April '20

Friday 3

Quarantine Coronary Selfie
• April 3, 2020
Athens, Greece

1st Friday of the month today.
What's on your plansahahaha?
(Ok I know. Many of us share the same plans: Food, late drinks, fun night out. And then we'll hopefully wake up from our pleasant dream on Saturday morning).

Whether you are very fond of learning or (and you do well) jus wanting to get rid of all the unpleasant death news around you, while staying at home I have for you the:
• Free online MOMA's art lessons (Museum of Modern Art in New York) - more information about you can read by clicking here and the
• Google's Free Online Tutorials to grow your business online - which you can see by clicking here

I also inform you that if you have booked an Olympic Air ticket with a travel date until 31/05/2020, you can now (and until April 08) change it online at no extra cost whenever (at any future date) you wish to travel until 27/03/2021!
And to make your life a little easier in this difficult and especially critical time we are going through, I have put the relevant link for you below

Wednesday 1

If this year's April has an allegorical image
• April 1st, 2020
Athens, Greece
Good month in a good health!

If this year's April had an allegorical image in emotion, would probably be today's photo. I took it a few years ago infront of the beautiful but furious sea of Paros, a season like this.
Today is April Fools' Day and with all this mess around us I have the feeling that death is the only one we should all fool this April.

"April is the cruelest month" as T. S. Eliot says
"but we should all get out of this alive" - as I believe.

So that we can enjoy many more Aprils with flowers, gatherings and beautiful moments with all the people we love!

I am wishing you all a good month in a good health!

March '20

Saturday 28
Athens, Greece
Daily Thoughts

Every new dawn that we are healthy along with those we love, we are not just “well”.
We are really happy.

Also in light of what we are hearing and learning, I would like to add the following:
Even in Sweden, domestic violence has dramatically increased.
You must feel safe inside your home.
Violence should not be accepted in any form, verbal or physical.
Victims of violence or third parties who are living in Greece should call immediately at 100 or at 24-hour SOS tel.: 15900 (365 days/year).

Friday 27
Athens, Greece
Daily Thoughts

According to what I've been seeing around me lately - and especially on social media, the fear of the coronavirus disease and its possible consequences has made some of you unpredictable - in a bad way - and quite rude. We need to remain calm here my friends, as well as in any other difficult situation, if we really want to stay alive.
Think of other people as being scared too. You are not alone. Other people are not your enemies.
We are all facing the same fears and we must stay united in this in order to get out stronger.

Wednesday 25

Our race was crucified many times, but, here we are, still alive
• March 25, 2020
Athens, Greece
Happy Birthday Greece!

Who would have expected that almost 200 years since the brave Greek Revolution (1821) - we wouldn't be able to honor it on parades, nor could we celebrate, because of the coronavirus outbreak and WE SHALL STAY HOME. But that's what we are called to do now for the people we love and that is what we will do. Be careful and we shall celebrate again next year (in 200 years).
Happy Birthday Greece, Happy Birthday to Evangelia and Vangelis for their nameday! Let's all stay Home, Healthy and Safe!

“Our race was crucified many times, but, here we are, still alive.”
— Theodoros Kolokotronis, 1770-1843, Hero of the Greek Revolution

Monday 23

Lily Was In Italy - Lily Was Here
From my last trip to Capri Italy
• March 23, 2020
Athens, Greece
We change our habits, we change our lives, we save lives.

Good morning and have a healthy week,
after your own requests and my own thoughts on the needs of such a different era we are going through, I have decided that I will continue to keep you updated with what is happening in Greece while we are facing the deadly coronavirus but I will also continue to write about the life we ​​left behind, our daily emotions nowadays in all of these unpredictable survival changes we are going through and of course our dreams, goals and the aspirations of tomorrow.
The Greek government imposed a traffic ban across Greece from 6.00am today, so we have to change our daily habits, stay home - unless we have the necessary mobility (work, pharmacy, bank, supermarket), we value every precious moment of life, we help the people in need and above all we try our best to stay healthy (and coronavirus free).
Lot of patience and good luck to all of us!


• March, 2020


I have decided to keep on spending all the next days that will be necessary to keep on informing you (unfortunately only in Greek) of all the officials decisions of the Greek government in order to face the COVID-19 in Greece!

Wednesday 4
Clinique store day cream and make up
• March 4, 2020
Athens, Greece
On the occasion of Women's Day

I have a lot to tell you about the Coronavirus - Covid 19 that - today - marked its 9th outbreak in Greece. I also have a lot to say to you about all this alarm situation at the Greek borders and our ruthless neighbor Erdogan. I have a lot to tell you about a lot but because the situation needs to maintain calm, I'll leave it - for now - to the experts and I'll finally tell you except from Happy Month! all the things I know for sure:
On the occasion of Women's Day (March 8) Clinique has decided to offer -50% off all its products on its online and physical store. TO EVERYTHING! If you are taking care of your appearance - whether you are a man or a woman - this discount will make the difference. And besides that, I've learned also today - that at the same 50% discount will be offered in the Greek Galerie de Beaute stores, on makeup and perfumes from Estee Lauder, Mac, Tom Ford, La Prairie, Burberry, Paco Rabane, JPG etc. again until Women's Day (March 8).
I don't know if you're still sitting. I am on my way to a -50% shopping therapy!

