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Beautiful beaches of Lefkada
Agiofili beach:
South Lefkada, near Vasiliki village

✍️ Lefkada as I have certainly pointed out again through this tourist and experience guide, has many awesome beaches.

Some of its beaches have a pretty easy access as well as amazing seas' waters, some other beaches of Lefkada seem ordinary and a few other beaches have a very beautiful color in the sea but not a so easy access to their beach.

For one of these beaches - that belongs on our third case above - I will describe you below the exact feeling and the experience of swimming in it - so that you'll know how it might seems to you as soon as you'll visit it.

Which beach is this?

◉ It's Agiofili Beach (also known as Agiophili or Agiofylli) in the south side of Lefkada with an access either by road (and next you have to cross a path on foot) or by a small boat from the port of Vassiliki.

Agiofili beach Lefkada

Lily's tips:

How will I go to AgiofIli Beach?

Where is Agiofili beach?

Agiofili beach is located on the south side of the enchanting Greek island of Lefkada (you already know it's one of my favorite Ionian Islands - and general in Greece - with a quite easy and cheap access) while you can get there - if you don't have your own yacht or boat (like us) either by a small boat that you will find in the port of the village of Vasiliki and makes this exact route several times a day, or by driving your car up to a certain point after the Vassiliki village and from there finishing the rest of the road only on foot.

See the exact location of the Agiofili beach on the Google map here.
It will help you a lot to navigate in the island and find the road to.

How much does it costs to go by boat to Agiofilli beach?

From early in the morning - especially during the most touristic summer months - there are regular half-hour trips by small boats or kaikia (in Greek) heading to Agiofilli Beach from the port of Vassiliki (just before the taverna "Vangelas" on the same side of the port that the Ferry-Bots leave to Fiskardo, Kefalonia and Ithaca island).

The round trip ticket/cost per person (estimated time distance for those small boats to travel there is about 20 minutes) to be transfered to the Agiofili beach is 7 euros per person, but sometimes on high season this might cost you about for 8 euros/person (usually in July and August).

Very young children usually don't have to pay a ticket fee but again sometimes it's upon the good will or the agreement you'll make with the person who cuts your tickets on the boat to say if your child is considered to be small enough to travel free of charge.

Each person's ticket is valid for the round trip to the beach (that means you won't pay an extra 7 or 8 euros to return from the beach, but you should not miss the ticket receipt and keep it safe until you come back - as you may be asked about).

Although it might seems an expensive price to pay, I believe that if you want to see Agiofili beach and swim in its crystal blue waters, it's worth more to pay that fee than visiting the beach by road.
Trust me on this otherwise I am afraid that going there by car or any other vehicle will offer you much more trouble and resentment than pleasure.

Read my travel notes below and you'll see.

How will I go to Agiofilli by road?

Let me first emphasize here that to this question I can very clearly answer you - Yeah ok go there both ways if you wish - like in other travel quides I've read but I won't because honestly αλλά I DO NOT SUGGEST YOU to do this and visit that beach from the road.

The reason to this is that the road that starts behind the port of Vassiliki to the beach of Agiofili, needs a lot of attention whether you are in a car or with a duck or with your motorcycle.

It is not a paved road but a narrow dirty road of very poor quality (two cars hardly fit to pass side by side and you risking breaking your car).

If you want to find parking near Agiofilli beach you have to pay a fee in private parking from 7 to 10 euros per car otherwise if you don't park your car in this private parking, you'll have to search finding another park seat somewhere before - at a considerable distance, which you'll have to walk on foot on the way back, under the Greek hot summer sun and let's hope you won't carry a lot of heavy beach accessories with you.

Also because you will approach the beach from a small hill, you'll have to step down a few (white - sun reflective) stairs to reach the beach (and climb them up again on your way back to reach your car).

If you're more than two, athletic kind of persons - without carrying a lot of things with ypu, or you just want to take the riskeither because you are adventure lovers or to save money in your pocket, ok then do it.

For less than three people, I personally think it's not worth it, neither the money you'll "save" nor the hassle, take the boat or kaiki and live this experience more carefree.

However you choose to go by road or by boat - even for once - it's totally worth visiting Agiofili beach in Lefkada and if you read a little further down you will understand why I characterize this as a memorable "experience".

