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Put pilots into simulators to practice flying again
Can pilots forget how to fly?
Are pilots feeling rusty because of covid pandemic?

✍️ In Greece we are saying that thing about riding bikes “just like riding a bicycle” that includes other things too, that once you’ve learned doing them, you never forget how to do them again, no matter how much time has passed by.
Like that We Don't Ever Forget How to Ride a Bike we could suppose that flying a plane would be exactly the same.

◉ But what’s the truth?
Are pilots getting rusty and forget how to fly?

The truth on this:

and the emergency of taking action

Airplane flying skills are fading away:

There is a latest report from the FAA's which recommends that pilots take control of the airplane more often in order to keep their skills sharp -- so they are prepared to react when the computers cannot.

As Coronavirus has granted airplanes all over the world at least the 30 percent of the world's commercial aircraft — have been in storage, according to the aviation analytics company Cirium.

Thousands of pilots have been grounded for months, making it difficult — if not impossible — to maintain the skills and regular flying practice required for their jobs.

Aviation experts and airline representatives acknowledge that when pilots are inactive for several months, their skills and proficiency deteriorate. Among the most common errors are coming in too fast or too high during a landing or forgetting to get clearance from the air traffic control tower before descending to a lower altitude.

Mr. Geoffrey Thomas an Airline Ratings editor and Australian aviation analyst says even in normal times, pilots can and do forget basic tasks if they do not perform them continually.

"If they pick up the controls of an aircraft after several months off, and they’ve done no simulator training, no refresher courses, then they are absolutely going to make mistakes" he said.

"If you haven't flown for three months or six months, you need to be retrained in some way in order to come back."

So what all airlines should do if they want new passengers to travel safely to their destination?

They need to do many refresher courses to their pilots, including multiple simulator sessions, ground school training and a mental health assessment, before they can return on air.

Many other aviation experts have also expressed concern about the difficulty many pilots face in maintaining their skills during the pandemic as well as many airlines can’t afford the cost of flight simulators to retrain their pilots before their real flight.

Flight simulators cost about $26 million and not many airlines have them.
"In countries where simulators are lacking, like Indochina, Philippines and Indonesia, there is a big issue." 

"The key to flying safely is frequency," saidRichard G. Mc Spadden Jr., senior vice president at the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assn.'s Air Safety Institute.

"You are not as sharp if you haven't flown for a while and you get rusty."

During this whole new situation theairlines should take this seriously in mind, in order to operate safe flights and save lives.

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