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What are the most popular platforms at the moment in Greece to sell natural products and / or digital products on the Internet without owning an e-shop?
Skroutz • Google • Etsy
April 9, 2021

✍ Nowadays, e-commerce is more necessary than ever to increase a company's revenue.
But what if you don't have the financial ability or the partner you trust to build a good and functional online store for your small business?

◉ All of us who make a living from trade, let alone the Internet sales, we have more or less heard of the world-renowned online merchant platforms for selling products and goods wordwide such as Amazon, EBay, AliExpress, Bonanza etc.

However, no matter how well they stand abroad, in Greece they don't seem to receive mutual love and recognition and I am not going to pretend that I don't get it.
In fact I can guess several reasons why this might happens - at least until now - in our country. These platforms aren't so easy to use for the Greek trader, seller and buyer but I wouldn't like to focus todaymore on the reasons why.

On the contrary, we will see the most popular platforms these days in Greece so that you can start selling without must having to own an e-shop and of course - briefly - I will tell you what I believe about these.

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Sell online without having an e-shop How to sell online without your own store

Lily's Tips:

(also known in Greece as Σκρουτζ):

It has not been many months since Skroutz set up its smart shopping cart.
Skroutz's Smart Shopping Cart allows its customers to buy different products from different affiliate marketers and put them all together in one online shopping cart.
This helps them to save on the total shipping costs they would have to pay if they ordered from each merchant separately the product they wanted to buy.

Also with this way of online shopping, Skroutz customers have the opportunity to benefit from Free Shipping for total purchases that will make a total more than €50 (up to 3 shipments or 6 kg).

Further clarifications:

• In case the orders / shipments of the products you'll buy are greater than 6 kilos, there is a shipping discount for the first 6 kilos.

• The minimum weight of each shipment is considered to be 2 kg.

• For shipping in inaccessible Greek regions the discount on shipping will not exceed € 2.30.

• All Skroutz categories participate in the free shipping policy, except for: Mobile Telephony, Laptops, Tablets.

Is Skroutz the ideal platform to sell digital products?

Unfortunately not yet and it may never happen.

Can you have your own Skroutz store page as a smart cart trader?

Again, unfortunately not.
I hope they'll do it sometime soon to increase sales of both trading parties.

Specifically, if e.g. you want to see what products my GreekArtGifts business in Skroutz sells in general, you can't type in the search of the online platform GreekArtGifts to be led to its online store (always within the application).

Instead it will lead you to this page where you can see only minimal information of the company such as the General Product Categories for sale, Payment Methods and GEMI Number.
You can also review the seller if you have bought from his shop but in no case to see the products its store sells in total and you could probably purchase.

The key is to define - after being approved as a partner - the picking up point of your products for Skroutz customers (yes, you don't deal with the shipping of the products at all, you only make sure to pack them correctly for the courier that Skroutz company will send to your place and to enclose the receipt of purchase of the product).

After receiving the order from the buyer, Skroutz undertakes to pay you online, by bank transfer, to the bank account of your company and finally sends you an invoice for the percentage of his services that he invoices in the total cost of the product that the customer buys through web application.

What is the percentage that Skroutz's online platform retains from the sales of your products through its application?

It varies.
Each category may have a different percentage of commission / charge and if you want to see what is currently valid in general and specifically, visit the information page with its pricing policy by clicking here 

Is it financially worth the deal right now?

If your business does not have its own e-shop (with good Google SEO) it's a good chance to have some extra online sales revenue.

The percentage that Skroutz charges to his merchant - partner for the purchase of each of his products from the Skroutz Smart Cart can be thought of as a resale percentage, is attributed to the company with an invoice and it's very positive that you don't deal with product's shipping (in addition to the issue of their packaging and cutting a receipt).

You may not have the total profit of the sale but if you had no sales at all this way, at least you would now have a partial profit.

Do you want to start selling at Skroutz marketplace without setting up your own e-shop first?
Click here

Google Shopping

What is Google Shopping and is it in my interest - as a marketer in Greece - to get involved?

Google Shopping is a part of the Google search engine that deals with the promotion, promotion and purchase of products by the online buyer and user of the platform
If you type in Google Shopping on your computer you will be led to an environment (here) that will be very similar to the classic of your well-known search engine but under the Google logo it will say Shopping.

Listing your products in Google Shopping to be classified for sale is free but they don't (yet) welcome digital products.  

However, as reported by the popular online platform in this link, some Google advertisers can pay to be displayed in sections of the page that are clearly marked but no one can buy a better placement in the search results.

If you want to take part in the relevant Google Merchant Experiment by promoting your own products for sale online, log in and read more here 
It's in English.

A fairly popular ecommerce platform worldwide, which was started mainly for small businesses artists and creators who want to sell online the products that they create (handmade), whether they have their own e-shop or not.

Etsy in recent years has begun to become better known in Greece, with the result that more and more small Greek companies are joining it.

Maybe a disadvantage is that you have to deal personally with the shipping cost and the courier company that will transfer your product to its buyer.

To open your own online store on Etsy you have to provide your credit details and there is a charge for product registration, within the store which corresponds approximately (and depending on the euro - dollar exchange rate) from 0.17 to 0.22 euro cents each product for 4 months of their promotion in your store, regardless of whether they are sold or not.

Want to start your own online store on - COMPLETELY FREE?

Open your new Etsy shop and list your first 40 items free.

Click here to register your first 40 products WITHOUT ANY CHARGE for the first 4 months.

The basic requirement to get this 40 free listings in for your new Etsy store is to use an e-mail, a shop name and a user name that you've never again put on the platform before, neither in an account that you may have opened as an Etsy customer, to make your own online purchases.
Everything must be brand new, as you new Etsy shop!
Wishing you luck and lots of sales!

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