November '18

Thursday 29
WhereIsLilyNow? Venice on a budget | Lily travels in Venice
• Novenber 29, 2018
GReece - Venice
Cold in GReece

The thing that until yesterday the weather was so good that you could go out of the house wearing your t-shirt and maybe just a jacket or blazer on the top and today is a day that you really want to go out wrapped with your quilt, is not a good sign of our enviroment and certainly IT IS NOT NATURAL AT ALL.
And I am capitalizing these words because I'm afraid that this thing will surely follow the flow that almost everything follows in life - somehow - when it is on repeat until it becomes a habit, a part of our reality, untill we will not notice it anymore.
In many areas and north villages in GReece it is snowing right now and early in the morning at Nea Smirni (Athens) it was sleety (falling frozen rain).

About our tavel stories I've finished my Venice post today about How you can travel to Venice in a cheap accommodation, food and tranfer and I think that in order to break the legend that Venice is only an expensive tourist destination, you have to read it carefully here and send me your opinion or even better send me your suggestions on how to make the same trip even more economical without losing its positive energy and enthusiasm.

Today's photo is from my own trip to Venice. As you already know I write on topics and above all I only propose to you things and experiences that I know at first hand. Maybe this is one of the reasons you show me so much love and your love is definitely one of my reasons to never stop.

Kisses and have a lovely day wishes!

Wednesday 28
• November 28, 2018
Pan-Hellenic strike

Although in my biowatch (today I woke up to the crack of dawn)10.30 a.m. looks like afternoon.
I do not know why people in GReece is angry about Wednesdays, maybe it's Wednesday itself, because since it is far from the weekend like no other day of the week, there is an unbreakable hatred in the atmosphere and the workers' mood and they want to turn it off from their work diary by organizing the biggest pan-Hellenic strikes a Wednesday like today's.
So today all the public transport (metro, subway, tram, trolei, busses, trains and ferries - We with the endless tendencies of escaping what shall we do? Can you answer that?) are off and there is also a mass rally meeting at 11.00 a.m., in the centre of Athens. Sorry for my fellow travellers who will have to pay for taxi rides to move from the airports or pay expensive rides to the taxi drivers to cross Athens or any other big greek city on a heavy traffic.
If you can, please avoid unnecessary taxis or wear your comfortable shoes and self-service in a distance you can handle on foot.
Whatever you might choose, wisely accompany it with patience.
Tomorrow it's Thursday!

Sunday 25
WhereIsLilyNow? Little Kook Athens
• November 25, 2018
Athens, GReece
29 days till Christmas!

​Sunday and Saint Catherine's Day today (let's wish our friends and relatives well) AND only 30 days untill Christmas! The official the countdown has started.
Today we had a lunch-afternoon-late evening walk in the center of Athens (and to be more accurate in the neighborhoods of Monastiraki, Thissio and Psiri) - just a lovely Sunday in the city center.
The weather was partly cloudy with a few raindrops late in the evening and the photo of the day is from the Christmas decoration of the Little Kook theme in Psiri area.
Watch now - before they disappear - in the instagram stories of the relevant video from Little Kook and others - flirtatious and in style - photos of mine be like: "his year I didn't decorate just a Christmas tree, I've decorated a whole neighborhood."
Kisses stardust and greetings for a wonderful whole new week starting from tomorrow!

Friday 23
WhereIsLilyNow? Christmas tree 2018-2019
• November 23, 2018
Athens, GReece
Black Friday!

​Black Friday today in GReece (and in the rest of the world as well) with a low temperature of 14°C but in a high mood - because it's Friday and black is nice, don't be a racist!
I don't have too many things to write about today's Black Friday's shopping, as it was kinda a Black Week too, so what I was about to buy has already bought.
As a tip I suggest you should not only visit the actual stores to get a good bargain but to look up the prices of the e-shops you are interesting in because you might find out that way even better prices and greatest deals because of their stock.
Also, although I wrote to you yesterday that I was about to let you relax and enjoy a beautiful Friday - Saturday - Sunday day and night, I couldn't hide you that (drums roll for the big announcement Drrrrrrrrrrr) today we will decorate our Christmas tree (nop, it is not early at all, in fact I might am a bit late as far as I can say) and I am really excited about! (Who am I, what happened to me, where did you hide the original Lily?)
I uploaded photo picks of our Christmas tree to send me your opinion!

