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Trip to the Paralio Astros Kynourias

✍ As you may have noticed from my social media accounts, Astros Kynourias is one of my favorite destinations nearby Athens, for a weekend trip, for a three days visit and why not for a mini vacation, in combination with many other nearby excursions.

The seaside village of "Paralio Astros" in Kynouria took its name from the shape (astro in Greek means star) of the island named "Nisi" (that means island in Greek) that stands by the port and the region of Kynouria derives its name from the ancient inhabitant of the area his son Perseus the Kynouros.

Below I provide travel information about what you can see today in Paralio Astros (and partly in the "Mediterranean Astros", such as its picturesque central square in the middle of its village) according to my personal experience in this area of the beautiful Peloponesse, in Greece.

Astros Kynourias | Peloponesse Greece

Lily's tips:

How will I go to Astros from Athens?

Where is Astros and how will I get to it:

Paralio Astros Kynourias is about 43 km from Tripoli and Tolo, 170 km from Athens while from Nafplio it's only 32 km.

To reach Paralio Astros from Athens, follow the national road to Tripoli and at about 110 km turn to Argos.
Then leave the city and continue on the old national road Argos - Tripoli following the road signs.
The journey from Athens - without much traffic - takes about 2 hours, making Paralio Astros an ideal travel destination for a weekend trip or even for three-day getaway.

Sights of Astros in North Kynouria:

One of the most important sights of Paralio Astros is the medieval Venetian castle (also known as Zafeiropoulos Castle), built in 1256, located on the top of its hill, that offers a beautiful view of Kallisto beach (a beach of 4 km long) located below , in the gulf of Argolida and of course in Nafplio while at night it is very beautifully in its lights.

Another attraction is the lighthouse of Astros (since 1893) in the northern part of Zafeiropoulos Castle.

In Paralio Astros you can also admire its open ancient theater, where during the summer months you can watch a local Greek show, with the sea in the background.

Another beautiful place to visit (and probably inevitable) while you are in Paralio Astros, is its picturesque port with cafes, bars, restaurants and ouzeri, next to its 4 km beach Kallisto.

Astros Kynouria Theater | Astros Theater

Beaches to swim in Astros:

As evidenced by the etymology of this tourist destination, Paralio Astros is a small seaside village in Kynouria Peloponnese, right by the sea.

In the Paralio Astros Kynouria and nearby you will find many beaches (total length of 14 km) for every kind of traveller.

Popular beaches under small coffee shops with loud music and traditional Greek taverns, organized with rented umbrellas and sunbeds as well as some quiet beaches - ideal fo family excersions - or small coves for diving, known to few locals and even less visitors.

Among the beaches of Astros we choose:

✔ Kallisto beach:
(see the beach on the map here)

A 4 km beach, with fine white pebbles and clear waters that deepen relatively quickly but not sharply.
Onthat beach you will find some small cafes - beach bars organized with rental umbrellas and sunbeds, taverns and small restaurants, even private stone beach houses.
It has a large glare so take your sunscreen as always, you will find some lifeguards on the beach until 18.00 and it's preferred by both families with children and youth groups for fun and beach spree.
On the same beach you will see sunrise, not sunset.

✔ Portes beach:
(see the beach on the map here)

After Kallisto beach, there is Portes beach, which took its name from the area "Portes" of Meligous (and specifically from two large doors that had been placed in two rivers of the are so that when they closed they could hold the water within and when they opened the water would go to the sea).

It is the old estuary of Lake Moustos that is currently inactive.
It goes on for several kilometers, it also offers equipped canteens, a lifeguard tower and deep waters to swim while due to the winds that often blow in the area it is considered suitable for water sports and is especially popular with kite-surfers and windsurfers.

You will find areas with sand and after camping in Portes you will see an old stone-built harbor where according to legend Paris met the beautiful Eleni. From there you can reach the mouth of Lake Moustos.
The water is deeper ther and you can meet nudists swimming and diving.

✔ Atsiganou beach:
(see the beach on the map here)

This sandy beach is located at the exit of Paralio Astros, on the road to Glyfada beach and the beaches near Xiropigado area and offers natural shade in various places, with tamarisk trees.
It has mainly sand but it's also seaweed (depending on which side you choose to dive) and is partially organized in two places with cafes - bars that offer rental umbrellas and sunbeds.
On the rest of the beach you can sit freely, placing your beach towels on the sand.
From there you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise but if it blows south wind I would advise you to avoid it as it brings out the sand as a result of which it the waters looks dirty, full with mud.
In one part of the beach (between it's two beach bars) you will also find the children's camp of the Municipality of Tripoli.

✔ Glyfada beach:
(see the beach on the map here)

Partially organized beach with umbrellas and sunbeds but also with a few shops for coffee, beer and food by the sea.
The waters are shallow, they deepen after several meters, which make this beach especially suitable for the elderly and families with children.
It also offers some tamarisk trees in a row for natural shade.
On the beach of Glyfada, there is also located the Camping Thirea.

✔ Theatrou beach:
(see the beach on the map here)

The very small beach that is located almost below the open ancient theater of Astros, behind the Gorgona statue in the port and offers turquoise waters among a few rocks (from small to much larger).

