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What do you know about Agia Anna at Naxos Greece?
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◉ First of all I know that you can't go on a summer vacation in Naxos and not pass through the village of Agia Anna (Santa Anna) and its homonymous beach, at least for a swim or for dining overlooking a stunning - in color - sea or just as you go by, for example on the other favorite beach of mine, the Mikri Vigla beach.

Agia Anna beach is the natural coast boarder of “Agios Prokopios” beach, it's located opposite Paros island and is considered to be one of the most famous and popular beaches on the island.

Travel - Naxos Greece
Agia Anna Naxos Beach
Agia Anna Beach • Naxos

Lily's tips:

• Where Agia Anna is located?

✍️ I mentioned before that “Agia Anna” is just after “Agios Prokopios” beach but we have to make it clear that the whole coastline where “Agia Anna” beach is located, is also consisting of some more beautiful beaches with turquoise waters.
So right after to “Agia Anna” is the small - homonymous - beach for nudists, followed by “Maragas” beach and “Plaka” beach after that.

Plaka beach is followed by “Orkos” beach, followed by “Mikri Vigla” beach, followed by “Kastraki” beach and the beaches of “Alykos”, among them the quiet “Glyfada” beach and the “Hawai” beach at Naxos.

• How far is it from Naxos Town?
Agia Anna is relatively close to Naxos Town.
In particular, it is only 6 km away by car.
The road too the beach and village starts opposite the Health Center of Naxos town.

• How to get to Agia Anna?
You can go to Agia Anna from Naxos town either by your own (maybe rental) car or motorbike either by using the local bus service - known as KTEL of Naxos (during the summer you will find a bus trip almost every half an hour, from early in the morning until late at night).
Take also one more note - if you traveling to the island with your own transportation - that from Agia Anna onwards, a - smooth - dirt road begins all the way to Plaka's sandy beach (Hippies' favorite beach along with Agia Anna's beach, in the 70's).

• How exactly is Agia Anna's beach?
Is it an organized one?

Agia Anna's beach offers to it swimmers a spectacular sandy beach, with turquoise - crystalline waters, with natural shade of a few cedar trees - at some points along the coast - but also with several seaside businesses offering organized services to holidaymakers, such as beach umbrellas. and sunbeds to rent.

So at this beach one can find what he wants and is suitable both for those who seek swimming in a quiet beach as well as for those who enjoy their vacations at more secular beaches, with lots of tourists under the sounds of the latest summer music hits in their ears.

Agia Anna Naxos Beach
On Agia Anna beach in Naxos for vacation

• What else can you find and do in Agia Anna?

In the old days Agia Anna was identified with the camping of the area (the Maragas Βeach Camping located at the “Maragas” beach) and the carefree life by the sea, when it still wasn't a well known beach, nor it was that highly touristy as it is nowadays.

However - in the summer time - Agia Anna's beach is on the top of choises of many Naxos holidaymakers, who are seeking a more social lifestyle as well as on travellers who are water sports enthusiasts - because they can find everything they need on the beach to indulge on their favorite sport or activity.

Also from the beach of Agia Anna there are boats for daily cruises around the island but also to the beaches of Koufonissia, which I think - if you have a available day - you shouldn't miss.

One of the cruises that make this cruise (Agia Anna - Panormos beach - Koufonisia - Rhine cave - return to Agia Anna beach) - with lots of good reviews - is called Santa Maria.

Agia Anna's beach, located in western Naxos, is partially protected by the north winds - when it blows on the island, mostly on August.

Above the beach stands the white - orthodox - church of Agia Anna (hence the name of the beach) and which annually - on July 25 - celebrates the Assumption of St. Anna (Mother of the Virgin Mary) with a small local festival.

Also - because of its location - Agia Anna offers a great option to watch a beautiful sunset by the beach and if you can combine it if you want along with a drink, cocktail or dinner by the sea.

So in Agia Anna the modern traveler will meet a multitude of tourist (rental rooms and hotels) accommodation offers as well as many cafes, restaurants and small bar - clubs for a more intense nightlife.

Note that if you need to withdraw money from your bank account, there are currently only two ΑTMs available at no additional charge - such as “Euronet” machines- throughout Agia Anna:

• One is from the Greek “Piraeus Bank” and is on the wall of the supermarket Aspasia and the other is
• from the Greek bank called “Alpha Bank” on the wall of AutoNaxos / Europcar, very close to the port and the restaurant “Gorgona”.

Last but not least, Agia Anna also has a small port - formerly used to trade potatoes locally - where fishing boats are now mostly tied up.

Agia Anna beach and village Naxos Greece
Naxos island: Agia Anna beach from top • Naxos

• Where will you eat at St. Anna?

As you will see, there are many restaurants and small taverns in the area where you can eat and enjoy your lunch or dinner.
Maybe not everywhere in the same way but surely you will find some who fits your own tastes and styles.

My personal experience and appreciation is (as I say in Naxos traditional food) is that you can enjoy a very tasty and well-priced lunch or dinner, either with meat or with fish, on the (almost - only a short way ahead) seaside. “Avli” tavern and many tasty fish dishes in the (also located by the sea) local tavern - “Deountas” tavern.
But you should know that the stuff of Avli also offers free sunbeds and umprellas in the beach in front for their customers. On the other hand Deountas charge them + 5€ (no matter if you are their customer or not).

from our visit
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Agia Anna:

On Agia Anna beach in Naxos for vacation Summer vacations • Agia Anna Naxos
At Agia Anna beach in Naxos for vacation Summer vacations • Agia Anna Naxos
On Agia Anna beach in Naxos for vacation Summer vacations • Agia Anna beach Naxos
At Agia Anna beach in Naxos for vacation Summer vacations • Agia Anna Naxos

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Map: Agia Anna • Naxos


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Μιράντα Κ.
Posted on August 29, 2019


μόλις γυρισα από Νάξο και σήμερα πετυχαίνω το άρθρο σου για Αγια Αννα!!

Εμεις μιναμε στα Αγια Αννα στουντιος μπροστα στη παραλια και περασαμε καταπληκτικα!!!
Δεν έχω κατι να ρωτησω απλα σχεφτηκα οτι ειναι πολυ χρησιμο που γραφεις για τα ατμ γιατί εμεις στην αρχη δυσκολευτηκαμε πολυ με τις συναλλαγες αλλα ολα καλα!!!

Μπραβο για την προσπαθεια και τις πληροφοριες!!


Καλημέρα Μιράντα!

Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ για τα καλά σου λόγια! Νομίζω ότι το θέμα τράπεζες / ΑΤΜ είναι σημαντικό και χρήσιμο - όταν πας διακοπές - είτε σε Ελλάδα είτε σε εξωτερικό και από τις βασικές πληροφορίες που και εγώ προσωπικά χρειάζομαι να γνωρίζω πριν από κάθε ταξίδι μου.

Να περνάς καλά!


♡ LILYwashere

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