Fashion: Leonie Hanne at Fendi at Milan Fashion Week

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What new did we see at Milan Fashion Week?
Leonie Hanne • Fendi
The fashion look of the German blogger Leonie Hanne

✍ Many things happen and take place - again - in fashion, after their resounding absence due to the coronavirus pandemic - and specifically in Milan Fashion Week which started today September 22, along with the official first day of autumn.
What outfits did I single out?
Which famous blogger's fashion look made the difference this year?

Lily's Tips:

So this year, one of the looks that I singled out and I will show you below, is that of the popular German Fashion Blogger Leonie Hanne dressed - from top to toe - in impeccable Fendi clothes and accessories, of course for the fashion show of the respective house in Milan (on which was also attended by our favorite Chiara Ferragni with a beautiful look, not so much for the dress but for these beautiful boots).

The Milan Fashion Week this year presents the fashion collections of every famous fashion house for the spring and summer of 2022.
Today was the fashion shows for the Italian luxury fashion house of Fendi, Del Core, Alberta Ferretti, N ° 21, Jil Sander and last but not least there was the runaway of the luxury fashion house Roberto Cavalli.

Although our favorite Chiara made her appearance at the Fendi fashion show - as I mentioned above - wearing mostly brown and earth tones for her look (the trademark colors and shades of the brand), the fashion look that stylistically stood out is that of Leonie Hanne, which you will see below in the photos.

I think you will all agree with me.
I hope so at least - because I want you to have elegant taste 😜
I think I chatted a lot.
See below everything I described to you.
My kisses to Chiara Ferragni, to Leonie Hanne (and to you all of course my loves!) 💋

The appearance of Chiara Ferragni wearing Fendi

Chiara Ferragni at Fendi at Milan Fashion Week Chiara Ferragni for Fendi
Chiara Ferragni dressed in Fendi - Milan Fashion Week Chiara Ferragni • Fendi

What Leonie Hanne wore for Fendi's fashion show

Leonie Hanne wearing Fendi at Milan Fashion Week Η Leonie Hanne στον Fendi
Leonie Hanne dressed in Fendi - Milan Fashion Week Leonie Hanne • Fendi look
Leonie Hanne dress details dressed in Fendi - Milan Fashion Week Leonie Hanne • Fendi Details


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Love Always

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