February '20

Monday 24
Positano Italy Travel
• February 24, 2020
Positano, Italy
Monday | Visit Positano Italy

Happy new week!
Positano's travel article is ready for you to read here and Italy is always a good idea to travel in!
Although Italy now becomes the centre of European COVID-19 outbreak with more than 200 people infected and the death toll continuing to rise we should not give up hope for the best and take care of our hygiene first and above the rest.
For the Positano trip and travel tips read...

Friday 21
Galleria Umberto I Naples Italia
• February 21, 2020
Athens, Greece
Friday | The weekend is almost here

Yesterday it was the day that we call in Greece Tsiknopempti (literally: Smoky smell grilled Thursday) - that traditionally means the day we eat meat and to be more specific we eat grilled meat.
In the Greek Orthodox tradition Tsiknopempti is the Thursday of the 2nd week of Apokria (the week of Kreatini), during which large amounts of meat are traditionally consumed prior to the arrival of Lent, the fasting season leading up to Easter.
Yesterday however, walking around Athens' neighborhoods, smelled grilled chops and meat and you could hear more laughters than any previous day.
I'm not very that into the mentality that certain days you have to eat certain things - like yesterday; we all had to eat meat as if we are only living with vegan cravings the rest of the year. But I am in favor of the joy and its small occasions - as everyone understands and supports it and from wherever it might comes from (I don't believe that I should clarify that I don't mean malevolence etc with this).
We went out for fish, fried squids and other fried fishes anyway (we certainly didn't save cholesterol though).
But today is another day. It's Friday. And I wonder:
Are you already making big weekend plans or are you thinking about having a loose time? I'm preparing a travel article for my beloved Positano anyway, which I think you'll love. Today's photo is from the starting point of the journey to Positano, the beautiful city of Naples. If you're thinking of traveling there in the future, see the top 10 things you can do on your trip by clicking here
Good morning! Have Fun:)

Δευτέρα 17
Happy Monday
Monday • Again
• February 17, 2020
Athens, Greece
Monday. Again | Happy enough?

On a question like 'It's Monday again Are you happy enough΄ I'll say: Yes. Definately. You know my opinion on Mondays anyway.
If you don't like them, it's not the day. You have to change maybe your work, your people close to you, your environment or even your country? However, make the change that will make YOU feel good.
Like a new opportunity:
To live.
To love.
To create.
To do great things assap.
It's Monday again:
A - M - A - Z - I - N - G - C - H - A - N - C - E

Friday 14
Dare to Love. No matter what
February • 14
• February 7, 2020
Athens, Greece
Saint Valentine's Day | Or maybe not?

Actually I don't care. You might love it and want to celebrate the day with flowers, red gift wrapped presents and why not a romantic dinner and If so you should definatelly do that. On the other side you might want to spend it like any other day and if that's what feels you, that's what you should trust.
Dare to Love. No matter what. You or you and other people around you. Love is never enough if you spread it right. Don't forget that.

Friday 07
Goody's Hangover burger
Goody's • Hangover burger
• February 7, 2020
Athens, Greece
New tasting review | Goody's

I taste it for you the Hangover burger, at the greek Goody's Burger House.
You should know before you try: Is it good? Well cooked?
And the most important thing:
Is it delicious and if so at what price can you order it too?

Thursday 06
Moma New York museum of art
ΜΟΜΑ • Free Art Courses
• February 6, 2020
Athens, Greece
ΜοΜΑ is calling

The exciting news of the day:
Did you know that MoMA - the Museum of Modern Art in New York - offers now totally free online courses, to anyone who wishes to learn (as long as he understands English of course) about contemporary art, fashion, design and photography? Even if you didn't know it, don't worry. I am here to inform you about. After all I think you already know that. Right?
But what do you need to know before you even start?

Wednesday 05
Acropolis view from Thissio
• February 5, 2020
Pedestrian Street, Thisio, Athens, Greece
Weather and winter mood

After the amazing sunny days that we've enjoyed lately in Greece, today is the first moody day of February, who clearly hasn't woken up with joy.
By tomorrow night - as you probably already know - we are even expecting snow on the outskirts of Athens and today in many of the northern parts of the country, it's already snowing.
There is a Greek saying for February that perfectly fits those days: “Ο Φλεβάρης κι αν φλεβίσει, καλοκαίρι θα μυρίσει μα σαν τύχει και θυμώσει μες στο χιόνι θα μας χώσει!” and - in free translation - it actually means that maybe February could smell like Summer but if he gets angry we'll be drown in snow.
Beware Loves! Cold and flu strike days like these.
P.S.: In my photo it's the view of the Acropolis hill from the famous Thissio's pedestrian street that I took earlier this morning. The cloudy sky is ''Woah!''. Right?

Sunday 02
View of the Herodeion ancient theater from Acropolis hill
02022020 • Seize the moment
• February 2, 2020
Acropolis hill, Athens, Greece
Sunny 1st Sunday 02022020

Good morning!
Did I wished you a great month already?
Have a wonderful month then!
Happy 1st Sunday of the month and don't forget:
Today you can enjoy entrance FREE to many archaelogical places in Greece like Acropolis hill and Parthenon temple as much as in many Greek museums (Acropolis Museum unfortunately is not included)
Have fun and enjoy an awesome sunny day!
(Today's photo is mine - from earlier today - while I was climbing up to the Acropolis hill and it's the view of Herodeion ancient theater from above!)

