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Paris Fashion Week • Schedule
Paris Fashion Week 2021
• September 26, 2021
Paris Fashion Week Schedule 2021

The official Paris Fashion Week schedule is here and I have to say it was worth the wait.
Due all pandemic restrictions the execution of the physical fashion event has felt uncertain for months. However, many great designers have confirmed their participation. Check out the official schedule below.

Fashion • Milan's Fashion Week
Sara Wong Collection Spring Summer 2022
• September 24, 2021
Sara Wong Spring - Summer Collection 2022

What are the stylish looks that I liked the most in Milan Fashion Week from the Sara Wong Fashion house?
What outfits did I single out?
I'll present you my favorite Top 3 outfits.
Where can you see the whole collection and most important:
Where can you buy them?

Fashion • Milan's Fashion Week
Leonie Hanne's fashion appearance wearing Fendi
• September 22, 2021
The fashion appearance of Leonie Hanne and Chiara Ferragni with Fendi

Many things happen and take place - again - in fashion, after their absence due to the coronavirus pandemic - and specifically in Milan Fashion Week which started earlier today September 22, along with the official first day of autumn. What outfits did I single out? Which famous blogger's fashion look made the difference this year?

Half Marathon • Athens

• September 12, 2021
9th Half Marathon Race Athens 2021

If you are in the Greek capital today and in fact near its center, keep in mind that the annual Athens Half Marathon 2021 is being held. This means that despite any delays - if you are on a private vehicle or taxi - due to closed roads and traffic around the roads at the center as well as in addition to the possible inconvenience with the changes of the public transportation itineraries, Athen's center will be flooded with runners and people who have gone to watch their race, people of all ages, in a great mood and n an even better reason to set up a small street party.
The Athens Half Marathon is the ideal race for all regular and novice runners of all ages, who by participating in the 5km and 3km Road Races become part of a great celebration along the most important historical and cultural monuments of one of the most popular sports and cultural tourist destinations of the world, Athens. The Half Marathon Race will start at 07.30am. All finishes will be completed by 11.00am at the latest.
Want to know more about this sporting and cultural celebration of Athens?

Emergency in Greece
Survival Phone Numbers
Emergency phone numbers and useful information on touristic services in Greece
• August 5, 2021
Emergency and useful Greek phone numbers

Through all those wild forest fires raging in Greece while the highest temperature on record for Athens was above 45 degrees Celsius, here are some useful emergency phones (that I hope you won't eventually need)

Fashion & Style
Chiara Ferragni • Athens
Chiara Ferragni in Athens
• June 24, 2021
Chiara Ferragni in Athens

Chiara Ferragni, the world-famous influencer and Italian businesswoman, with her 24 million followers on Instagram alone, came to Greece and specifically to Athens for a small presentation in the framework of her collaboration with Nespresso.
What clothes did she wear, what appearances did she make and which designers did she prefer?

Dior CRUISE 2022 • Live
Dior CRUISE 2022 Live Show Athens 2021
• June 17, 2021
Athens, Greece
Dior CRUISE 2022 Live Show

If you are not one of the lucky official guests of Dior for the Dior CRUISE 2022 fashion event / show that will be presented live today at the Greek Kalimarmaro stadium in Athens, you can watch it in the link below. You shouldn't miss it. It will be amazing for sure!

Summer Essentials
Clothes • Accessories
Summer Essentials clothes, accessories and outfits
• May 30, 2021
Summer Essentials clothes, accessories and outfits

With such hot temperatures in May and looking forward and officially to the first summer month - June, I thought of writing an article with the five (5) absolutely necessary summer pieces - in clothes, jewelry, shoes and accessories - that you must have in your wardrobe and which will fit with quick and simple movements in your unique style and any summer outfit.

Sell online
Sell online • Free Etsy shop
Sell online in Greece without your own eshop
• April 9, 2021
Start selling online in Greece NOW

Nowadays, e-commerce is more necessary than ever, in increasing the income of a company. But what if you don't have the financial ability or the partner you trust to build a good and functional online store?
Today we will see the most popular platforms these days in Greece to start selling without having to have your own e-shop and of course - in short - I will tell you what I think about them.
I also have a gift for you, a TOTAL FREE Code to start your own Etsy shop. Are you highly interested? See the relevant link - without any delays - by clicking here


Lifestyle • The narcissists
• March 6, 2021
The narcissists and how to spot them in your life

I can only imagine that you came across this article to see if someone close to you who significantly affects you is a narcissist or has elements of narcissistic behavior.
And I don't mean by the innocent myth of the beautiful Narcissus who fell in love with his image in the reflection of the water but in the very negative sense of the effect of narcissistic behavior possessed by toxicity in the words and actions, something we read and see lately almost everywhere.
If you just want to know if the person you are interested in learning about has narcissistic behavioral disorders, read...

Tech Life • Free Canva Pro
• March 2, 2021
Students Get Canva Pro for FREE!

Let's face it people!
Canva is turning to a very useful tool for many of us who want to create beautiful designs as easy as with a simple drag and drop.
For some people the free version is just enough but so others definitely need the pro. For example if you are a student and you need to get Canva Pro totally free for a year's period, here's what you should do:

LifeStyle • Face creams
Ορός Korres Μαύρη Πεύκη 3D Serum Ανόρθωσης και οι κρέμες Liftactiv Supreme της Vichy
• February 27, 2021
Face creams I used this month

So today I will talk to you about the beauty combination of a Korres serum with both Vichy Liftactiv Supreme day and night creams.
Maybe - I say maybe - Vichy Liftactiv Supreme creams by themselves wouldn't have excited me so much as a result, if I hadn't used along them with the serum Black Pine by the Greek company Korres with which I have to admit I'm thrilled.
But why the Anti-Wrinkle Firming & Face Lifting 3D Serum 3D BLACK PINE Contour Correction by KORRES made me feel that way?

Life Style
Virtual • Travel
Online travel due to Covid
• February 8, 2021
Happy new week with good health!

It has been a whole year already since the Covid-19 appeared in the worldwide stage and brought our lives upside down, maybe a little more for the lives of those who love to travel and wandering around in new places. ◉ But how can we travel during these dangerous times and be completely safe?

About Love
LifeStyle • Three Loves
The Three Loves Theory Helen Fisher
• January 16, 2021
The Three Loves Theory | Helen Fisher

Ever heard about Love that "warms the cockles of our heart" and the famous Three Loves Theory of Helen Fisher, the American biological anthropologist, human behavior researcher and self-help author, who proposed that humanity has evolved three core brain systems for mating and reproduction?

January 2021
LifeStyle • Podcasts
5 Best Motivational Podcasts
• January 14, 2020
5 Best Motivational Podcasts | 2021

Are you stuck in a rut and need some guidance to help you move forward?

Well, read this:

The rise of audio content is expecting to be huge in 2021.
As so many lockdowns have forced the nation to get out and walk, instead of listening to music, people are choosing to listen to podcasts.

Whether you are feeling you need a reason for actions, willingness, and goals because you are stuck in a bad situation happened to you in the past or even right now in the coronavirus time you need to find the burning desire in you to move forward.

How this can happen?
Everyone is different and might need something else to figure it out but I'll tell you my winning project...

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