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Paris • Cheap Eats
Best cheap eats in Paris, France
• January 26, 2021
Best cheap eats in Paris, France

We all love Paris, aren't we? Besides the beautiful vibes and the lights of the city, Parisian cuisine is also a wonderful reason why we should all agree. What are the local foods you should try while you are in Paris and most of all where you should try these traditional, impeccable tastes without paying too much money?
In this new article you will see my best suggestions - so far - for cheap eats in bistrots and restaurants of Paris.
Feel welcome to send me your reviews.
This always keeps me happy!

Monastiraki • Athens
Monastiraki's square view, Athens, Greece
• October 31, 2021
Visit Monastiraki, Athens, Greece

Monastiraki is a quite busy area in the heart of Athens - the capital city of Greece - a unique blend of styles, multi cultures and eras, with emblematic attractions, such as the ruins of the Hadrian's Library, the Ancient Agora of Athens with the Temple of Hephaestus and the restored Stoa of Attalos, which houses a museum with Athenian and Roman exhibits. The open-air market of Monastiraki has small coffee shops, restaurants and taverns with traditional Greek food and recipes, as well as local shops with handmade sandals, T-shirts and interesting Greek souvenirs.

Athens Airport Transfer
How to get from Athens airport to the city centre
• October 18, 2021
How to get from Athens airport to the city centre

Are you planning a solo or a Fisrt Time Trip to Athens? Excellent!
The capital city of Greece has so many experiences to offer to its visitors. But what do you need to know in advance and how you’ll get to the city center easily? Athens airport is located in a 27km distance from Athens city center.
There are actually 4 ways to get from Athens airport to the heart of the city center (and this should be the area from Syntagma square, Monastiraki, Plaka neighbourhood and around)

El Nido • Philippines
How to get to El Nido Philippines
• October 2, 2021
How to get to El Nido Palawan

El Nido iN the island Palawan in Philippines is a managed resource protected area and it is well known for its white-sand beaches, coral reefs, limestone cliffs and as the gateway to the Bacuit archipelago.
El Nido is currently ranked No4 in Condé Nast Traveler's list of 20 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World. Also in CNNgo El Nido was named as The Best Beach and Island destination in the Philippines for its “extraordinary natural splendor and ecosystem”. So how to get to El Nido, Palawan, Philippines? Should you go there by airplane, by local bus, by van or boat? Which is the quickest way to get there and which is the most affordable one?

Half Marathon • Athens

• September 12, 2021
9th Half Marathon Race Athens 2021

If you are in the Greek capital today and in fact near its center, keep in mind that the annual Athens Half Marathon 2021 is being held. This means that despite any delays - if you are on a private vehicle or taxi - due to closed roads and traffic around the roads at the center as well as in addition to the possible inconvenience with the changes of the public transportation itineraries, Athen's center will be flooded with runners and people who have gone to watch their race, people of all ages, in a great mood and n an even better reason to set up a small street party.
The Athens Half Marathon is the ideal race for all regular and novice runners of all ages, who by participating in the 5km and 3km Road Races become part of a great celebration along the most important historical and cultural monuments of one of the most popular sports and cultural tourist destinations of the world, Athens. The Half Marathon Race will start at 07.30am. All finishes will be completed by 11.00am at the latest.
Want to know more about this sporting and cultural celebration of Athens?

Emergency in Greece
Survival Phone Numbers
Emergency phone numbers and useful information on touristic services in Greece
• August 5, 2021
Emergency and useful Greek phone numbers

Through all those wild forest fires raging in Greece while the highest temperature on record for Athens was above 45 degrees Celsius, here are some useful emergency phones (that I hope you won't eventually need)

Cheap Deals • 2021
Greek Air Travel Deals with Olympic and Aegean Air
• March 30, 2021
Greek Travel Deals with Olympic and Aegean Air

We are all looking forward to this summer. In fact we love to think about where we could go, somewhere by the Greek sea - to be more carefree - on a Greek island possibly or on another mainland Greek destination. So today - the Greek Aegean Air comes along with the Olympic Air and they offer you an impressive discount on your travel tickets...

Travel • Safely
• February 22, 2021

Do the pilots forget how to fly?

In Greece we are saying that thing about riding bikes “just like riding a bicycle” that includes other things too, that once you’ve learned doing them, you never forget how to do them again, no matter how much time has passed by. Like that We Don't Ever Forget How to Ride a Bike we could suppose that flying a plane would be exactly the same. But what’s the truth here? Can pilots get rusty and forget how to fly?