January '20

Monday 27
• January 27, 2020
Athens, Greece
💔 Mamba out

Kobe's Bryant (or Black Mamba's) last game for Lakers - in the mid of April 2016, I remember it like it was yesterday.
In order to watch live his astonishing final game - where he scored 60 points - I decided to spare my sleep - even if I had a rough patch at work that period - because in Greece the time the game started was so early in the morning.
That was a happy time for all of us.

Unlike yesterday.
When his helicopter crashed, killing Kobe, his 13 years old daughter and seven other passengers.
His death was a tragedy as he isnpired( me and many other people I am sure), in every good way the previous years, to become something betetr. Something to love!

Mamba (is) out 💔 this time for good and our heart broke in two

Thursday 23
I don't like Winter
Oh no, not again!
• January 23, 2020
Athens, Greece
Is it summer yet or should I go back to bed?

Although I was born in winter - as you probably already know if you are following my posts and reading me all that time long - wintertime IS NOT my fav. In a slightly funny attempt to explain why I feel like that, I've also written a favorite article in the past on “5 reasons Why we don't like Winter” and in the essence of this fact I really try every winter - not to fall in a hibernation state of mind or at least I am trying to get rid of that as soon as I can.
Be patient if you like winter's cold. If you love Summer I am sure you'll understand. I'll be back soon with lots of lifestyle's updates, exciting travel ideas, fashion tips, and Make Me Guess - beauty tips.
Until then please stay healthy and warm (both in your heart and home)
I'll be baaaaaaack!
💋 Smack!

Wednesday 1st
Welcome 2020
2020 • Welcome
• January 1, 2020
Athens, Greece
Happy New Year | Happy New Decade!

Happy New Year and a Happy New Decade!

Welcome the new “twenty-twenties”!
Your success and happiness lies in you. It’s never too late to become who you want to be. Let us celebrate the dates on which “we change the world.” And from the bottom of my heart I am wishing you the funniest, the most memorables and awesome years of your life! May everything you desire turn into your living fairytale!
My best wishes, lots of hugs and kisses!

December '19

Thursday 12
Budget Delia Day face cream
Face cream • Review
• December 12, 2019
Athens, Greece
Where is December there is a feast too!

Nicholas name day was last Friday as well as my birthday, this Monday we celebrated those who's name is Anna, Spyros today, Eleftherios next Sunday and the name days and the birthdays of friends and loved ones - in December - keep on going. We are celebrating and we aim to stay beautiful as we are growing up (as I officially did recently) and to stay glowy over time is becoming our basic need and pleasure. So today I have my latest review of another budget face cream (it costs less than 5 euros) that I've tried lately. Have I been satisfied with the results? Would I buy it again? Would you buy it too? Read below and you'll see 😉

Sunday 1st
Welcome December | Hello December
Hello December!
• December 1st, 2019
Athens, Greece
Welcome December!

Welcome December! What does this month means to you? It is definitely the last month of the year with many - too many friends and partners are having their name day - as well as their birthdays (don't forget - you, who are bringing gifts because I - who have my birthday - I have decided that "🎤 I will do what I really like in the end🎶'' as it's on the lyrics of an old famous Greek song). December is also the month - though here in Greece (and even more closer to here - as in Athens) we still have a very good weather on (unlike other European countries/cities) we are expecting before Christmas the first winter days: In some Greek villages because of the snow, in others because of the white Greek traditional and festive sweets: Kourampiedes. I don't know what your plans are on this month - if you like Christmas or you hate them, but despite everything else, try to give your best in what you like to do and not in what you actually don't (I know what you'll tell me but in practice - no - it doesn't goes without saying and it isn't always applicable!).
Ah! And don't forget the most important message of today (and every day): Always wear condom in order to eradicate the evil virus (Aids) one day. 💋 Big Kiss!

Sunday 24
The Strait of Gibralta
Travel • Gibraltar
• November 24, 2019
Posting from Athens, Greece
Visit Morocco via Gibraltar from Spain

It's a lovely Sunday here in Greece but since I had to work yesterday night I decide to write you about what you've been asking me for lately: Traveling from Spain to Morocco through The Strait of Gibraltar. Many information you should be aware before your trip and details you would like to know are in this new travel post of mine. Enjoy! My post and a lovely Sunday of yours!

Wednesday 20
Visit Pompeii Italy
Travel • Pompeii
• November 20, 2019
Pompeii Italy
Visit Pompeii Italy

Pompeii was built in the 5th century BC. from the Greeks on the coast of Campania, 14 miles (23 km) southeast of Naples, at the base of Mount Vesuvius. Pompeii fell into the hands of the Romans in 89 BC but it was greatly influenced in art, architecture and religion by the great Greco-Roman culture. That's why when you'll visit Pompei's archaelogical park, you will recognise many greek statues as well as greek temples, dedicated to Greek (and later) Roman gods like the temple of...

Thursday 7
Travel trip Naples Italy
Travel • Naples
• November 7, 2019
Naples, Italy
Travel to the heart of Italy

In addition to the fact that it is offering you the opportunity to visit the archaeological finds in ancient Pompeii, the nearby cosmopolitan island of Capri and the impressive villages of Amalfi Coast, how many more things do you still need to know in order to put Naples on your Bucket List? I've got you even more. Make the trip! And if you don't have a lot of money - don't worry.
EasyJet's flights to Naples are affordable to everyone.

