January '19

Tuesday 22
Tsitsipas to semi-final Australia open
• January 22, 2019
Athens, Greece - Australia
Tsitsipas dream into semi-final

Tsitsipas dream continues as he storms into semi-final.
The “proud Greek” will be playing for the blue and white on Thursday night vs Rafael Nadal in his first ever grand slam semi-final on the Australian Open 2019.
As revealed by “The Age” earlier today:
Tennis Australia had conversations with Tsitsipa's family about a potential change of nationality.
But the man himself states that it never went further than those discussions.
“Not really that close”, he smiled. “I guess it's disappointing for them but for me I'm proud to be Greek and representing the blue and white colours”.

Sunday 20
Macedonia is Greek
• January 20, 2019
Athens, Greece
Macedonia is Greek

Macedonia is Greek no matter how the today's massive rally in Syntagma square to protest against the use of the term Macedonia by FYROM will end or how politics might steal from history once again and Stefanos Tsitsipas is writing his own success story in tennis.

Friday 18
Gastronomy Athens Forum
• January 18, 2019
Athens, Greece
Athens Forum to Explore Gastronomy Tourism Opportunities

Best wishes to Thanassis and Athanassia on their name day!
Today in Athens was a sunny day in 15°C and I was glad to attend in a forum during the Money Show Athens about the"Gastronomy and gastronomy's destination opportunities" organized by Respond On Demand and hosted in the Divani Caravel Hotel. These initiatives are always important and we all who are engaging in tourism, appreciate such events that help us learn more about how we can contribute to making Greece a gastronomy tourist destination. Well done to everyone!

Thursday 17
Lily's beauty tips - LilyWasHere beauty blog
• January 17, 2019
Athens, Greece
New economical foundation to buy or to die but never buying?

Happy name day to Antonis and Antonia or Tonia! Today is a sunny day in Athens and I have tried one more affordable foundation - the Delia's Luxury Look Lift And Smooth foundation in the tanned shade and I uploaded my review to let you know whether you should buy it or if it is to be avoided. Spring is on its way - I thought - and what's better than a product that shows your skin slightly tanned? Is this foundation the one I was looking for?

Monday 14
Cabo da Roca Portugal
• January 14, 2019
Athens, Greece + Portugal
Monday! What a joy!

​Having - just for the time being - leave behind us the polar temperatures for Greece, on every corner of the country and by waking up on a brand new Monday, I would like to return to one of my favorite themes - Travel around the world - (I believe this is one of your own favorites too) and to let you know that the translation on the page for my trip to Portugal and my visit to the famous Cabo Da Roca - the westernmost end of Europe by the Atlantic Ocean is finally ready | read more |
Have a good week everyone and whatever you do make sure you do it with love!

Friday 11
ΝΑΚΑΜΑ Sushi bar Nea Smyrni Athens
• January 11, 2019
Sushi food in Nea Smyrni, Athens, Greece
ΝΑΚΑΜΑ Sushi bar Nea Smyrni

Date for 2 and Sushi in Nea Smyrni? It's Friday today and as we are sushi lovers and friends of the Asian's cuisine, we decided to give a try to the Casual Sushi Bar Restaurant NAKAMA in Nea Smyrni (the other Nakama estaurant is located in Kolonaki are) which has the reputation of a tasteful and budget sushi.

Tuesday 08
Are you a snow or winter hater?
• January 8, 2019
Athens, Greece + around the world
Are you a snow or winter hater?

Today in Athens, we got up in the morning and (in the center of the city) there was some snow on cars and trees. To the north of the prefecture and the country, everything had been covered with snow. If you hate the snow and the winter, if the snowman looks a sad to slightly frightening figure, if you don't love snowball and you can't understand all the crazyness going on our country's social media - on the first snow, then I am your friend and below I have prepared your article.

Tuesday 01
Athens 2019 Parthenon
• January 2019
Greece + World
Happy new month and a great new year!

Without wanting to be ungrateful to all those beautiful moments of my life so far in general, what I hear you people often say - like: “It was an amazing year!” or the other one you write on social's media posts: “Thank you year EX you've been so fucking good to me” with lots of emoji-hearts, stars and exclamation points on the row, well - I haven't said it. Yet.
May 2019 be the year that will change this point of view for all of us and will make it a prospect.

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