Greece • Lonely Planet
Greece as a gastronomic destination
• February 14, 2021
Greece in Lonely Planet's tribute

According to the Lonely’s Planet tribute Greece may not be known worldwide for implementing formal initiatives surrounding sustainable practices, but informally, Greeks have been green for centuries.
The age-old habit of growing vegetables, harvesting olives and preparing silky oil and cooking up a storm with tomatoes, fresh fish and wild greens is the norm for most folk whether they live on an island or the mainland. If a village doesn’t whip up a unique dish using a wild herb or vegetable prolific to their area, you can be sure they’ll have their own take on a more traditional, national dish...

Virtual • Covid-19
Online travel due to Covid
• February 8, 2021
Happy new week with good health!

It has been a whole year already since the Covid-19 appeared in the worldwide stage and brought our lives upside down, maybe a little more for the lives of those who love to travel and wandering around in new places. ◉ But how can we travel during these dangerous times and be completely safe?

Visit • Lefkada
Porto Katsiki beach Lefkada Greece
• January 24, 2021
One of the best beaches in Greece

It's been a while since I wrote my last travel article and as last week I was looking back at Porto Katsiki's photos, the famous beach of Lefkada which is also considered to be one of the best beaches not only in Greece but in the whole Mediterranean, today I've decided it was time not only to tell you but also to show you many interesting and useful things about this magnificent Greek beach.

Astros • Peloponesse
aralio Astros in Peloponesse Greece
• August 27, 2020
A getaway to the Paralio Astros in Peloponesse

As you may have seen in my last public posts on some of my social media accounts, one of my favorite nearby destinations (in less than 2 hours drive from Athens) is the Paralio Astros in North Kinouria. I will take you there mentally today, with photos, suggestions and travel information that I hope you find quite useful when you decide (to go too if you haven't already done so). If you already have been there, read my travel article and send me your own suggestions or your own reviews, I will be very happy - and if you want it we will be published them too!

Lefkada • Perigiali
Perigiali Lefkada Greece
Perigiali beach | Lefkada
• June 5, 2020
Perigiali village | Lefkada, Greece

A small and calm village to enjoy your summer holiday stay in Lefkada (ideal for the “after coronavirus appearance” era) with two tiny ports and some quiet beaches to swim is Perigiali - right before the cosmopolitan village of Nidri on your way from Lefkada town to the village of Vassiliki...

Greek • Campaign
Greek Summer ¦ State of Mind
• June 4, 2020
2020 Greek tourism campaign

What makes Greek Summer so precious?
It's not the sea - it's not the sun - it's more than that
Greek Summer is a state of mind
Being with the people you love
Connecting with nature
Feeling free
That's Greek Summer
So this year
enjoy your Greek Summer
you are.

Greece • Islands
Lily in Lefkada, Greece - Travel
Lily in Lefkada, Greece
• May 26, 2020
Greek Vacations / Summer 2020 / Covid-19

Lefkada - the Greek island of the Ionian sea with the amazing beaches to swim - because of its easy access(you don't need to get on board to reach this beautiful Greek island as it’s accessible from the mainland via a causeway on the northern tip) is one of THE BEST GREEK ISLANDS TO VISIT IN 2020 according to the latest CNtraveller's post and during the Covid-19 period.
Except Lefkada, the list of suggested Greek islands also includes: Skiathos island, Sifnos, Paxos, Hydra, Milos, Serifos, Amorgos, Mykonos, Santorini, Kefalonia, Corfu, Ithaka, Folegandros, Syros, Zakynthos, Crete, Rhodes, Symi, Naxos, Tinos, Astypalea and Patmos.

Lefkada • Greece
Agiofilli beach Lefkada
Agiofylli Beach, Lefkada
• May 12, 2020
Lily in Lefkada, Greece
Experience Lefkada's Beaches

Agiofili beach is located on the south side of the enchanting Greek island of Lefkada in Greece (you already know it's one of my favorite Ionian Islands - and general in Greece - with a quite easy and cheap access) while you can get there - if you don't have your own yacht or boat (like us) either by a small boat that you will find in the port of the village of Vasiliki and makes this exact route several times a day, or by driving your car up to a certain point after Vassiliki village and...
So what do you say? Are you coming with me on this emotional journey? I am sure you'll find it quite useful when you visit that beach too.

Covid • Faroe Islands

Faroe Island Tour |
• April 28, 2020
Online Travel

As all other countries in the world, the Faroe Islands has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
So they have politely asked tourists to refrain from visiting our islands until further notice.
But that wasn't the only action they took.
Early on in this global crisis, they wondered how they could recreate a Faroe Islands’ experience for those who had to cancel or postpone their trip to the Faroe Islands – and for everyone else stuck in insolation around the world.
So they had that brilliant idea...

