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Flying with Ryanair?
(First time traveling with Ryanair?
The survival guide)

Ryanair's • List

The Do's and Don’ts list
for a first time traveler with Ryanair

✍️ They might have said to you or you might somehow figure out that traveling with Ryanair is an easy thing to do and a quite affordable way to fly to your destination.

Well this is half a truth.

Because if you are an inexperienced traveler or a first time passenger of Ryanair there are some serious issues to take care, BEFORE you enter the plane.

| in your pocket |

useful phone numbers •

New Bookings/General Queries:
0871 246 0000
(£0.13 per min from UK landline & mobile, plus your phone companys access charge)

Flexi Plus: For Flexi Plus Plus flight changes only, please:
(click here) to find the phone numbers you need, depending from where you are calling from

• Contacting customer service:
General queries

Queries - inflight sales:

If you have a complaint regarding items purchased onboard please write to

Inflight Sales
Ryanair Ltd.
PO Box 11451
Co. Dublin

Business Plus - Contact telephones:
(click here) if you are calling from Spain, Italy, Ireland, UK, Germany, Βelgium or the rest of the world.

Before and After booking your e-ticket with Ryanair

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Lily's tips:

The online ticket reservation:

DO your online ticket reservation through the official Ryanair's website.
You can find it by clicking {here}.
Don't trust other aps on that.
Book your air ticket directly from the Ryanair.

Reserve your air seat infront:

DO pay (extra charges are starting from €4 per person) to choose a specific air seat if you aren't traveling alone but with your company or family and you all want to sit together.
Don't decide this last minute 'cause you might have to pay double fee for each seat or more.

Just a handbag, a 10 kilos luggage or a bigger suitcase?

DECIDE EARLY enough how many luggages that you are going to need to take with you (and if it's going to be more than the free of charge small luggage 40X25X20cm) otherwise extra charges might will applied to you on a last minute's decision.
A good choice is to choose the extra cost for "Priority line and a small handbag" to take with you on the airplane (extra € per person).
The (sad or not) truth is that people working for Ryanair - except from those on the ticket desk - are rarely checking the handbags you are carrying or if you've paid extra fees for them (just saying).

E-ticket's check in before the airport:

DO your e-ticket's check in online at least 2 hours before the time that yours airplane's departure time.
Otherwise they will charge you on the airport desk + €55 /per person (holy sit) for that.

Eating or drinking on the plane:

Remember that while you are on the air - Ryanair's policy is serving you neither water for free so if you think you will be thirsty or hungry due to your flight, arrange ahead to take with you something to eat (in sealed packaging if you take it outside the airport) and drink.
Inside the plane you will pay far more expensive anything you'll buy.
Check here the prices.
Vegan friendly and hot meals are available for pre-order.

Buying things on the plane:

Do buy your favorite perfume if you find it on sales, while you are flying to your destinations.
Ryanair's flight attendants are also sellers; selling anything their company desires and it's true that many times you will find great deals in cosmetics and other duty free products.
Check here prices and deals on their latest product cataloque.

Ryanair's plane:

Remember Ryanair flights only with Boeing 737-800 aircraft.
This aerodynamic fleet helps the company to have low costs.
But the space between your air seat and the front seat aren't always enough so your air flight might won't be very comfortable.
If you don't like this Boeing airplane you must never book a flight with Ryanair.
The ARRIVAL AND THE DEPARTURE gates of Ryanair's airline is always in a far away point of your airport, so take care of having more time to reach the gate before you boarding time.
And finally - the company (to save money) doesn't use shuttle busses to take you to inside the airport of your destination.
You will have to get down the airplane's stairs and walk for a while upon your arrival.

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