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(April 17, 2019)
New destinations for Aegean Air:

✍️ On the occasion of the opening of the new destination and the first Aegean's Air flight from Athens to Marrakesh - last night - to which all the passengers were offered a glass of champagne, we've searched for you and found the cheapest fares and ticket promotions currently in value from today, to make the same one way air route (or round trip) in cheap prices AND with the Aegean Air from Greece, during the next months.

In fact the cheapest price we've found already (if you book your ticket today on the dates we provide you) for the Aegean's flight from Athens to Marrakesh in May and June 2019 is only €63,99/person and at the end of July you can book your return ticket just for €48,89/person.

First things first:

Aegean first flight to Morocco - MarrakechAegean flight to Moroccoο

Early this year (in February) Aegean Air announced that it's preparing new economic flights and weekly air routes from Greece to exotic destinations, which until then, apart from distant or exotic ones, were quite expensive for the Greek tourist.

But what are the Aegean flights to the new destinations that are already taking place?


◉ Travel Facts:

Flights from Athens to Marrakech, Casablanca, Tunis, Ibiza, Valencia, Sarajevo and Fyrom as well as the new flight from Thessaloniki to Hannover, will now take place with Aegean at low cost tickets, as the Greek airline wants to make significant cheap offers on air trips taking place from April to October 2019.

The enthusiasm of the airline and its employees is so great that the crew on the first night's flight - yesterday evening - from Athens to Marrakesh inaugurated the beginning of this new travel era, by offering to all the passengers who were traveling together - a glass of champagne.

First Aegean's Air Flight Crew to MarrakechAegean's Air Flight Crew to Marrakech

In its previous announcement, the Aegean has reported that it will be also offered increased frequencies and low cost airfares on major Western European main markets from Athens to Munich, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Zurich, Vienna, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon and Porto.

At the same time, a significant number of new air flights have already begun to popular tourist destinations on abroad, such as Luxembourg, Malta, Venice, Bologna, Naples, Catania and Malaga, while increased capacity is also being launched to the Balkan and Eastern Europe's markets.

Lily's Tips:

◉ and tickets prices:

Since we were refered to the price offers and the cheapest tickets offered by Aegean Air from Athens to its new travel destinations, we shall indicate that just for today, if you search you will find easy to book cheap air tickets like:

Flights from Athens to Marrakech:

For departures in May 2019 and specifically for departures on 11 or 14, 25 May or 28 May, there is a ticket purchase price: €63.99per person.

On 21 May, you will find a one way ticket at €€74.99 per person, the same price you will find if you wish to travel with Aegean to Marrakesh (RAK) on 4, 11 and 29 of June (2019).

On June 18, however, you can fly on the same destination with only €63.99per person.

Isn't that amazing?

Flights from Marrakech to Athens:

The cheapest return flight from the same destination (Marrakech to Athens) in May is at the price of €88.99 on May 29.

If you return in June, the cheapest return ticket from Marrakesh to Athens is €88.99 on June 5, on June 12 and on the 19th of the same month.

Correspondingly, the cheaper return flights from Marrakesh to Athens in July 2019 are on July 3 (at a ticket price of only €59,89), on July 7 (return ticket price at 88,99) and on 10, 14, 17, 21 of July with a ticket price of 59,89.

But if you want to return from Marrakesh to Athens on 24th or 28th of July you will only pay €48,89 per person for your one way ticket.

You will also find similar promotional offers for the other new destinations of Aegean's Air flights.

It only remains to choose the right destination* for you, to do in time** your budget and Enjoy your flights!

*(As I have mentioned the prices of the new flight from Athens to Marrakech and from Marrakech to Athens, don't forget important details such as that Morocco is in Africa and the temperatures can be extremely high and the weather might get dusty).

**(We remind you that we've found for you the above cheap air travel flights and that they are valid if you book a ticket today or possibly within in a short time from today - depending on the airline's promotional policy).


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