Monday 4
Love Monday quotes
Love • Mondays
• November 4, 2019
Athens, Greece
Happy Monday and a joyful week!

Happy Monday and a joyful new week!
Despite the wonderful weather yesterday it has been raining all night long and today is a moody day.

But it's Monday.
How great this is?

Do you love your Mondays?
Well I believe you should!

Otherwise start right now.

Start loving your Mondays.
There are more than the 14% of the year.
Can you imagine how many more things you can accomplish if you treat them right?

Sunday 3
Visit the Ancient Roman Agora Athens Greece
Ancient Roman Market • Athens
• November 3, 2019
Downtown Athens, Greece
1st Sunday of November

First Sunday of November today.
Did I wish you for a nice month?
Not yet?
Well, Have a wonderful month my friends!
Full of love, good health and lots of trips around Greece and the rest of our world!

So today if life finds you in the streets of Athens - though on the 1st Sunday of November - the main archaeological sites should be open to the public with free admission, our amazing museum - the Acropolis Museum (unfortunately for the visitors who don't know it and will have to wait in a long queue to get in) has its regular entrance fee: Only €5 per person (an entrance fee which is extremely small for what the visitor will see) but it still has an entrance fee, like any other regular day. Unlike the Acropolis Museum, however, today the Acropolis hill archaeological site and the Parthenon temple, as well as the Ancient Roman Agora with the Temple of Hephaestus and the Arcade of Atalos offer to their visitors a totally free entrance. And today's weather is warm and many stores downtown are open (exceptionally this Sunday until 15.00). So what's better than a great and sunny Sunday walk in thoss wonderful ancient sites downtown, for those who have the time and the will to do it?

You also might meet me somewhere around.
💋 Big Kiss and wishes for an amazing Sunday!

October '19

Monday 28
Plaka downtown - Urban Athens
Plaka, Athen's city center, Greece
• October 29, 2019
Athens, Greece
Best wishes Greece!

Best wishes to all!

Today is the 28th of October, a national celebration day for Greece and Cyprus. Maybe you already know what the Greeks are celebrating this day (otherwise find out here or elsewhere - as long as it is a reliable source - BUT PLEASE read to learn).

The annual military parade in Thessaloniki, student parades across the country, festivities on the television and Greek movies related to our national anniversary, changes in public transport routes and possible delays, all public buildings (services and of course museums) will be closed and a massive return of three-day excursions in their cities - these are only some of what you will see today happening around Greece.

As fort the weather; this Monday is an awesome day:
Sunny with the temperature reaching up to 25°C.
Have a good week! We should never forget our past.
Otherwise we might have to live it again.

Saturday 23
Acropolis Athens at night
Acropolis, Athens, Greece
• October 23, 2019
Athens, Greece

The Onassis Foundation improves the Acropolis infrastructures!
Antonis Papadimitriou - the president of the Onassis Foundation in Athens Greece - after his meeting with the Greek prime minister offered him the Foundation’s contribution on upgrading the infrastructure on the Hill of the Acropolis. More detailed they have decided to fund the installation of a modern platform lift (in place of the current lift and hoist), as well as the renovation and upgrading of the night illumination of the archaeological site.
Everything is an issue of education. The Acropolis, as a monument that expresses Athenian Democracy, cannot help but comprise a priority. The monument continues to stand there, with or without us. But we have an obligation to renew its symbolism, according to the needs of the age...

Wednesday 16
Naples Italia Trip
Naples, Italia
• October 16, 2019
Napoli, Italy
Where to next? | Preparing next trip

Kalimera! (means “Good Morning” in Greek) In Greece Summer hasn't left the country yet with temperatures above 27 °C and even today - October 16 - it feels like early June! OK I know it's because of the climate change and the global warming and (despite the today's joyful weather) it's the biggest threat that our planet is facing nowadays.
In all this - among different work tasks and risks - I am preparing the next trip to Naples Italy. Any suggestions or travel tips ahead my trip would be welcome! Want to read my highlights or see my point of view already?

Sunday 13
Psiri Athens Greece - Urban Athens
Psiri, Athens, Greece
• October 13, 2019
Psiri Athens, Greece
Sunday morning | Downtown Athens

Kalimera! (means “Good Morning” in Greek)
Where is your favorite neighborhood in Athens?
Earlier this morning I had my usual walk in some of my favorites neighborhoods in Athens.
Downtown of course.
Some of my favorites places to walk, drink my morning coffee (or my early night drink) and spending time wondering around are Plaka, Psiri, Monastiraki and Koukaki areas.
Where are yours? Send me your favorite neighborhoods in Athens to live in.
💋 Kiss!
Enjoy your Sunday!

Tuesday 1st
Milos beach, Lefkada, Greece
• October 1st, 2019
Lefkada, Greece
Happy October everyone!