Greece • Home

GreeceFrom Home - Greece From Home
• April 15, 2020
Greece From Home

The New Digital Platform Brings Best of Greece to You
(This new platform will allow travelers to explore the best of Greece with online resources)
Greek Tourism Ministry as well as Greek National Tourism Organization and Marketing Greece launched a new “Greece from Home” platform in order to continue to promote Greece and its culture, while supporting global social distancing efforts. Beyond giving prospective through wonderful images and videos, online visitors have now new ways to explore the country from afar laying the groundwork for a quick rebound once the danger from the virus has passed. The platform’s website aims to promote Greece and its culture, promote Greece as a tourist destination and help professionals in the tourism industry to better their digital skills.

Dreams • Alive

• April 12, 2020
Don't forget your dreams ☀ Don't forget Greece

"The rough time will pass.
Don't forget your dreams.
Don't forget Greece.
Dreams Can't Be Quarantined."

Today I have this marvelous video for you
worth watching until the end.

Airplane • Tickets

Quarantine Coronary Selfie
• April 3, 2020
Travel and LifeStyle

1st Friday of the month today.
What's on your plansahahaha?
(Ok I know. Many of us share the same plans: Food, late drinks, fun night out. And then we'll hopefully wake up from our pleasant dream on Saturday morning).
Whether you are very fond of learning or (and you do well) jus wanting to get rid of all the unpleasant death news around you, while staying at home I have for you the:
• Free online MOMA's art lessons (Museum of Modern Art in New York) - more information about you can read by clicking here and the
• Google's Free Online Tutorials to grow your business online - which you can see by clicking here
I also inform you that if you have booked an Olympic Air ticket with a travel date until 31/05/2020, you can now (and until April 08) change it online at no extra cost whenever (at any future date) you wish to travel until 27/03/2021!
And to make your life a little easier in this difficult and especially critical time we are going through, I have put the relevant link for you below

Positano • Italy
Positano Italy Travel
• February 24, 2020
Visit Positano Italy

The beautiful and picturesque Positano village is located on the Amalfi Coast of Italy (Salerno Province), in Campania, Italy, near Naples.
It is said to have been named in honor of the god of the sea Poseidon, a name given to it by ancient Greeks and Phoenicians living in the area.
But apart from the ancient Greeks and Phoenicians, in ancient times it was also highly esteemed by wealthy Romans, who loved to build impressive holiday villas in Positano,...

From Spain • Morocco
The Strait of Gibralta Travel • Gibraltar
• November 24, 2019
Visit Morocco through Gibraltar from Spain

Traveling from Spain to Morocco through The Strait of Gibraltar.
Many suggestions, tips and information you should be aware before your trip and useful details you would like to know - you'll find in this new travel post of mine. Enjoy!

Pompeii • Italy
Visit Pompeii Italy Visit Pompeii
• November 20, 2019
Visit Pompeii Italy

Pompeii was built in the 5th century BC. from the Greeks on the coast of Campania, 14 miles (23 km) southeast of Naples, at the base of Mount Vesuvius. Pompeii fell into the hands of the Romans in 89 BC but it was greatly influenced in art, architecture and religion by the great Greco-Roman culture. That's why when you'll visit Pompei's archaelogical park, you will recognise many greek statues as well as greek temples, dedicated to Greek (and later) Roman gods like the temple of...

Napoli, Italy
Naples Italia Trip Naples, Italia
• October 16, 2019
Where to next? | Preparing next trip

Among different work tasks and risks - I am preparing my next trip to Naples Italy - in a season not so predictable or touristic but still worthy to visit.
It's almost ready and you'll find it quite interesting as it's about the 10 best things anyone must do and see while he/she is traveling to Naples, Italy.
Any of your suggestions or travel tips ahead this season trip would be very welcome!
Want to read my highlights or see my point of view already?

Lefkada • Greece
Milos beach Lefkada Milos beach, Lefkada, Greece
• October 1st, 2019
Happy October from Lefkada!

It's a new month! It's a new start! How your October is doing so far my friends? Mine is wonderful and I feel so blessed for being able to combine work and pleasure at the same time from around Greece and world (many times) as I do right now from the magical Lefkada (Greek island). What are your best plans for this month? How are you going to work to win what you've always wanted? Write down (it is important to write and not to just think about it) all your hopes and wants you'll put your best self in (this month) to conquer your dreams. Check them back every day and tick the things you've manage to do on time. In the end of the month you'll be happier and more successful. Just believe in YOU! #NewMonthMotivation

Amorgos • Greece
Agia Anna, Amorgos, Greece - The big blue Agia Anna, Amorgos, Greece
• September 22, 2019
Day one for the Authentic Big Blue 2019

Hold your breath, dive into the big blue!