Again I am wishing you: Happy Friday, Saturday and Sunday my friends! (with no snow at least - wherever I may roam - in GReece. I have to buy a new chic coat first.)

Thursday 22
WhereIsLilyNow? Sunrise in Sifnos GReece
• November 22, 2018
Appreciate the miracle of a sunrise

​Yesterday was the nameday of Maria, Panagiota, Panagiotes, Panagiotis, Yiota, Marios and anyone else I might forget. I hope you all had a really wonderful time with those you love and remember your at your nameday (if you are not celebrating it in the 15th of August).
Today is also ThanksGiving! We don't celebrate ThanksGiving in GReece but I hope you do in all the best ways!
Nowadays I do not have anything awesome to write to you, these days I run like crazy (in many ways) but as you may know, Thursday is my favorite day, that's why today - and every day that happiness might seems hard to get or "the darkness lasts too long"- I dedicate to you what my current pick says.
By the way is from a summer a sunrise, in Sifnos island, overlooking its Castle.

Many kisses from me, always remember this quote when you are feeling alone or hopeless, visit the beautiful island of Sifnos (if you haven't done this already) and for the time being I am wishing you:
A verry verry happy Friday-Saturday-Sunday day and night!

Monday 19
• November 19, 2018
Athens, GReece
International Men's Day (IMD)

Happy week everybody!
Today is also the International Men's Day (IMD). The objectives of celebrating an International Men's Day, set out in "The Six Pillars of International Men's Day", include focusing on men's and boys' health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, and highlighting male role models.
It is an occasion to highlight discrimination against men and boys and to celebrate their achievements and contributions, in particular for their contributions to community, family, marriage, and child care.
The broader and ultimate aim of the event is to promote basic humanitarian values.
nternational Men's Day is celebrated in over 70 countries and Greece is among them! Happy birthday to all the gorgeous men in the world!

Saturday 17
WhereIsLilyNow? Politexneio November 17, 1973 - Athens Polytechnic uprising
• November 17, 2018
Patission street, Athens
45 years since the Polytechnic uprising

The Athens Polytechnic uprising in 1973 was a massive demonstration of popular rejection of the Greek military junta of 1967-1974. The uprising began on November 14, 1973, escalated to an open anti-junta revolt and ended in bloodshed in the early morning of November 17 after a series of events starting with a tank crashing through the gates of the Polytechnic.
"Here is Polytechneion! People of Greece, the Polytechneion is the flag bearer of our struggle and your struggle, our common struggle against the dictatorship and for democracy!"
Soon thousands of workers and youngsters joined them protesting inside and outside of the "Athens Polytechnic".
In the early hours of November 17, 1973, the transitional government sent a tank crashing through the gates of the Athens Polytechnic. Soon after that, Spyros Markezinis himself had the humiliating task to request Papadopoulos to re-impose martial law. Prior to the crackdown, the city lights had been shut down, and the area was only lit by the campus lights, powered by the university generators. An AMX 30 Tank (still kept in a small armored unit museum in a military camp in Avlonas, not open to the public) crashed the rail gate of the Athens Polytechnic at around 03:00am.
In unclear footage clandestinely filmed by a Dutch journalist, the tank is shown bringing down the main steel entrance to the campus to which people were clinging. Documentary evidence also survives, in recordings of the "Athens Polytechnic" radio transmissions from the occupied premises. In these a young man's voice is heard desperately asking the soldiers (whom he calls 'brothers in arms') surrounding the building complex to disobey the military orders and not to fight 'brothers protesting'. The voice carries on to an emotional outbreak, reciting the lyrics of the Greek National Anthem, until the tank enters the yard, at which time transmission ceases.

An official investigation undertaken after the fall of the Junta declared that no students of Athens Polytechnic were killed during the incident. Total recorded casualties amount to 24 civilians killed outside Athens Polytechnic campus. These include 19-year old Michael Mirogiannis, reportedly shot to death by officer G. Dertilis, high-school students Diomedes Komnenos and Alexandros Spartidis of Lycee Leonin, and a five-year-old boy caught in the crossfire in the suburb of Zografou. The records of the trials held following the collapse of the Junta document the circumstances of the deaths of many civilians during the uprising, and although the number of dead has not been contested by historical research, it remains a subject of political controversy. In addition, hundreds of civilians were left injured during the events.

