December '18

Monday 31
• December 31, 2018
Athens, Greece - World
Goodbye 2018. Welcome 2019!

Farewell 2018.

Have fun - whatever you do - enough to make you happy and not hurt anyone else.

2019: Prove to me that you deserve it.

Friday 28
WhereIsLilyNow? National Geographic acropolis full moon 2018 instagram
• December 28, 2018
Acropolis, Athens, Greece - World
A photo of full moon on the Acropolis hill as farewell to 2018

The National Geographic with @natgeo's Instagram account chose Muhammed Muheisen's photo (@mmuheisen and @mmuheisenpublic) from the last full moon of the year (December 22) the talented photographer took, to say goodbye to the year 2018, gathering in a very short time more than 1.2 million likes.
The artist (official photographer of National Geographic, awarded 2 times with the Pulitzer Prize and founder of had initially posted the photo on his personal Instagram account 5 days earlier by writing in the caption:

The last full moon of 2018 rised yesterday above Propylaea, the monumental gate of the ancient Acropolis hill, next to the 2500 BC Parthenon temple in Athens, Greece.

As it was expected, after NatGeo was republished this photo, it became viral on all social networks, glorifying the beauty of the Greek Acropolis of Athens, and has collected thousands of (mostly) positive reviews and comments from users of Instagram around the world.

With what photo would you bid farewell to 2018?

Tuesday 25
WhereIsLilyNow? Wedding bombonieres, baptism and gift wrappers
• December 25, 2018
Greece - World
Merry Christmas!

Best wishes to all the people who celebrate their nameday today or their birthdays and my best wishes to the whole world! It doesn't matter if you spend this day with friends, relatives, with your loved one, with all these people together neither if you spend this Christmas at work or home alone. It just doesn't matter.
Because what is important is to maintain your good health and to keep on dreaming with all your heart of a very beautiful tomorrow, perhaps even better than today, to rebuild your inner faith and set your goals to succeed it. Positive thoughts, positive energy, lots of wishes and Merry Christmas!
Today's photo is from a recent bonbonier we - custom - made for a wedding of two lovers during this festive season, while you can find many more designs for your wedding bombonieres, your baptism bombonieres or other beautiful gifts by clicking here.

Monday 24
WhereIsLilyNow? Christmas Athens Plaka
• December 24, 2018
Plaka, Athens, Greece

Christmas is where you love.
Christmas Eve today.
Can you feel the vibes?
The streets of Athens are still busy, as long as the gift shops are open and probably will be busier later again when the places where you can enjoy a Christmas Revegion will open.

Have a wonderful time, whatever you do, regardless of whether you choose to stay alone or celebrate with friends in a friendly house or go out - and as I always say - make sure you are with the ones you love.
And if you don't have those people right beside you now, except from thinking about them - do something that will bring them closer to you or that will prove that you really love them.

Make emotions work for YOU, instead of against you.

Merry wishes to those who celebrate their namedate!
Festive wishes to all the people!

Merry Christmas!
Christmas Athens Plaka Christmas in Athens Christmas Plaka Athens Greece
Christmas Athens Plaka Holidays in Athens

Sunday 23
WhereIsLilyNow? Christmas in Athens Plaka
• December 23, 2018
Plaka, Athens, Greece
Is the most wonderful time of the year

Is the most wonderful time of the year
Or maybe not? In Greece summertime is a pretty awesome time too.
But let's not travel in time right now! Let's enjoy the moment we live. And what is better than a walk in the center of Athens at this time of the year when it's almost (♫ Merry♪) Christmas babe?
Shops are open today for Christmas shopping untill 18.00!
Did you shop already gifts for your lovables?

I am not ready yet. I still got some shopping to do! I've got to run! Kisses to all of you!

Saturday 22
WhereIsLilyNow? Looking up to the sky
• December 22, 2018
Plaka, Athens, Greece
Full moon within a day of solstice

Tonight is the final full moon of the year, falling less than a day after the December solstice and is also coincided with a spectacular meteor shower.
In North America, they call the December full moon the Long Night Moon, Cold Moon or Moon Before Yule. In the Southern Hemisphere, where it’s summer now, names for this full moon include Strawberry Moon, Honey Moon and Rose Moon.
Where and with who would you like to watch this special full moon?
The last time the December solstice and full moon happened less than a day apart was in 2010, and the next time will be 2029.

Friday 21
WhereIsLilyNow? As time goes on, you'll understand. What lasts, lasts; what doesn't, doesn't. Time solves most things. And what time can't solve, you have to solve yourself.
• December 21, 2018
Athens, Greece
As time goes on, you'll understand.

This day - last year - was the summer solstice of the southern hemisphere and on the other side - in the northern hemisphere - today is the winter solstice with the longest night of the year. And it's Friday too.
Sounds like a double celebration to me!
Also in 4 days it's Christmas, in 11 days is the New Year's Day and to keep you off with my own calculations and annual reports I let you enjoy it with a loving quote from Murakami - that says a lot, even what I don't want or what I just can't say here.

“As time goes on, you'll understand.
What lasts, lasts; what doesn't, doesn't.
Time solves most things.
And what time can't solve, you have to solve yourself.”
― Haruki Murakami, Dance Dance Dance.

Monday 17
WhereIsLilyNow? Festive makeup
• December 17, 2018
Athens, Greece
Happy Week!