✍️ In autumn of 2017 we “revived” the legendary film “LE GRAND BLEU” (“THE BIG BLUE”) by organizing, in Amorgos, a unique event; an international free-diving tournament, the Authentic Big Blue; at the location where the most memorable scenes of the film were shot, scenes that created unique feelings.
The second ABB tournament was organized in September 2018 and it was an anniversary event since it was 30 years after the release of “Le Grand Bleu“ film.
The 3rd event will be held from today; 22 – 28 of September 2019 and will be focused on the divers who honor us with their presence every year. Inspired by the magical blue, with the aura of the island and the unique awe-inspiring landscape on our side; this year we create a special, sporting and tourist experience.

Naxos • Greece
Travel to Agia Anna Naxos Greece Naxos Greece
• September 19, 2019
Travel tips on Naxos Greece!

Want to know more - after my last trip - on Naxos Greece?

◉ Well here you can see my first attempt to write down some useful tips and notes for you. There are not everything you need to know there yet, but I promise I'll keep updating it with more and more useful info - as time goes by - so that soon it will be ready for you to help you organize your next vacations to the beautiful island of Naxos.

Agia Anna • Naxos
Travel to Agia Anna Naxos Greece Agia Anna Naxos Greece
• August 29, 2019
Agia Anna | Travel to Naxos Greece!

What do you know about Agia Anna at Naxos Greece?
Do you want to tell me what I know first?
◉ First of all I know that you can't go on a summer vacation in Naxos and not pass through the village of Agia Anna (Santa Anna) and its homonymous beach, at least for a swim or for dining overlooking a stunning - in color - sea or just as you go by, for example on the other favorite beach of mine, the Mikri Vigla beach.
Agia Anna beach is the natural coast boarder of “Agios Prokopios” beach, it's located opposite Paros island and is considered to be one of the most famous and popular beaches...

Heidelberg • Germany
Heidelberg Germany - View of the castle from the bridge Heidelberg • Germany
• July 5, 2019
Travel to Germany | Heidelberg

Heidelberg is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. It is administratively owned by the Land of Baden-Württemberg and is located geographically at the northwestern end of this state.
In the past it was a center of German romance, and today it is one of the main tourist destinations, mainly thanks to the picturesque ruins of the palace, the old town (Altstadt), its university (which was founded in 1386 AD and is the oldest in Germany), Necar river and other attractions.

Karlsruhe • Germany
Travel to Karlsruhe Germany Karlsruhe • Germany
• June 27, 2019
Visit Karlsruhe | What to do and see in the city

You are might planning to but haven't visited yet the beautiful city of Karlsruhe in Germany.
Well, no worries.
You are just like me a few days ago.

Except the fact that now I am the one who already went and came back to tell you lots of things that even I couldn’t find earlier in all the Google searches I’ve made on the Internet with the importance of that specific detail that makes all the difference.
So now I've got for you the best things to do while you are traveling to Karlsruhe.
Where to go, the attractions you must see, where to stay, what to eat and definitely where to drink cocktails or good local beer.
But let's start from the basics before we go into the interesting info

Karlsruhe • Germany
Karlsruhe's Palace Karlsruhe • Germany
• June 25, 2019
From Baden-Baden to Karlsruhe | With local bus and train

As I was preparing the article with my travel experiences from my recent trip to Karlsruhe, I thought I should also write about how you can travel from Baden-Baden airport in a local bus and train to Karlsruhe (an option that you can combine along with a Ryanair's cheap flight at this airport and as a result it will significantly reduce the total budget of your corresponding trip).

World • Ryanair
Airplane travel - Window's view
• June 20, 2019
Travel with Ryanair | The Do's and Don’ts list

They might have said to you or you might somehow figure out that traveling with Ryanair is an easy thing to do and a quite affordable way to fly to your destination.
Well this is half a truth.
Because if you are an inexperienced traveler or a first time passenger of Ryanair there are some serious issues to take care, BEFORE you enter the plane.