Agiofili beach Lefkada
View from above | Agiofili Aug. '19

Features of Agiofili beach:

The beach in Agiofylli deepens abruptly relatively to some others beaches of Lefkada (mostly on its East side) - thought it's not considered to be as dangerous as some other beaches on the West side of the island - as it's a small beach, closed by rocks and you will rarely see wild waves in the summer but some small swamps.
Still do NOT swim inwards to the Ionian Sea.
There may be rip current around the point where the rocks at the sea end, which could pull you into deep water and keep you from reaching the beach before you know you're in trouble.

The waters are this special blue-green color of Lefkada and are usually quite clear and transparent.
That much that I thinkswimming there with dozens of fish around you might be one of the best experiences you'll have on that beach.
Trust me (the fishes aren't hostile as I have experienced) the feeling is unique and - if you have a scuba mask you should take it with you for lots of fun.

From what I have seen, the sea is preferred for swimming near the shore by young children too (elementary school age or older) who know good swimming.
Of course, in each case, there must be under parental supervision.

Agiofili beachhas more white pebbles than sand (mind that the white pebbles as long as there are under the Greek summer sun might be too hot for your feets).
The same white pebbles are responsible of the sunscreen that can cause you unbearable heat and sunburns, if you don't have a shade to protect yourself, a hat and very good sunscreen with you.

There is no natural shade from trees on the beach.

In recent years, Agiofili beach has been (relatively) organized offering some rental umbrellas with sunbeds (cost about 15 euros the set per day) and a small beach canteen to buy water, coffee (not hot espresso, cappuccino or Freddo), refreshments, cold bottled beers and soft drinks.

However, you can carry your own beach umbrella with you, but in this case it would be good enough to visit Agiofili very early in the morning because at noon - and especially during the high tourist season - you may not find a free space to put your umbrella (see my photos below from an August at Agiofili beach and you will you understand what I mean).

In the summer evenings, the sun sets behind the rock of the beach, so there is early shade on the shore and this might be on more reason - as I think - to visit Agiofili as early as possible in the morning to enjoy it.

If you reach the beach with a small boat or a local kaiki you need to be very careful with the hours they write in their schedule and especially during touristic periods of high season, make sure you have your things packed and ready at least 10 minutes before the boat departures for the port of Vassiliki.

A good suggestion if you return by boat from Agiofilli beach in the late afternoon, is to sit and enjoy your dinner at one of the restaurants in the picturesque port of Vasiliki.
Most of them have their menu and prices on the front, so you can see them with just a walk and choose to eat where you think you will enjoy it the most. 

from Agiofili Beach
in Lefkada:

By boat to Agiofili beach Lefkada
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Agiofili beach Lefkada
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Agiofili beach Lefkada August
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Agiofili beach Lefkada August
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Agiofili beach Lefkada
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Agiofili beach Lefkada
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Agiofili beach Lefkada
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Agiofili beach Lefkada
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Agiofili beach Lefkada
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Boat trip Agiofili beach Lefkada
⤷ Agiofili: On Return ⤴

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Map: Agiofilli • Lefkada

• Summarizing for Agiofilli beach:

Agiofilli beach is one of the most beautiful - although quite small - beaches of Lefkada that is worth to pay at least one visit, while you are on the island for your summer vacations.

The experience of swimming with so many fish around you in these beautiful turquoise waters is truly memorable.

However, Agiofylli beach doesn't offer the easiest access to its visitors - I suggest you go there by the small boats you'll find at the port of Vasiliki and not from the road.

Also you should definitely be organized with your own shade accessories like a hat or a beach umbrella - if you wish (sunbeds available for rent might be difficult to find on high season), with a bottle of water if you don't want to pay for it a bit expensive at the beach, while you can buy coffee, beer or a soft drink (not in a cheap price) from the only canteen on the beach.

At the end of July and August, Agiofili is literally full of people, you might even won't easily find a place to leave your towel down.

The sun feels hot because of the white pebbles on the beach (don't forget a hat and good sunscreen) while the best time of day to visit it is early in the morning (the earlier - the beter) than in the afternoon, as the sun sets behind the high cliff to the right side of the beach and the shadow comes quickly.


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♡ Thank you all for your trust and support!
💋 Kisses from the beautiful Agiofili beach at Lefkada, Greece!

Love Always
Lily (WasHere)


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