It's a new month! It's a new start! How your October is doing so far my friends? Mine is wonderful and I feel so blessed for being able to combine work and pleasure at the same time from around Greece and world (many times). What are your best plans for this month? How are you going to work to win what you've always wanted?
Write down (it is important to write and not to just think about it) all your hopes and wants you'll put your best self in (this month) to conquer your dreams. Check them back every day and tick the things you've manage to do on time. In the end of the month you'll be happier and more successful. Just believe in YOU! #NewMonthMotivation

September '19

Monday 30
Kathisma beach Lefkada
Kathisma beach, Lefkada, Greece
• September 30, 2019
Milos beach, Lefkada, Greece
Happy new week from Lefkada!

As you will know from my posts on my Instagram account I am already (once again) in my favorite Lefkada island and to be more precise - today I am sending you greetings with a lovely sea breeze from one of my favorite beaches on the island (especially this time of the year) the Milos beach.
Before that we were enjoying the sea at Agios Nikitas beach and yesterday we've swimmed in the (not windy at all) crystal clear waters of the famous Kathisma beach
Lefkada is a magical island (okay, I know that with Lefkada I'm not that much subjective sometimes, though I think that those who've met its beauty will agree with me views) and I have to say that unlike the Cyclades, where I found myself 2 weeks ago, the sea was still very warm and the temperature was comfortable at 28oC/82,4°F.
Being here - especially at the end of September - feels like pure Hapiness!
Have a nice week from the magical Lefkada!

Sunday 22
Agia Anna, Amorgos, Greece - The big blue
Agia Anna, Amorgos, Greece
• September 22, 2019
Amorgos island, Greece
Day one for the Authentic Big Blue 2019

Hold your breath, dive into the big blue!

✍️ In autumn of 2017 we “revived” the legendary film “LE GRAND BLEU” (“THE BIG BLUE”) by organizing, in Amorgos, a unique event; an international free-diving tournament, the Authentic Big Blue; at the location where the most memorable scenes of the film were shot, scenes that created unique feelings.
The second ABB tournament was organized in September 2018 and it was an anniversary event since it was 30 years after the release of “Le Grand Bleu“ film.
The 3rd event will be held from today; 22 – 28 of September 2019 and will be focused on the divers who honor us with their presence every year. Inspired by the magical blue, with the aura of the island and the unique awe-inspiring landscape on our side; this year we create a special, sporting and tourist experience.

Friday 20
Google Analytics Report - LilyWasaHere Greek blogger
Google Analytics Report - LilyWasaHere Greek blogger
Google Analytics Report
• September 20, 2019
Athens, Greece
Friday with the latest Google Analytics report!

Thank you all of you for your love, trust and support!

✍️ It's Friday and since I am working on my latest trip to Naxos Island in Greece - preparing the travel articles with all those tips you need to know before your next visit, I decided to inform you about Augusts’ performance of my site. So I am posting here the latest Google Analytics report (that Google send me via my e-mail) about the unique visitors who have visited my site (the one you are reading now) LilyWasHere.gr last month. There are up to 31.700 that means more than 1000 unique visitors per day! Thank you all of you (once more) for your love, trust and support! I'll keep on trying my best to be on top! For cooperation requests, more detailed analytics is available upon request, as well as a short bio - to check me up!

Thursday 19
Naxos Greece - Travel tips
Naxos Greece
• September 19, 2019
Naxos island, Greece
Travel tips on Naxos Greece!

Want to know more - after my last trip - on Naxos Greece?

◉ Well here you can see my first attempt to write down some useful tips and notes for you. There are not everything you need to know there yet, but I promise I'll keep updating it with more and more useful info - as time goes by - so that soon it will be ready for you to help you organize your next vacations to the beautiful island of Naxos.

Tuesday 17
Daily life - Life in the big city
• September 17, 2019
Athens, Greece
Back to Athen's life!

Having returned - for good - back to Athens, from the wonderful island of Naxos, I've also returned to my daily routine of life and work.
Best thing about this, is that - among other things - I've also returned to:

• The rhythm of the center of Athens (that I love).
• Drinking the second coffee of the day «on the road» (take away).
• Wearing lipstick again (as you can see in this photo).

I am lying.
I always wear lipstick.
💋 Big kiss for now!
I have to run! (I aaam runniiiiing)

Saturday 14
Naxos food
• September 14, 2019
Naxos island, Greece
Coffee Burgers and up to 9 Beaufort winds in the sea!

😎 Happy weekend everyone!
The situation here in Naxos island for this morning is all about: Coffee and burgers inside and up to 9 Beaufort winds outside. All the ferries remained docked at their harbors because of the big waves in the Aegean sea and we are trying to find a - not so windy - beach for the rest of our day. I have something on my mind but I will tell you later.
In the meanwhile I don't forget that yesterday, when the weather was grey all day, I saw one of the most amazing sunsets I've seen in my hall life.
So don't loose your hope and courage for anything.
See ya (way of speaking) soon!💋

Monday 9
Naxos beaches
• September 9, 2019
Naxos island, Greece
Have a good day and a wonderful week!

