March '19

Tuesday 19
Ciccus bar Athens center Ciccus Athens
• March 19, 2019
Athen's city center, Greece
Do you enjoy life?

“Ανοήμονες βιούσι ού τερπόμενοι βιούν.”
(Meaning: Fools live without enjoying life)
Democritus, 470-370 BC, Ancient Greek philosopher.

Today's photos are from earlier this morning in the sunny Athen's city center from the balcony of Ciccus bar where I've enjoyed my first coffee of the day. On the background it's the Stoa of Attalos and you can look up more info on this Greek archaeological site by clicking here

Saturday 16
Joomla Talks Athens Joomla Talks Athens
• March 16, 2019
Athens, Greece
Joomla Talks 2019 Athens

Today dawned a sunny Saturday - the ideal time for sunny walks and vitamin D composition. I participated in the Joomla Talks 2019 Athens, a very interesting day-to-day conference of the Greek community of Joomla at the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information (which still has a public card phone booth - Just saying😳).

Friday 15
Βροχή, καφές και μελαγχολική διάθεση Coffee and melancholy retro mood
• March 15 2019
Athens, Greece
Rain, coffee and melancholy

Rainy Friday with a photo (from the ground floor cafe Great Room Bar of the Marriott Hotel Athens) which would fit into this day ideally - as well as musically - if at you click on ACTIVITY then on COFFEE button and right after you select the COFFEE AND RAIN (or if you love passions you can click on COFFEE AND CIGAR option) ☕🎶.

Sunday 10
Greek Carnival in Nafplion Απόκριες στο Ναύπλιο
• March 10, 2019
Nafplion, Greece
Last Sunday of the Greek Carnival

Last Sunday of the Greek Carnival and all around Greece there are carnival rhythms.
I was in Nafplio there was a wonderful sunny day and the carnival started at 17.00 from the Department of Theater Studies (Old Prefecture of Nafplion) to end with the traditional (and always impressive) symbolic burning of the Carnival King at the port of the town.
The feast was continued with a concert at Filellinon Square and latin dances at Syntagma Square, the crowd was happy and the children were excited.
I admit that the Carnival though it's not on my favorite holidays and I don't like to be disguised - but with this particular walk - today was a really nice day.

Saturday 9
Molto Cream and Cookies κρουασάν
• March 9, 2019
Athens, Greece
The three-day weekend and the new croissants

Today is the beggining of this three-day weekend (this Monday is the Greek Clean Monday) and I want to wish you a Wonderful time and to let you know that I recently tested the two new Cream & Cookies flavors of Molto croissants that will come out on the greek market next Wednesday and especially with one taste I was excited!
Do you want to know what flavor is this?

Friday 8
• March 8, 2019
Athens, Greece
International Women's Day '19

A balanced world is a better world. How can you help forge a more gender-balanced world? Celebrate women's achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality. Get everything you need to run a successful International Women's Day right here

Thursday 7
Sunset Ark Bar Restaurant Glyfada Athens Today's Sunset
• March 7, 2019
Glyfada, Athens, Greece
The little things that make life big

After a bit difficult day, I choose to focus to the wonderful weather, as well as that I've enjoyed my today's early morning walk in Plaka neighborhood with my best friend and a delightful sunset with my ♡ in Ark Cafe • Bar • Restaurant right by the sea.
How precious are those everyday little things that make life big, huh? Where you choose to focus on your daily routine?
Hoping you are staying positive and cherish every little moment you have with the ones you love. Things in life are changing so fast...

Wednesday 6
Better Love - Katerine Duska Better Love - Katerine Duska
• March 6, 2019
Athens, Greece
Go Greece! GO!

"Like a little Summer" will be the weather from today on in Greece, with high temperature and positive mood. But there os still something else I am into:
Have you heard Katerina's Duska amazing song for this year's Eurovision?
I may be bragging right now but I'm glad to say moments like this how proud I am for my music education (proved and through me oldest posts) as I was among those who had for many years believed in Katerina Duska's special voice while at the same time I was wondering how come and this lady is not yet worldwide known - when unfortunately not many people knew her in her own country.
But I think that Paulo Coelho sees vindication and Katerine Duska has finally her chance for international recognition and career with the song Better Love and her participation in this year's Eurovision!
Go girl! Go! Go Greece!

Monday 4
Visit Parthenon, Acropolis Visit Parthenon | Acropolis
• March 4, 2019
Acropolis hill, Athens, Greece
Happy New Week!

I LOVE Mondays! Do you?
Today's photo is from my last visit to the Acropolis hill.
I am standing in front of the Parthenon's temple • probably the most famous ancient building in Greece • certainly one of the most famous ancient sites in the whole world.
This masterpiece fills my heart with Art, Love and Hopeand those vibes are all I need for this brand new week.
May yours be as well like this.
Have a truly happy and majestic new week!
💋 Lil

Sunday 3
Caryatids, Erechtheion | Parthenon, Acropolis Erechtheion | Parthenon, Acropolis
• March 3, 2019
Athens, Greece
Free entrance to all the archaeological sites

It might have a cloudy sky, a bit windy weather and not the impeccable spring day (we enjoyed yesterday) and you probably have expected for this day but I want to remind you that today is the penultimate Sunday of the Carnival and the last (for the first half of 2019) Sunday with free admission to all the museums and the archaeological sites of Greece. Use this wisely! 😎 Kiss!

Friday 1
Seagull at the beach Seagull at the beach
• March 1, 2019
Glyfada, Athens, Greece
Welcome March!

I say Welcome March! and March replies: I am the month that shall bring Spring. Today feels quite like Spring indeed, although here in Greece we say that “March is a scalper and a bad evil stake” because if it gets angry, the snow will fall.
So how will you spend this lovely first day of March?

Seafood and beer at the Ark Restaurant Athens
With today's sun and 68°F temperature high (after having coffee) I had some joyful time for beer and seafood in the Ark Bar - Restaurant (in Glyfada), ​right by the beach.
Wishing you all a happy March and a month well spent!





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