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Do you hate snow?
DON'T let it snow my friend!
Why we hate snow:

✍️ I know for sure that this will be a NOT so popular article.
However, it will be overwhelmingly authentic (just like everything else I post) and honestly I do not think it is just me who hates the snow and dislike the winter.

So welcome snow haters.

Dress warm and well, open the hit to remind you of summer, sit comfortably and identify yourself or even better enrich the article with your own opinion by sending it here

Here are the 5 most important reasons that (along with me) many people hate the snow.
  Only five reasons in number for now although there are many more.
We (all) know that.

Hate winter and snowHate Winter • When will it end

5 reasons we hate snow:

The order is random.
The reasons are real and you should take them seriously.

1. The snow is frozen, damp and after a while dirty.

  By default you'll tell me:
The snow of course is icy and wet.
  I personally do not feel comfortable in the cold, certainly not even in the humidity or frost.

Any temperature approaching zero degrees Celsius, makes me feel uncomfortable and it eliminates my will for any outside activity.

And I am one of those people who enjoy outdoor activities so much that you can say that they may be among my basic everyday needs.

  So why should I enjoy a snowy situation outside my window that basically makes my clothes and hair wet, freezes every inch of my body and keeps me inside the house? Also - let's be objective: The snow may be beautiful (as a picture alone) the first few minutes falling from the sky and starting to lay on the vertical surfaces it meets.

Because shortly afterwards - if it is not mixed up by someone - it starts and pulls soil, dust and any kind of dirt it will encounter on this vertical surface until it gets a slightly chocolate color(another object is the real shade - we just want and must remain polite).
  So what's the joy for?

2. Snow is a plan changer.

  Ha! Life does that first of all and with absolute consistency but why the snow should be so cruel to us too?

  For example, as here in Greece, we don't live in an organized country where everything works well and we are ready at any time to respond to particularly weathering phenomena and with great efficiency, the snow comes as an uninvited visitor that spoils your daily routine or your own plans.

  You might tell me, snow could be the reason you won't go to work for a day, two or as long as the weather is bad because the road will remain closed and that might be a good plan for you - if you don't like the work you do.

But for me it isn't.
As I enjoy almost every moment of it.
So the answer is No my friend.
It's not good at all.

  And if you don't like the job you have right now, the school you go to, the university you are attending or the life you live - the snow won't save you from these.

You will be saved by your own will to change (the way you think, your status, your lifestyle).
Not by the bad weather or the snow.

3. Snow is DANGEROUS.

  You may laugh now and thinking that I might speak as your mother but the reason No3 is quite stressful and extremly serious.

I do not know how some people can and only see it with joy.

Snow is and can become very dangerous.

In the meantime, most of the Greeks who rejoice in snow either they don't drive either they don't have snow chains on their tires and usually they don't have the necessary layers of cold weather clothing to wear.

  Some even - with the economical crisis in our country - don't have enough or even the slightest possibility of heating their own houses.

  So in addition to slip and fall on the sidewalk or alley, crash your car due to the slippery road or and get sick due to a lack of sufficient heating (not to mention the possible of avalanches), to believe that snow is just something good, happy and not dangerous at all isn't just sound right.

Get over it.

4. The snowman is spooky or a sad thing to watch and whitish landscapes are quite boring.

  I will never understand how this icy snowflake that is called snowman in a form that resembles something between the Michelin man and a scarecrow, with a carrot for nose, wearing a stupid hat, perhaps a scarves and tree twigs as hands, might be cute and something that I should look forward to create or see.

Personally I find it at least sad and sometimes even terrifying.

  Also - although I like white color and the reflection of light an all the white surfaces, in the landscapes where everything has been covered with snow and lacked a variety of colors, can only be boring and inhospitable.

  So in some of us the snow somewhere spoils our aesthetic and certainly the feeling (relative or illusion) of security that we had before it occurred.

5. Snow means that it is not spring yet and that unfortunately the summer is months away.

  If it is not spring or summer, how can you really enjoy the weather?

Those who really love the bloom of nature and the mood of spring and summertime as a season, have already fully understood the above proposal and what it means exactly.

Hate winter and snowmanPhoto • The snowman

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Hate winter and snowGo away snow •


Any thoughts?

Let us know about it.

Send by: Shawn
Published on December 16, 2020

I live in Massachusetts and the number one thing I dislike about snow is having to shovel it its annoying and never at a good time either.

It's so awful, isn't it?
Thank you so much for your comment!

Lily from ♡ LilyWasHere

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