😊 Have a good day and a wonderful week!
It's THE week for those of you still going to school, getting ready - along with your parents for the new school year, as well as for those of you having kids already, running with them and I am wishing you all a “Happy School Year” but there are also some of you who read my notes and who have just finished school or who have children who are too young/too old for school or don't have their own children and send me e-mails to find out more, about what new I have discovered on the island.
So when you don't see me uploading photos where I am trying to look good and carefree, I am visiting many cafe - bars - restaurants as well as new beaches (some of them not so windy) and trying new things.
I will write them all here (at any opportunity) at the first opportunity (we said - you should know what's going on) but a little tip on Naxos food that I would like to add immediately - and you should go if you have a car and you are on the island right now - is the tavern "Giorgis" in the mountain village of Melanes at Naxos (take a long sleeve shirt with you, as soon as the sun goes down it's a little cold up there).
You will eat delicious - and a little spicy - meat (I loved the roast with thick spaghetti, the stuffed burger with Naxos cheese and tomato as well as the fresh, crispy and delicious Naxos potatoes).

Sunday 8
But first coffee - Where is my coffee
But first coffee
• September 8, 2019
Naxos island, Greece
But first coffee! Where is my coffee?

Where is my coffee?Today is another day that I believe "Everything is happening and everything can happen - almost - at any time" and because this obviously includes both the good and the bad things, we really need wherever and whenever we can, to recharge our batteries, our energy and our good mood. But first coffee!
In this photo I'm hanging out on the beach of Plaka at Naxos - the wind has been blowing wild on the island lately - but we keep going.
~ By the way, in this beach-bar, except from the wooden sun beds - almost in front of the wave and this gorgeous cup of coffee I hold in my hands - everything seemed quite expensive to me, both in terms of where it was offered and the particular period that does this (exemplary - set prices for 2 front sunbeds and a wooden umbrella on September: 15€ and one espresso freddo on the vhand in this lovely but otherwise small take-away cup: 3.80€). Just saying (as I always tell you. For the record).

Friday 6
Naxos Vacation Greece
• September 6, 2019
Naxos, Greece
Yes! I'm finally on vacation!

You may think I'm traveling all the time and maybe I am responsible too for that misunderstanding - if I have given you this wrong impression with my posts here and on my social media - but (as you'll probably have understood by the preface so far) I AM NOT.
Sure, I travel a lot, probably more than a lot of people you know, but many of my professional responsibilities are often keeping me back - for significant periods - in Athens (Greece).
With the car traffic, the everyday stress and anxiety, with no trips and "Life is Great" photo-captions (which it is "Great" but this isn't our issue here).
Living like an everyday person in the big city.
Anyway - today and for a few more days, you'll might see me in the small narrow streets of Chora, at the Greek cafe-bar and restaurants and surely at the fantastic beaches of my beloved Greek island of Naxos.
Yes! I'm finally on vacation!
ΟΚ in combination with some work (this is something neither I can - neither I want to avoid) but also with lot of free time for my own vacations!
We will stay (as long as I can) in touch!
Big kiss!💋

Sunday 1st
Welcome September
• September 1, 2019
Athens, Greece
Welcome September | Have a wonderful month!

We may have enjoyed (I hope so) the last month of this summer but - at least in Greece, summer is still here. And I make this distinction about Greece because the news I've heard from other European countries - e.g. from England - is that they are already wearing mostly jackets and tights.
You might be from those who won't even think of a vacation plan on September - but I can assure you that the prices and the quality of tourist services in Greece on September are EXCELLENT!
Oh! The weather too (of course)!
Whatever you are doing - wherever you are, I am wishing you are having real fun and a wonderful month! 🍁

August '19

Thursday 29
Travel to Agia Anna Naxos Greece
Agia Anna Naxos Greece
• August 29, 2019
Agia Anna, Naxos, Greece
Agia Anna | Travel to Naxos Greece!

What do you know about Agia Anna at Naxos Greece?
Do you want to tell me what I know first?
◉ First of all I know that you can't go on a summer vacation in Naxos and not pass through the village of Agia Anna (Santa Anna) and its homonymous beach, at least for a swim or for dining overlooking a stunning - in color - sea or just as you go by, for example on the other favorite beach of mine, the Mikri Vigla beach.
Agia Anna beach is the natural coast boarder of “Agios Prokopios” beach, it's located opposite Paros island and is considered to be one of the most famous and popular beaches...

Sunday 18
ΟΑΚΑ stadium Athens Greece
At ΟΑΚΑ stadium
• August 18, 2019
ΟΑΚΑ stadium, Athens, Greece
Antetokounbos bros and our national basketball team

Today we (wisely) chose to visit the OAKA stadium and attend to the friendly basketball game between the Greek National Basketball team and Serbia's team for the Acropolis Tournament. It was also a great chance to watch a live sporting event with the NBA's MVP player, OUR GREEK Giannis Antetokounbos, his brother and other great players of our national team.

ΟΚ we lost the game - and I'll sound lewd again - but the effort counts and the defeat is a defeat only if you accept it such as and stop right there all your efforts for any better result.
The really unpleasant thing tonight was the fracture of the anterior cruciate ligament in the left knee of Yiannis Athenaeus during the game, serious injury - which will keep him out of the field for several months. We have the World Cup ahead of us in Beijing, China (from Saturday 31 August to Sunday 15 September) and lots agony on the results and of games - and as with everything - in this thing too we are going to need a little luck at the right time.
We will see what will happens soon.
Have a good Sunday and a happy new week!

Saturday 17
Car excursion
Vacation mood on?
• August 17, 2019
Selianitika, Aigio, Greece
Is Vacation mood still on?