Happy week! Just a few days before Christmas, I have prepared a new post with a festive and quite affordable makeup that you have asked me for by mentioning all the products I have used without fear and passion and especially without being payed to advertise them though.

Check here and send me your opinion or your suggestions for a festive makeup!

Saturday 15
WhereIsLilyNow? Stavros Niarchos Foundation ParkStavros Niarchos Foundation Christmas
• December 15, 2018
Athens, Greece
Did you visit Stavros Niarchos foundation?

As you might saw in my today's Instagram Stories (full of related photos and videos) on my instagram's account and on my new post in my personal account @LilyTheakou - this Saturday evening and night (these days after 16.30 it's almost night) we (well) spent it in the impressively decorated area of ​​the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

Did you visit the Stavros Niarchos Foundation this year to see how beautiful they have embellished for Christmas and New Year's Eve?
If you are in Athens this time of the year, I suggest you to visit this marvelous park and foundation with its artistic interiors and exteriors (Address: 364 Syggrou Avenue, 176 74 Kallithea, Athens, Greece) and enjoy its beauty and all the celebrating events that are taking place for Christmas and New Year's celebrations.

The entrance to the park and to the foundation it's totally free, it's an ideal visit for couples, friends and families with kids and you only might have to pay an admission if you like to take part to a special activity or watch some extra performances (check all the events at the SNFCC here).

Thursday 13
WhereIsLilyNow? Cheap highlighter stick
• December 13, 2018
Athens, Greece
New affordable highlighter

Happy name day to Spyrous and Spyridoula on their yesterday's celebration!
Today I upload a new personall review on a low cost highlighter stic from Gabrini cosmetics that I recently tryed.
Check out my photos, information on this product, its price and where you can buy it here.

Don't forget to send me your reviews too! Kisses!

Monday 10
WhereIsLilyNow? I want to be everything.
• December 10, 2018
Athens, Greece
Happy new creative week!

Happy new week! It's Monday and Monday could always be a wonderful day if you know what you want.
I knew. I still know.
Sylvia Plath put it into words - long time ago - and that's my today's mood with which I want to influence yours:
“When they asked me what I wanted to be I said I didn't know. "Oh, sure you know," the photographer said. "She wants," said Jay Cee wittily, "to be everything.” ― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar
(Today's photo is from my travels in Greece)

Sunday 09
• December 9, 2018
15 days untill Christmas!

Sunday today and the weather in Greece isn't that cold as the previous days.
Plus I want to remind you that there are left less than 15 days untill Christmas.
What are your plans about Christmas eve?
Do you love Christmas or you just hate this time of the year?
I think it has to do with the loneliness we feel deep inside when we don't share memorable times with people who love us and who we love.
The more lonely we feel the greatest the hate.
Anyway, the second thing I want to remind you about today is that (in Greece) we celebrate the no widely known nameday of Anna, Annita, Anneta, Aneza etc. Don't forget to send them your warmest wishes!

Enjoy your Sunday and keep it bright like a SUNday.

Thursday 06
WhereIsLilyNow? Neither for relations, nor for finances. The only wisdom I gained through the years is not to let the child in me grow older. - Quote Lily Theakou
• December 6, 2018
Self around
Marry wishes!

Happy Birthday to those who are having a birthday today and to those who are celebrating their name day!
One of those who celebrate their birthday today is me and my grace.
Also Thursday is the day I was actually born.
So the present picture is from the old-known L-diaries / mood stories you've loved so much and it's a recent life quote of the past days.

“Neither for relations, nor for finances.
The only wisdom I gained through the years
is not to let the child in me grow older.”

Kisses with one more year on my shoulder,
not as weight but as honorary as a medal.

Wednesday 05
WhereIsLilyNow? Fuga Restaurant Athens Music Hall
• December 5, 2018
Fuga Restaurant Athens Music Hall
Overlooking Athens from above

Today I met with my sister and - among others - we went for coffee and desse in the Fuga restaurant by the Athens Music Hall. They had just opened so as you saw and in the videos from Instagram stories of it wasn't too crowded but the panoramic view of Athens, consistently remained very beautiful. I don't have much to say about Fuga here today as we didn't eat - except from the desert ofChocolate/Miso/Hazelnut/Nori tthat we tasted and for its price of 10 euros as a quantity and as a taste I found it extremely overpriced - but I also found that the waiter who served us had an excellent behavior, as it made you feel comfortable and like home - like in a very beautiful home though, with a great view.
See some more information on this Fuga restaurant here

Saturday 01
WhereIsLilyNow? World AIDS Day 2018: HIV In Numbers
• December 1, 2018
GReece - World
Have a wonderful month!

Wishes for a nice, creative, festive December to you all!
December is the month that almost every day is a celebration like a nameday or the birthday of some good friends, relatives and lovables (like my brother's birthday today - Yeah, my love Dimos, Happy Birthday! Stay always healthy, strong and happy!) as well as my own birthday (soon).
But today - as every year this day since 1988 - is the World AIDS Day, is an international day dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection and mourning those who have died of the disease.
You know me, I will not hide from you now, I am not very fond of those "global days", but this day - is a reminder of the 35.4 million people already dead beacause of the disease and of the 36.9 36.9 million people still living and carrying the virus as we speak, around the world. So ALWAYS WEAR A CONDOM - every single time you have sex - and don't trust anything or anyone else who claims against that. Keep that in your mind and heart as a life's SOS and for the time being have a lovely weekend!