December '18

Thursday 13
WhereIsLilyNow? Cheap highlighter stick
• December 13, 2018
Athens, Greece
New affordable highlighter

Happy name day to Spyrous and Spyridoula on their yesterday's celebration!
Today I upload a new personall review on a low cost highlighter stic from Gabrini cosmetics that I recently tryed.
Check out my photos, information on this product, its price and where you can buy it here.

Don't forget to send me your reviews too! Kisses!

Monday 10
WhereIsLilyNow? I want to be everything.
• December 10, 2018
Athens, Greece
Happy new creative week!

Happy new week! It's Monday and Monday could always be a wonderful day if you know what you want.
I knew. I still know.
Sylvia Plath put it into words - long time ago - and that's my today's mood with which I want to influence yours:
“When they asked me what I wanted to be I said I didn't know. "Oh, sure you know," the photographer said. "She wants," said Jay Cee wittily, "to be everything.” ― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar
(Today's photo is from my travels in Greece)

Sunday 09
• December 9, 2018
15 days untill Christmas!

Sunday today and the weather in Greece isn't that cold as the previous days.
Plus I want to remind you that there are left less than 15 days untill Christmas.
What are your plans about Christmas eve?
Do you love Christmas or you just hate this time of the year?
I think it has to do with the loneliness we feel deep inside when we don't share memorable times with people who love us and who we love.
The more lonely we feel the greatest the hate.
Anyway, the second thing I want to remind you about today is that (in Greece) we celebrate the no widely known nameday of Anna, Annita, Anneta, Aneza etc. Don't forget to send them your warmest wishes!

Enjoy your Sunday and keep it bright like a SUNday.

Thursday 06
WhereIsLilyNow? Neither for relations, nor for finances. The only wisdom I gained through the years is not to let the child in me grow older. - Quote Lily Theakou
• December 6, 2018
Self around
Marry wishes!

Happy Birthday to those who are having a birthday today and to those who are celebrating their name day!
One of those who celebrate their birthday today is me and my grace.
Also Thursday is the day I was actually born.
So the present picture is from the old-known L-diaries / mood stories you've loved so much and it's a recent life quote of the past days.

“Neither for relations, nor for finances.
The only wisdom I gained through the years
is not to let the child in me grow older.”

Kisses with one more year on my shoulder,
not as weight but as honorary as a medal!

Wednesday 05
WhereIsLilyNow? Fuga Restaurant Athens Music Hall
• December 5, 2018
Fuga Restaurant Athens Music Hall
Overlooking Athens from above

Today I met with my sister and - among others - we went for coffee and desse in the Fuga restaurant by the Athens Music Hall. They had just opened so as you saw and in the videos from Instagram stories of it wasn't too crowded but the panoramic view of Athens, consistently remained very beautiful. I don't have much to say about Fuga here today as we didn't eat - except from the desert ofChocolate/Miso/Hazelnut/Nori tthat we tasted and for its price of 10 euros as a quantity and as a taste I found it extremely overpriced - but I also found that the waiter who served us had an excellent behavior, as it made you feel comfortable and like home - like in a very beautiful home though, with a great view.
See some more information on this Fuga restaurant here

Saturday 01
WhereIsLilyNow? World AIDS Day 2018: HIV In Numbers
• December 1, 2018
GReece - World
Have a wonderful month!

Wishes for a nice, creative, festive December to you all!
December is the month that almost every day is a celebration like a nameday or the birthday of some good friends, relatives and lovables (like my brother's birthday today - Yeah, my love Dimos, Happy Birthday! Stay always healthy, strong and happy!) as well as my own birthday (soon).
But today - as every year this day since 1988 - is the World AIDS Day, is an international day dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection and mourning those who have died of the disease.
You know me, I will not hide from you now, I am not very fond of those "global days", but this day - is a reminder of the 35.4 million people already dead beacause of the disease and of the 36.9 36.9 million people still living and carrying the virus as we speak, around the world. So ALWAYS WEAR A CONDOM - every single time you have sex - and don't trust anything or anyone else who claims against that. Keep that in your mind and heart as a life's SOS and for the time being have a lovely weekend!