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What are the summer clothes and accessories that are essential for your wardrobe this summer?
Summer Essentials • Clothes & Accessories
May 30, 2021

✍ Although we have all - from time to time - loved some transient fashion trends, no wardrobe - in any season, let alone summer - is considered complete without the necessary clothes and accessories (or the summer essenntials) that you can stylish wear in the heat of the city as well as on your holidays by the sea, in order to create many interesting outfits.

◉ From the simple white t-shirt to the classic maxi printed summer dress, summer essentials are the pieces that every summer wardrobe needs.
So, if you want to upgrade your style this summer season and improve your photos on instagram and the other social media, you must also know this year's summer fashion trends.

Below I have lovingly created a special list of economical and beautiful clothes and accessories to guide you in all the necessary summer items that define the trends, so that this year you can have the most elegant and stylish look you have ever had.

Lily's Tips:

1. Beach jewelry:

Whether you like jewelry or not, small or large, modern or vintage, in the summer you'll definitely need your "beach jewelry".
What do I mean by that?
Ideally, it's good to wear jewelry made of hypoallergenic steel that doesn't rust with sweat and with which you can even go into the sea if you wish or just enjoy your favorite sunbath with protection, without being afraid that they will fade and leave you unsightly black or green marks.

Further clarifications:

• Instead of silver and gold jewelry that you may love to wear the rest of the year, choose jewelry (bracelets, necklaces in layers and rings) in silver or gold color but made of hypoallergenic or stainless steel.
Both in the sea and in the beach, as well as with the antiseptics and with the minimum care, those jewelry will help you stand out.

• Also jewelry properly made of polymer clay, are ideal (not so much in a long time at the sea or the pool swim but) for your beach walks, your vacations as well as the daily life in the city, the social events and the office, as well as with its summer designs that give freshness, they'll make your appearance very modern and with a special style.

Summer bracelets, sea and beach jewelry Summer accessories and beach bracelets from GreekArtGifts
Summer accessories and jewelry Summer bracelets for the sea from GreekArtGifts
Summer bracelets, beach jewelry
Summer necklaces, beach jewelry Summer handmade necklaces from GreekArtGifts

2. The white t-shirt:

My favorite plain white t-shirt may not be the most exciting outfit in the whole fashin world but it's one of the most versatile, fitting well in every body type. Its simple summer style can be combined with almost anything, making the overall outfit looking great.
Pair it with black men's high-waisted trousers, a skirt with colorful patterns, wear it over a maxi dress or a simple pair of blue jeans, this essential piece of every wardrobe could rock the rest of your look out.

Trends & summer outfit with white t-shirt and maxi skirt Trends & summer outfit with white t-shirt and maxi skirt
Summer outfit with white t shirt and jeans Trends & summer outfits with white t-shirt & jeans
Summer outfit with white t-shirt and animal print skirt Ideas for summer outfits with a white t-shirt from Pinterest

3. Denim Jacket ή otherwise our favorite blue denim jacket:

It fits everything, with every outfit and style you could imagine and if it's with custom handmade painting on as those friend wear it in the wedding photo below, even if in an official invitation anywhere, your style will stand out.

Denim Jacket for wedding Denim Wedding Jacket from Pinterest
Denim Jacket - WESTERN style Denim Jacket from princesspolly

Denim Jacket outfit Denim Jacket Outfit from Pinterest

4. Shoes with strap over the ankle:

Classic, always modern and very feminine shoes with strap over the ankle and heels are the epitome of a summer afternoon or evening out, as long as you feel comfortable wearing them and you are in an place where the ground allows you to walk with.
Otherwise, prefer to wear the low heels sandals which design however tie again above the ankle and you'll see how much style they will immediately give to your everyday look.

White high-heeled sandals with strap White high-heeled sandals with strap from
Sandals and high heels with ankle strap Sandals and high heels with ankle strap from
Summer essential high heel sandals animal print High heel sandals animal print from

5. Denim shorts:

If you feel like you want to show off your legs in the summer, denim shorts are a perfect stylish choice.
Try wear them with a white t-shirt and sneakers for a fresh casual morning and evening look or a lace t-shirt with transparency and boots or high heel sandals for a bit more luxurious and evening look.

Summer bracelets, beach jewelry Women stylish denim blue short pants by clothingi
Summer accessories and jewelry Summer outfit with blue denim shorts from Pinterest
Summer outfit white tee and blue denim shorts Summer outfit with blue denim shorts from Pinterest
Summer outfit with denim shorts Summer outfit with denim shorts from Pinterest


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Love Always

Lily (WasHere)


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