It is also important to mention that leaving Paralio Astros in the direction of Xiropigado or Athens by car, you will meet two other interesting beaches; Garadi beach (known like this beacause of the cafe-restaurant on the same name located above it) and the less known beach to many visitors named Villas or Petaloudes (Butterflies).

Theater beach Astros | Astros Theater Beach

Where to stay in Paralio Astros?

There are many accommodations, rooms to let and small hotels to stay in Astros - more of them you will find in Paralio Astros than in the Mediterranean Astros - and for some of them I've prepared you a short list below:

The Astros Beach Boutique Hotel is located on the port of Paralio Astros and next to Kallisto beach.
It offers spacious rooms with free Wi-Fi and a minibar.
Most rooms at this hotel have straight sea view.
There is a kiosk next door and almost everything you need from Astros you will find it in a short walking distance to the accommodation.
If you want to book a room, see cheap prices and rate offers here

Galaxy Rooms is also located in Paralio Astros.
It offers a restaurant where you can enjoy your continental or à la carte breakfast. Some rooms have sea view and all the rooms have air conditioning, a fully equipped kitchen, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with a shower. If you want to book a room in Galaxy Rooms, see cheap prices and rate offers here

The Castle View Studios is located in Paralio Astros at a distance of 250m. from its sandy beach.
It features a snack bar, a spa and wellness center and free Wi-Fi for all the guests.
It offers studios with balcony, kitchenette with dining area, fridge and electric oven.
Restaurants and bars are within walking distance, while the Venetian castle "Castello della estella" is 500 meters away.
Free parking is available on site.
If you want to book a room in the Castle View Studios, book on cheap prices and rate offers here

More hotels and rooms to let in the Mediterranean and Paralio Astros you can find here.

Mouragio Taverna | Paralio Astros, Peloponnese
Mouragio Taverna | Paralio Astros

Where to eat in Astros?

In the Mediterranean Astros (mountainous) I love the Tsoulogiannis which is located right on the main square of the village and offers from souvlakia and cooked meals to very tasty grilled ((my particular weakness is the pork kontosouvli).
The prices are like in the center of Athens but the taste, compared to the price, is really much better.

In Paralio Astros I prefer the seaside tavern Μουράγιο which is one of the few that remain open and off season (mostly on weekends).
The food is delicious, mostly the meat - I love its burgers - and some crowdy Saturdays, if you make a table reservation ahead, you can eat piglet and kontosouvli on the spit.

I used to eat seafood in Αύρα.
It also served some tasty local white wine.
If you wantto eat a fresh big fish, you can order it on or two days ahead and enjoy it with a sea view. Make sure you book a table on time for the three days of the Clean Monday. The prices are relatively normal for seafood, according to my data, however, I would not be fair if I don't tell you that - in my personal opinion and experience - I think that in the past the food was cooked with more love.

Where will you have coffee or a drink in Astros?

Personally I love Cafe - Bar Del Mar for its great location and decoration, as well as for its usual music choices and of course for its coffee.

However, you will find lots of additional options for coffee and drinks, on the picturesque port of Paralio Astros and at the Kallisto beach, between the taverns and the traditional restaurants.

Finally - if you are looking for something different - next to the open amphitheater of Astros, there is a very beautiful place for cocktails and drinks, the Astros theater cocktail bar with excellent views of the port and the rest of the village.

Paralio Astros, Peloponnese Astros theater cocktail bar
Paralio Astros, Peloponnese Astros theater cocktail bar

Nearby excursions and getaways from Astros:

From Astros Kynourias you can go day trips or two days trips to nearby destinations such as the picturesque Nafplio (distance 32 km), the mountain village of Agios Petros (distance 37 km), the Leonidio village in Arcadia (48 km), the well known monasteries of Malevi and Elona (about 70 km) etc.

But if you don't want to drive or if you prefer a different day trip, many visitors to the area don't know is that they can (from the port of Astros - and depending on the season) to find small tourist boats that make this distance daily.
Indicatively (without being an advertisement, or a personal experience - hence my own recommendation - but clearly just to inform you more) I mention the ship of the company Pegasus Cruises but also the ship Mandalena (tel. 27570-41268, 27570- 41393 and 6972477379) where you can find more information, prices and the timetable of the excursion.

Photos from
Paralio Astros
iin Kinouria:

Paralio Astros Peloponesse Greece
Paralio Astros Peloponesse Greece
Paralio Astros Peloponesse Greece
Paralio Astros Peloponesse Greece
Paralio Astros Peloponesse Greece
Paralio Astros Peloponesse Greece
Paralio Astros Peloponesse Greece
Paralio Astros Peloponesse Greece
Photo: Βικιπαίδεια

Map: Astros • North Kinouria

• Last but not least on Paralio Astros Kinourias in Peloponesse Greece:

The Mediterranean and the (Coastal) Paralio Astros of Kynouria, is a small picturesque seaside village that is worth visiting when the weather is nice and the temperature is high and specifically from late spring to early September, especially if you love vacations by the beach and need a beautiful, short getaway with easy access from the bustling Athens (and not only from there).


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♡ Thank you all for your trust and support!
💋 Kiss from Paralio Astros in Greece!

Love Always
Lily (WasHere)


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