Sifnos • Greece
Travel to Serifos Greece Greece • Serifos island
• June 13, 2019
Visit Serifos | When, why and things to do

As I can see from my site's analytics the worldwide's travel interest has gone wild lately about many Greek destinations so I am happy to present you one more travel article - this time - about the Greek island of Serifos. In it you will find useful tips on the best beaches, where you will find budget hotel rates, where I ate well and where I had enjoyed nice local drinks and cocktails.
Have you ever visited Serifos before?
Even if you had, read my review and send me your opinion or your travel tips.

Milos • Greece
Σαρακήνικο Μήλος Sarakiniko Milos Sarakiniko • Milos
• June 3, 2019
Sarakiniko, Milos, Greece
Essential travel tips on Sarakiniko visit

Have you ever visited the glorious moonscape scenery of Sarakiniko beach in Milos island (Greece)? Well... You're Gonna Love it!
According to many scientists Sarakiniko was formed by lava poured and frozen in the area, after a volcanic eruption. Its unique landscape of white volcanic rocks along with the deep blue sea - stands out extraordinary! In between the white volcanic rocks lies a small sandy beach and many underwater caves for scuba diving. The name “Sarakiniko” comes from the Sarakiniko Pirates who used the beach as...

Getaway • Greece
Hotel Cokkinis beach At the beach Hotel Cokkinis
• May 18, 2019
Kakia Skala, Greece
A small getaway from Athens!

Today was finally the day for my first swim (of this summer). Keeping this in mind, we organized a proper getaway very close to the center of the capital and definately by the sea.
The family hotel Kokkinis (Hotel Cokkinis) is located in Megara, just above the beach of Kakia Skala (50 km from the center of Athens on the way to Kinetta and about 6.5 km far from it) and offers its residents, apart from the sea view rooms, the opportunity to enjoy their coffee or lunch overlooking the sea as well as to swim in the turquoise waters of the (almost) “private beach” it has underneath...

Blue flags • Greece
Holidays in Milos Greece Photo: • Milos, Greece
• May 9, 2019
Greece in No.2 globaly on the 'Blue Flags' list!

Greece is No.2 in the world in Blue Flags with 515 award winning coasts. Thus, in all 47 countries participating in the international Blue Flag program, Greece took the second place after Spain.
The national operator of the Blue Flag programme, the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature - E.E.P.F. (at a special event held yesterday in Akti Vouliagmenis, in the presence of many representatives of the state and sectoral organizations of Tourism) has awarded 3,779 coasts worldwide, 695 marinas and 67 sustainable tourism boats all over the world...

Lefkada • Greece
New Video • Lefkada
• May 6, 2019
Lefkada, Greece
Happy new week!

This weekend - among everything else - I uploaded on YouTube a video about my experience from the view of Achilleas Hotel in Lefkada.
We stayed there for the Greek's Easter Holidays and even if it wasn't open yet to the crowds, we've enjoyed the beach vibes to the fullest.
If you want to visit Achilleas (Hotel - Studios in Lefkada) website, click here
If you would like to watch my new video on YouTube click the button bellow.
Please subscribe to my channel too (if you haven't done this already).
I do appreciate it!

Travel • Lefkada
Pefkoulia - Lefkada Pefkoulia • Lefkada
• May 1, 2019
Have a happy month!

You know that 💙 I LOVE LEFKADA.
So today, I am sharing another one new photo from the beach of Pefkoulia (in Lefkada, Greece) with its wonderful blue color of the sea.
May 1 • also known as Labour Day • celebrated in many countries as a traditional springtime festival or as an international day honoring workers. In Greece there is a public strike and the whole country has been left without national rail, island ferry or other transport services. (Hope you didn't had any travel plans, depending on our public transportation system).
Also Greeks celebrate spring and nature on May 1st (known as Protomagia) by “catching the May” (according to the Greek traditional custom) and making lovely flowers coronets to hang outside their doors for a “good luck”! 🌼 Happy month everyone!

Do you like to know more about Pefkoulia beach in Lefkada?

Special Deals and Promotions

Marrakesh • Aegean Air
New Aegean flight to Marrakesh New Aegean flight to Marrakesh
• April 17, 2019
Athens to Marrakesh
New Aegean's cheap flights

On the occasion of the opening of the new destination and the first Aegean's Air flight from Athens to Marrakesh - last night - to which all the passengers were offered a glass of champagne, we've searched for you and found the cheapest fares and ticket promotions currently in value from today, to make the same one way air route (or round trip) in cheap prices AND with the Aegean Air from Greece, during the next months.
In fact the cheapest price we've found already (if you book your ticket today on the dates we provide you) for the Aegean's flight from Athens to Marrakesh in May and June 2019 is only €63,99/person and at the end of July you can book your return ticket just for €48,89/person


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