis, in the presence of many representatives of the state and sectoral organizations of Tourism) has awarded 3,779 coasts worldwide, 695 marinas and 67 sustainable tourism boats all over the world...

May 2019
Travel • Greece
New Video • Lefkada
• May 6, 2019
Lefkada, Greece
Happy new week!

This weekend - among everything else - I uploaded on YouTube a video about my experience from the view of Achilleas Hotel in Lefkada.
We stayed there for the Greek's Easter Holidays and even if it wasn't open yet to the crowds, we've enjoyed the beach vibes to the fullest.
If you want to visit Achilleas (Hotel in Lefkada) website, click here
If you would like to watch my new video on YouTube click the button bellow.
Please subscribe to my channel too (if you haven't done this already).
I do appreciate it!

Travel • Lefkada
Pefkoulia - Lefkada Pefkoulia • Lefkada
• May 1, 2019
Have a happy month!

You know that 💙 I LOVE LEFKADA.
So today, I am sharing another one new photo from the beach of Pefkoulia (in Lefkada, Greece) with its wonderful blue color of the sea.
May 1 • also known as Labour Day • celebrated in many countries as a traditional springtime festival or as an international day honoring workers. In Greece there is a public strike and the whole country has been left without national rail, island ferry or other transport services. (Hope you didn't had any travel plans, depending on our public transportation system).
Also Greeks celebrate spring and nature on May 1st (known as Protomagia) by “catching the May” (according to the Greek traditional custom) and making lovely flowers coronets to hang outside their doors for a “good luck”! 🌼 Happy month everyone!

Do you like to know more about Pefkoulia beach in Lefkada?

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April 17
Travel • Aegean Air
New Aegean flight to Marrakesh New Aegean flight to Marrakesh
• April 17, 2019
Athens to Marrakesh
New Aegean's cheap flights

On the occasion of the opening of the new destination and the first Aegean's Air flight from Athens to Marrakesh - last night - to which all the passengers were offered a glass of champagne, we've searched for you and found the cheapest fares and ticket promotions currently in value from today, to make the same one way air route (or round trip) in cheap prices AND with the Aegean Air from Greece, during the next months.
In fact the cheapest price we've found already (if you book your ticket today on the dates we provide you) for the Aegean's flight from Athens to Marrakesh in May and June 2019 is only €63,99/person and at the end of July you can book your return ticket just for €48,89/person


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