Ioannides' involvement in inciting unit commanders of the security forces to commit criminal acts during the Athens Polytechnic uprising was noted in the indictment presented to the court by the prosecutor during the Greek junta trials and in his subsequent conviction in the Polytechneion trial where he was found to have been morally responsible for the events.

Friday 16
WhereIsLilyNow? Christie Brinkley - Κρίστι Μπρίνκλεϊ
• November 16, 2018
Athens, GReece
Christie Brinkley is over 60 years old?

Today I was reminded of the beautiful supermodel Christie Brinkley (in fact, such a beautiful and glamorous woman, even in her early 60s, it's always hard to forget at all) and since it's Friday, I wanted to upload something equally beautiful and optimistic, reminding you that beauty has no age.
It is in greek - you can read it here - and it's all about Christie's top 5 antiaging tips.
Happy weekend everyone(pay attention to tomorrow's events, on November 17 about the 45 years since the Athens Polytechnic uprising and avoid careless walks on the center of Athens after noon).

Thursday 15
WhereIsLilyNow? Εδώ Πολυτεχνείο 2018 - Politexneio 2018
• November 15, 2018
Patission street, Athens
What is happening in the center of Athens?

This is a today's photo outside of the National (Metsovian) Technical University of Athens (NTUA) where took place the Athens Polytechnic uprising in November 1973. In the Athens Polytechnic uprising there was a massive demonstration of popular rejection of the Greek military junta of 1967–1974 which ended in bloodshed in the early morning of November 17 after a series of events.
This year was decided to “celebrate” the uprising for three days (earlier) so mind that there will be some special traffic settings in the center of Athens, especially on the 17th of November.
My dear tourists, please avoid the area around the university and all the way close to Syntagma square, particularly the evening of that day (November 17).
It might not be that safe for you.

Monday 12
WhereIsLilyNow? Athen's view from Plaka - Αθήνα Πλάκα
• November 12, 2018
Athens, GReece
A fresh new start?

Maybe a new day with new goals and fresh priorities for the maximum impact. Or maybe it's finally THE Monday during which you will start - for real - the diet you've been talking about for so long - as an effort to lead a healthy life that will benefit your health.
The photo you see is from my current trip to Plaka area and shows part of the view of Athens - towards Kypseli - from the point of the road around and below the Acropolis hill. If she- this Monday had a favorite quote, it would probably be some lyrics - written by Sotia Tsotos - for the old greek singer Kostas Hatzis (on free translation): "When you are looking from above, it seems like the earth is just a painting and you took life too seriously. Houses look like matchboxes, people look like ants, the bigger palace resembles a little toe. And all those people who feared you, if you look at them from above, they will look so insignificant that you will forget them in the blink of an eye".
I am wishing you a GReat week guys! A creative and happy week, ALONG WITH all the people you love and they love you back!

Sunday 11
WhereIsLilyNow? The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again - George Santayana quote
• November 11, 2018
History through the centuries

Today in Athens, Greece is held the 36th Authentic Marathon along with many traffic arrangements in the center of the capital - for those who intend to visit it. It's an excellentent tip: BE THERE! See more info and details on the route, the organization and everything else you might need here
Also in Greece and the rest of the world, we are celebrating today (This weekend events will be taking place across France to commemorate) the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice treaty that brought an end to World War One, which in it's four catastrophic years, has costed the lives of more than 8.5 million people. And where you were about to say, "Let's go on and do not look back", those who forgot the history, unfortunately lived a second world war a few years later. Because, as it's written down in the Auschwitz and Birkenau camp, George Santayana's statement «The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again».
Today's photo is from this trip of mine (its memory will forever remain alive in my heart and mind) on these two concentration camps - especially the one of Birkenau.
Happy Sunday to you and always remember where you came from, don't forget the mistakes you've made, learn from them and don't re-create the conditions that will make you repeat them again in the future!

Friday 9
WhereIsLilyNow? Μελίνα καφέ Πλάκα - Melina cafe
• November 9, 2018
Plaka, Athens

Day off today.
With my we met for coffee in Plaka, one of the most central streets and a café which I personally remember for more than the last 16 years, the cafe bistro «Melina» (see the interior on my photo). That's where we also met my girlfriend Katerina. What are you going to do today or on the weekend? Do you have any trip on your mind? Send me about and have fun whatever you do or don't!