Last night I returned from my beloved island of Lefkada (I thought about this day and time of return because I didn't like the traffic and luckily many other people still didn't have the same though with me) and today we decided to take a day trip to Aigio (Rododafni, Selianitika regions) combined some of the work we had to do with swimming on the sea and eating (fresh fish) at the Panagiotis taverna (Tel.: +30 2691 072220) located in the area, right in front of the beach.
Life is beautiful and unpredictable, and as my friend Paul's (Sidiropoulos - famous Greek rock singer) sang, "What years won't bring, a moment will".
Let's not ever forget that.
💋 Holiday Kiss!

Thursday 15
Holidays Vasiliki Lefkada
August Holidays
• August 15, 2019
Lefkada, Greece
August 15th!

We already arrived in mid-August and on one hand our country is unfortunately affected by the dramatic effects of strong winds, such as the Samothrace fiasco with its ferry blockade and the sad-devastating fire in Evia. But on the other hand - on a personal level - I must confirm that time flows fast when you are having fun.
I don't know if these are the contradictions of life or if is life itself. (Food for thought maybe?)
Spending the last days of my vacation on my favorite Greek island (and my father's place of origin), Lefkada I want to wish all the best to Maria, Marios, Panagiotis, Giota, Panagiota and all the others who celebrate their name day today.
Also - as it is a day of wishes and a public holiday in Greece - I would like to wish all over the world - wherever this day finds you - to do everything humanly possible to make the best of it under any circumstances always with love and respect for yourself and others around you!
Life is small and we are even smaller, so we must not stay out of the game!
💋 Many kisses!

Monday 5
Agios Nikitas Lefkada
Happy new week from Lefkas Greece
• August 5, 2019
Lefkada, Greece
Happy new week | Vacation mood ON!

From Lefkada, my favorite Ionian island where you will find me these days I wish you all a Happy New Week and Happy Holidays to all the August tourists!
For those of you who don't have any vacations at all, or you have you already gone or you will go in the (wonderful month of) September, just try to have a little patience and a good mood, at least to make our daily lives more beautiful.
We will stay in touch!
I'm here for you, even if it's for your (next year's) holiday plans!
💋 Kiss from Lefkada Greece!

Thursday 1
Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile
Happy August
• August 1, 2019
Paros, Greece
Welcome August | August first

“Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile”.
Today's photo with this wonderful quote is from Paroikia - Paros in Greece.
You might have seen it if you have already visited this lovely and famous Greek island in the Aegean Sea!
LilyWasHere.gr's team is wishing you all not just a happy month but to live the August you've always wished for!
Have lots of fun, fall in love, live the moment and cherish life but above all don't forget to travel in Greece and visit the Greek islands in every chance you get!

July '19

Friday 19
Earthquake Safety Tips
Earthquake Safety Tips
• July 19, 2019
Athens, Greece, World
Earthquake in Athens

A strong earthquake of 5.1 Richter was noted today in Athens, scattering the panic among residents and tourists. The earthquake was centered on Magoula of Attica but we who live in the center of the capital, we felt it real good. Fortunately, there were no human losses and the seismologists are reassuring, saying it is the main earthquake even if there will be a strong post-seismic sequence in the city for the next 2 months.
Do you know what to do before, during and after an earthquake?

Sunday 7
Where do you vote in Greece?
Elections in Greece 2019
• July 7, 2019
Greece, Europe
The Greek Elections

Elections in Greece 2019 - Today in Greece is the day that we are deciding who is going to our government for the next 4 years.
Today is one more day in which we exercise the right that our progenitors have earned for us, to be able to put our stone - in the form of a vote - to build a better building of the Greek and the European democracy. Where do you vote?

Friday 5
Heidelberg Germany - View of the castle from the bridge
Heidelberg • Germany
• July 5, 2019
Heidelberg, Germany
Travel to Germany | Heidelberg

Heidelberg is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. It is administratively owned by the Land of Baden-Württemberg and is located geographically at the northwestern end of this state.
In the past it was a center of German romance, and today it is one of the main tourist destinations, mainly thanks to the picturesque ruins of the palace, the old town (Altstadt), its university (which was founded in 1386 AD and is the oldest in Germany), Necar river and other attractions.

Monday 1
Happy July
Happy July
• July 1, 2019
Lefkada, Greece
Welcome July | July first

I maybe haven't finish my article for Heidelberg in Germany as I have promised you that I will do but I am working on it - be sure about it. Just a few info and photos left to work with and it will soon be on your disposal.
For the time being I am in Lefkada (my favorite Greek island) and in between work I am lucky enough to find some time for swimming, so I am wishing Happy Month to you on my bikini!
Have lots of fun and don't forget to visit Greece and the Greek islands!

June '19

Thursday 27
Travel to Karlsruhe Germany
Karlsruhe • Germany
• June 27, 2019
Karlsruhe, Germany
Visit Karlsruhe | What to do and see in the city

You are might planning to but haven't visited yet the beautiful city of Karlsruhe in Germany.

Well, no worries.
You are just like me a few days ago.

Except the fact that now I am the one who already went and came back to tell you lots of things that even I couldn’t find earlier in all the Google searches I’ve made on the Internet with the importance of that specific detail that makes all the difference.

So now I've got for you the best things to do while you are traveling to Karlsruhe.
Where to go, the attractions you must see, where to stay, what to eat and definitely where to drink cocktails or good local beer.

