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Please read the following information carefully. Feel free to contact me or LilyWasHere's creative team if you have any further inquiries.

•|Q&As FAQs & other questions|•

I always try to answer as many queries, questions or comments as I can - from what you are sending or posting to my social accounts (such as my Instagram).

For anything you have not already learned and would like to know more, please look at AboutLily and at the FAQs that we have and in which we answer many of your questions about my personal information, features and also products that I use at that time, my favorite filters, my photo equipment, etc.


For testing - product reviews, business partnerships or advertising please contact us on

Please keep in mind that I only work with brands and stores for which I have real passion and I love to use for myself.


I always love to discover new, innovative and creative brands, so if you think I would love and I could use your product or services, please email to to request my postal address or use the new P.O. BOX you will find below.

Please also note that for samples or services dispatched and offered for trial testing and review, there is no guarantee that the product will eventually appear or will be promoted in any way through the LilyWasHere website.
However, if I fall in love with your product or your service, I always manage to integrate it into my content in a creative way.

Our P.O. BOX has changed:

New P.O. Box to send your samples
(through AdBEST advertising agency):

On behalf:

Advertising Agency
141, Patission street
Postcode: 11251,

•|Events & PA’s|•

As I travel very often and I am not always around Athens, it may be difficult to attend in advertising or marketing events, so in order to to minimize this possibility and also for all PA's, please contact me in time and send your invitation to the e-mail: or to my P.O. BOX.


I always try to respond to public interviews wherever it is possible,
if I have earlier a responsible and full information about it.

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I am looking forward to hear your interesting business proposals and to conclude new win-win collaborations!

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