Thursday 8
WhereIsLilyNow? Lily was here in Plaka Athens city center
• November 8, 2018
Is your name day today;

All the best!
Today in GReece we celebrate the name day of Michalides, Mikaeles, Michaeles, Angel or Aggelo, Aggeliki, Angela, Angy, Gavriil, Gabriela, Serafim, Metaxia, Rafaela, Matina, Stamatis, Stamatina, Mata, Matoula, Stratis, Stratigoula, Taxiarchis, Taxchiarxoula and some more I probably can't recall right now.
Don't forget to send your love and wishes! Kisses!
P.S.: Today's selfie has to do with yesterday's stories.

Tuesday 6
WhereIsLilyNow? Lily was here in Plaka Athens city center
• November 6, 2018
Plaka, Athens
Street art in Athens city center

Yesterday and today it was quite cold in Athens - in relation to the temperatures we were used to so far in October and November. Today's selfie is from my yesterday's walk to Plaka area (you might have already seen the video on my Intagram stories with your favorites street art's works).  

Monday 5
WhereIsLilyNow? Avocado in your daily diet
• November 5, 2018
Athens, GReece
Is avocado the revolutionary fruit?

Happy new week!

Today I'll tell you - if you haven't understood it already from the LilyWasHere's articles or my instagram's posts - about the nutritional revolution that has brought to my daily diet - a fruit that I didn't particularly like in the past - Avocado.
Or maybe I shouldn't just tell you as long as I am capable to show you. And this is what I'll do. Check here what I mean. 

Sunday 4
WhereIsLilyNow? Bohemian Rhapsody review - LilyWasHere
• November 4, 2018
Palaio Faliro, Athens

Bohemian Rhapsody

Cinema's day this Sunday and time for a great movie (and really touchy) that I trully enjoyed today, the story of the amazing rock band Queen focusing on their lead singer Freddie Mercury's life titled as Bohemian Rhapsody in Village Cinemas on Palaio Faliro - Athens (as you might have already watched on my Instagram stories on
This movie was released in the United Kingdom on 24 October 2018 in IMAX and in Greece and the United States by 20th Century Fox on 2 November 2018, I've been waiting for it, it has already been the talk of the town, so wait shortly for my own analytic review.

Saturday 3
WhereIsLilyNow? E/G Taxidevontas tavern restaurant in Keratsini, Piraeus
• November 3, 2018
Keratsini, Athens
A big fish in a small pond!

An insane day today if you just consider it's the early days of November and an even more #FeelsLikeSummer evening. So we decided with some friends to go out on a fish restaurant we've heard about and taste some fish dishes.
That's why this time we choosed the fish tavern "E/G Taxidevontas" in Keratsini to see if it justifies its good reputation. So my today's photo on the LilyWasHere online calendar is from this particular fish-restaurant (or better fish-tavern) and I'll leave you with this taste alone until I write and upload my official restaurant's review.

Friday 2
WhereIsLilyNow? Anafiotika Plaka Athens

• November 2, 2018
Plaka, Athen's city center
It's summer returning like an ex lover

Today it was a summer day and all this warm temperature felt like if summer is an ex lover, returning to you full of new promises at the moment he realises that you are actually leaving him and you don't (any longer) care.
He surprisingly returns more optimistic than ever, to remind you of all those beautiful memories you've shared together - in order to convince you to reconsider your decission and start believing again on his promises.
This exact day we lived today, on the 2nd day of November. A pure summer day.
A day full of summer dreams.
Today's photo - which you might have already seen earlier on my stories on Instagram ( account) at 17.30 in this afternoon - right after today's sunset (yes the sun goes down quite early this time of the year) with 23 Celsius degrees at this particular hour of the day (!) where else? In Plaka, my favourite area on Athen's city center, in front of one of the most popular pedestrian streets called «Anafiotika».
Mind the t-shirts / sleeves on the photo and you will understand what I was writting you about the "ex" who does what he can in order to win you back.
And today it was a fact:
He might CAN.

Thursday 1
WhereIsLilyNow? Happy month - LilyWasHere
• November 1, 2018
Athens, GReece
Happy month!

🎃 Happy new month!
Despite of the rest of the Europe's bad weather, in GReece - specific in Athens - today we've reached the 27°C degrees! In addition, today has started a 10-day period full of bargains and financial offers on the greek market (for the lucky ones who have money left on their pockets) and earlier, passing through Athen's central neighborhoods, I smelled somebody baking melomakarona, more than a month and a half before Christmas.
How wonderful is that?
I love melomakarona and I would love to taste them right now.