But let's start from the basics before we go into the interesting info

Tuesday 25
Karlsruhe's Palace
Travel • Germany
• June 25, 2019
From Baden-Baden to Karlsruhe
From Baden-Baden to Karlsruhe | With local bus and train

As I was preparing the article with my travel experiences from my recent trip to Karlsruhe, I thought I should also write about how you can travel from Baden-Baden airport in a local bus and train to Karlsruhe (an option that you can combine along with a Ryanair's cheap flight at this airport and as a result it will significantly reduce the total budget of your corresponding trip).

Friday 21
Visit Karlsruhe's Palace
• June 20, 2019
Travel with Lily | Karlsruhe Germany

I am on a new article about traveling to Germany and my latest visit to Karlsruhe. I've already wrote about some things to do in the city - while you are there - but I need to write down some more 'cause this is going to be an travel post that will rock you on about the 'Best things you can do in Karlsruhe'.
Althought I am tired now, I would like to remind you that today is the biggest day of the year and I need to take some rest for a few hours but I would love to show you a sneak peek of the post. Would you like to have a taste of what I've wrote so far?

Thursday 20
Airplane travel - Window's view
• June 20, 2019
Travel with Ryanair | The Do's and Don’ts list

They might have said to you or you might somehow figure out that traveling with Ryanair is an easy thing to do and a quite affordable way to fly to your destination.
Well this is half a truth.
Because if you are an inexperienced traveler or a first time passenger of Ryanair there are some serious issues to take care, BEFORE you enter the plane.

Thursday 13
Travel to Serifos Greece
Greece • Serifos island
• June 13, 2019
Serifos, Greece
Visit Serifos | When, why and things to do

As I can see from my site's analytics the worldwide's travel interest has gone wild lately about many Greek destinations so I am happy to present you one more travel article - this time - about the greek island of Serifos. In it you will find useful tips on the best beaches, where you will find budget hotel rates, where I ate well and where I had enjoyed nice local drinks and cocktails.
Have you ever visited Serifos before? Even if you had, read my review or send me your opinion and your travel tips.

Monday 10
Monday's Motivation
Monday's Motivation
• June 10, 2019
Athens, Greece
Monday's Motivation | Dan Miller Quote

Good Morning and Have a Great Week!

Today's inspiration and psychological empowerment comes from the following statement of Dan Miller:
No high achiever ever woke up in the morning and said
‘Let’s see what happens.’

which - in free translation - means that:

No man who has ever succeed something great or impeccable, ever woke up in the morning willing to leave in chance his dreams and goals; instead of work hard to create the right opportunities for himself.

Saturday 8
Tsipers Barbeque Chips
Tsipers Barbeque Chips
• June 8, 2019
Athens, Greece
Tsipers Barbeque | New Potato Chips Flavor

We are glad to announce to you (before anyone else) that the well-known Chipita company with the Molto croissants, the fresh potato chips and so many other food products on the Greek market that occupies a special place in our hearts (and especially in the hearts of our children) will now produce a new fresh taste in an already existing product.

Which product and flavor is it?

Thursday 6
Swimsuits under 20 euro
Shop • Swimsuits under 20€
• June 6, 2019
Summer in Greece
Budget swimwear shopping

Which are the swimsuits you are going to wear the most this summer and they cost less than 20€ to buy? We spotted for you the best swimwear to rock the beach this hot - hot season. And when we say the best swimwear we refer to one piece bikinis, high cut bikinis, cover ups, tankinis and many other designs in a budget price (under 20€). Let's have a look. Ready?

Monday 3
Σαρακήνικο Μήλος Sarakiniko Milos
Sarakiniko • Milos
• June 3, 2019
Sarakiniko, Milos, Greece
Essential travel tips on Sarakiniko visit

Have you ever visited the glorious moonscape scenery of Sarakiniko beach in Milos island (Greece)? Well... You're Gonna Love it!
According to many scientists, Sarakiniko was formed by lava poured and frozen in the area, after a volcanic eruption. Its unique landscape of white volcanic rocks along with the deep blue sea - stands out extraordinary! In between the white volcanic rocks lies a small sandy beach and many underwater caves for scuba diving. The name “Sarakiniko” comes from the Sarakiniko Pirates who used the beach as...

Saturday 1
Drinking white wine
Lily WhereIsLilyNow?
• June 1, 2019
Athens, Greece
Have a great new month!

"Spend money. Change your hairstyle. Sell your old clothes and pursue your new style with the money you get from it. Be strong. Be patient. Get drunk if you want to, but not every weekend. Buy a chocolate bar every week when your favorite tv show is on. Take hot baths. Wake up early. Start jogging. Write. Find a friend who will listen to you and don’t stop until you find it. Study. Read. Make your Instagram cool. Write some more. Get that damn piercing. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine. Buy bath bubbles and bath more. Adore your body. Shave, for yourself. Book flights for next spring. Write this day down, write it all down. Cry. Finally feel some homesickness. Learn to be in silence. Learn to stand being alone. Drink lots of coffee. Get ready for Christmas. Feel smart at school. Spend a weekend alone. Take lots of selfies. Eat chocolate while watching reality tv-shows. Meditate. Stretch. Learn ballet. Buy overprized coffee. Learn to be with yourself."
#WELCOMEJUNE #embraceyourself

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