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For coffee and dessert in Piraeus
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Belle Amie
Piraeus, Athens, Greece:

Lily's tips:

✍️ A two-storey old mansion that has been tastefully and nostalgically refurbished, the Belle Amie in Piraeus is located in a central spot - where the heart of the city hits - at Pasalimani and offers a selection of coffees, a pleasant drinking time, tasteful desserts and an eating experience.

One of the disadvantages of this cafe • bar • restaurant in Piraeus could possibly be that the prices are a little pricey but because they are similar to the environment in which you drink your coffee or you are enjoying your drink, eat your dessert and your food, are somehow kind of justified.
Also, some customers bother them that are not clear limits of the cafeteria from the restaurant and so you can see other people eating and drinking right next to you even if you are in a quite different mood.
Personally, this thing doesn't bother me at all.
On the contrary I think it's as interesting as the freedom of choice.

Also, before I visited this particular bar restaurant for the first time, I had heard some rumors that the waiters have snobbish style and with it they face customers while in the field, a reputation I personally could not verify at any time while I was in there.

Service was kind, helpful and fast.
I did not particularly like the double's Cappuccino cup • price: €4.20(nor for the single Cappuccino price: €3.90 • since they just use the same type of cup) as I think it could be more stylish and tasteful, while from my personal love to coffee, I would like the cup to be a little bigger.
On the contrary, the espresso's freddo coffee cups seemed very interesting to me • price: €3.50 • and delicate.

It's a plus that coffee comes along with a small cookie.

Also the dessert I tasted, the warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream • price: €6.80 • was fresh and very delicious.

Menu Belle Amie Bar Restaurant Piraeus Athens Menu Belle Amie Piraeus
Menu Belle Amie Bar Restaurant Piraeus Athens Menu Belle Amie Piraeus

What we ate from the menu:

During our first visit to the two-story neoclassical café bar restaurant Belle Amie in Piraeus we ate from the dessert menu:

1. Sweet stories:
Apple pie
Caramelized with walnuts, cinnamon and vanilla ice cream.
Dessert's price per serving: €6.80

Cost of coffee and sweet/person:

In total (for coffee and dessert), at a cost of coffee from €2.90 the casual Greek coffee to €4.20 that you will pay for a double Cappuccino/Decafeiné(which is also the most expensive coffee) with a dessert on the side (the dessert's prices range from €2.50 for the low priced Lemonade or Strawberry juice and reach up to €6.80 which you'll pay if you choose a sweet pie such as Orange Pie, Chocolate pie or Apple pie and which are the most expensive desserts offered on the shop) is:

from €5.40 - €11 per person (because who shares his dessert? Certainly not me).

But if you are on a special diet and want to share your dessert with someone else, the price you will pay for 2 coffees and a sweet taste at Belle Amie is from €4.15 per person if you order the most economical choices up to €8.20 maximum if you both choose to drink the most expensive coffee and share one of the most expensive desserts.

See the full menu in the coffee selection, the drinks, the desserts and the food below and if you have been on the store before, send us your own review or taste experience from Belle Amie εδώ

Belle Amie Bar Restaurant Piraias Menu 1 Belle Amie
Belle Amie Bar Restaurant Piraias Menu 2 Belle Amie
Belle Amie Bar Restaurant Piraias Menu 3 Belle Amie
Belle Amie Bar Restaurant Piraias Menu 4 Belle Amie

How to reach
Belle Amie
Bar Restaurant:

Belle Amie • Bar Restaurant Piraeus:

Aggelou Metaxa 11, Piraeus
Monday to Sunday
09:00 - 01:30
Brunch's hours:
Monday to Sunda
09:00 - 13:00
Contact information:
Telephone: (0030) 210 4175740
Facebook: belleamiegr
Instagram: belleamiegr
Twitter: belleamiegr
Official webpage:

Map: Belle Amie • Bar Restaurant Piraeus

Belle Amie Bar Restaurant Peiraias Belle Amie Piraeus
Inside view
Belle Amie Bar Restaurant Peiraias Belle Amie Piraeus
Decoration details

Belle Amie Bar Restaurant Peiraias - Μπελ Αμί Καφέ Εστιατόριο Πειραιάς Photo • FB: Belle-Amie

The first visit to the bar - restaurant Belle Amie in the heart of Piraeus was made:
In the end of January, 2019.
We didn't call for a table reservation (fot 4 persons) but when we arrived, there were tables available of which we were given a big round table on the second floor.

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