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• New international award
(for the Greek beaches)
Blue Flags:

✍️reece is No.2 in the world in Blue Flags with 515 award winning coasts.
Thus, in all 47 countries participating in the international Blue Flag program, Greece took the second place after Spain.

The national operator of the Blue Flag programme, the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature - E.E.P.F. (at a special event held yesterday in Akti Vouliagmenis, in the presence of many representatives of the state and sectoral organizations of Tourism) has awarded 3,779 coasts worldwide, 695 marinas and 67 sustainable tourism boats all over the world.

The Region of Halkidiki (in Greece) collected the majority of the awards, a total of 92 flags (three more than last year)

What are this year's blue-flagged Greek beaches?;

Holidays in Milos Photo: • Milos Greece


◉ Awarded with a blue flag | 2019:

515 coasts in Greece, 15 marinas and 4 sustainable tourism boats were awarded this year.

Let's have a look:

Lefkada Greece
(7 awarded beaches)
Lefkada island:
• Agios Nikitas - Pefkoulia beach
• Ai Giannis beach
• Kathisma
• Gira beach
• Mikros Gialos - Poros
• Ponti beach
• Porto Katsiki beach


(click on each photo to magnify it)

Βραβευμένες παραλίες με γαλάζια σημαίαΣελίδα 1
Βραβευμένες παραλίες με γαλάζια σημαίαΣελίδα 2
Βραβευμένες παραλίες με γαλάζια σημαίαΣελίδα 3
Βραβευμένες παραλίες με γαλάζια σημαίαΣελίδα 4
Βραβευμένες παραλίες με γαλάζια σημαία


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Famous archaelogical sites in Greece:
Hephaestus temple, Athens
Stoa of Attalos, Athens

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