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Lefkada's Beautiful villages
Perigiali village:
East Lefkada, near Nidri village

✍️ Lefkada as I have certainly pointed out again through this “travel and experience guide, has many awesome beaches to enjoy swimming at, as well as lovely and quiet villages to enjoy your summer holiday stay.

A small and calm village like those described above in Lefkada (ideal for the “after coronavirus appearance” era) with two tiny ports and some quiet beaches to swim is Perigiali - right before the cosmopolitan village of Nidri on your way from Lefkada town to the seaside village of Vassiliki.

Perigiali Lefkada

Lily's tips:

How will I go to Perigiali?

Where is Lefkada's Perigiali village?

Perigiali village is located on the east seaside of the enchanting Greek island of Lefkada (with a quite easy and cheap access) and you can get there by car or by the local bus (route: Lefkada - Nidri as well as route: Lefkada - Vassiliki) following the main - seaside - road from Lefkada to Nidri or Vassiliki village.

See the exact location of the Perigiali village on the Google map here.
It will help you a lot to navigate in the island and find the road to.

If you want to see the local bus (also known as KTEL BUS) timetables to Perigiali from Lefkada's main town, Thessaloniki, Athens, Hgoumenitsa's port and other (departure) locations, check it here.
Bus departures (time scedules) from Aktio's airport here

Are there any beaches in Perigiali?

Perigiali is a seaside village of Lefkada, right after Nikiana village and before Nidri village (as you are driving from Lefkada's town to Vassiliki road).
In Perigiali you will mostly find some quiet beaches to enjoy the sun and the sea. Among them we choose:

✔ The Passa beach with access from the main road of Lefkada - Vasiliki (thought you have to downhill a concrete road to reach the beach) with crystal clear waters - friendly to small children - not organized with rental sun beds and umbrellas but with lot of natural shadow after noon.

✔ The natural beach that starts from Studios Achilleas and ending a few meters away from “Sail Inn” beach bar and “The Pinewood(also known as “Pefkos”) restaurant (from where Nidri village starts).
This beach is less than 1/3 organized with sun loungers and umbrellas to rentand and offers different kinds of sands - from continental to small pebbles and in some areas you might find some seaweeds in the sea.
It's also a friendly beach for kids as the water doesn't get suddenly deep and you'll also find water sports activities (close to Nidir) as well as small private rental boats for your daily trip to Meganissi island.

Where to stay in Perigiali (Lefkada)?

You already know that because of its location and its affordable prices the lovely small family run hotel Studios Achilleas are in my heart and I trully support them. That's why I share with you below a video of the location and Achilleas Studios in Perigiali rooms (filmed by me on Easter 2019 - The sunbeds hadn't been placed on the beach yet).

Some other options on Hotels and rental rooms you can find here.

Perigiali beach Lefkada
View of the beach | Perigiali Lefkada

Where to eat in Perigiali village?

While you are in Perigiali I suggest you eat local and good fusion cuisine at “The Pinewood” restaurant (you might have to make a reservation before on busy days), enjoy a traditional cooked meal at affordable prices in “Kalypso” taverna - restaurant, taste some Italian cuisine at “Zio Fede”.

All of the above restaurants are on the beach with a wonderful sea view to Meganissi island, to Madouri island (and its mansion, where some scenes of the movie “Fedora” were filmed in 1978) and Skorpios island (the famous island of Aristotle Onassis).

Features of Perigiali village:

Some people say that the view of the five verdant islands (known as “Prigiponissia” or “Princes” Islands) from Perigiali village is one of the kind and among the best views you will enjoy while you are on holidays at Lefkada.
Scrolling down you'll see some photos I took (from above a green hill) that prove this belief is correct.

Also in Perigiali village you will find a quiet place to spend your holidays, with calm sea, beaches of any taste, near the cosmopolitan Nidri village and with easy access to the rest beaches and villages of Lefkada island.

Last but not least as Perigiali village is located in the east side of Lefkada, you will enjoy - early in the morning - a lovely serenity sunrise and if you are lucky you might see dolphins following small ships in the deep.
And apart from that view, remember what elderly people were saying:
When dolphins follow a ship, it is considered very good luck”.  

Photos from
Perigiali village
in Lefkada:

Perigiali Lefkada
⤷ Perigiali Lefkada ⤴
Perigiali Lefkada
⤷ Perigiali Lefkada ⤴
Perigiali Lefkada
⤷ Perigiali Lefkada ⤴
Perigiali Lefkada
⤷ Perigiali Lefkada ⤴
Perigiali Lefkada
⤷ Perigiali Lefkada ⤴
Perigiali Lefkada
⤷ Perigiali Lefkada from Studios Achilleas
Perigiali Lefkada
⤷ Perigiali Lefkada from Studios Achilleas
Perigiali beach Lefkada
⤷ Perigiali beach from Studios Achilleas

Map: Perigiali • Lefkada

• Summarizing to Perigiali in Lefkada:

The small settlement of Perigiali - near Nidri village but not that crowed or noisy is a very good option to book for holidays - especially for families with small kids, couples in love or elderly people who appreciate serenity landscapes and easy to reach small restaurants or local markets.


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♡ Thank you all for your trust and support!
💋 Kisses from Perigiali village - Lefkada, Greece!

Love Always
Lily (WasHere)


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