January 2021

Sunday 17
Porto Katsiki beach Lefkada
• January 17, 2021
Athens, Greece
In the heart of winter I will always raise summer

Sunday 17 January today (is the day of Saint Antonios and tomorrow the day of Saint Athanasios - Happy birthday to those who celebrate their name day), the feast of Saint Antonios is considered - traditionally - to be the heart of the winter and if you take a look around you (ok maybe not for us who are staying in the center of Athens, but in many other places and locations of Greece) the snow and the bad weather will not refute it.
Even if I am happy with your joy for the snow and all those photos you are uploading out in the cold (if you have somewhere warm to stay after) and the picturesque phrase of the "white day" that we jokingly waited to see after the troubles and anxieties of 2020 - you know me - I remain tamed in the summer (and in Spring of course) and my rebel soul shows it in every way. Hence today's photo from my favorite Lefkada island and its famous beach, Porto Katsiki and I hope that in just a few months we will be able to swim again in that heavenly light blue sea 🎏
May you all have a relaxing Sunday and a happy new week!

Saturday 16
The Three Loves Theory Helen Fisher
• January 16, 2021
Athens, Greece
The Three Loves Theory | Helen Fisher

Baby it's cold outside and is snowing all over the country so this tough Saturday during the Covid lockdown we are going to talk about Love that "warms the cockles of our heart" and the famous Three Loves Theory of Helen Fisher, the American biological anthropologist, human behavior researcher and self-help author, who proposed that humanity has evolved three core brain systems for mating and reproduction.

Thursday 14
5 Best Motivational Podcasts
• January 14, 2021
Athens, Greece
5 Best Motivational Podcasts | 2021

Are you stuck in a rut and need some guidance to help you move forward?

Well, read this:

The rise of audio content is expecting to be huge in 2021.
As so many lockdowns have forced the nation to get out and walk, instead of listening to music, people are choosing to listen to podcasts.

Whether you are feeling you need a reason for actions, willingness, and goals because you are stuck in a bad situation happened to you in the past or even right now in the coronavirus time you need to find the burning desire in you to move forward.

How this can happen?
Everyone is different and might need something else to figure it out but I'll tell you my winning project...

Wednesday 6
Flaming Capitol January 6, 2021
• January 6, 2021
Greece, World


Today - in the midst of a very contagious pandemic - the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece bypassed the decisions of the government - having its practical tolerance - and opened the churches along the country for the celebration of the Greek Orthodox Epiphany. On the other hand in America, angry Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol (of course they were white, they probably would have been shot just only with the thought of doing it - if they weren't white) and a large part of American people proved that “If you look at the monster for a long time, in the end you start to look like him”. Ah! And (just in case you're wondering) what Putin did, today he finally opened the good vodka he kept for special occasions (and not because the old Russian calendarists celebrate Christmas Eve).
Well done so far 2021! (of course I am kidding) Take care! 💋Filia!

Friday 1st
WhereIsLilyNow?Jean-Michel Jarre VR Experience in Notre Dame Live 2021
• January 1st, 2021
Athens, Greece
Wishing you a Fabulous New Year!

The Attic night sky was lit up by fireworks at the turn of the year and people from its balconies shouted as if we were in Wuhan. I hope you had a wonderful time, alone or with friends and family, I hope that you were safe and forward-thinking and I wholeheartedly wish the new year to bring us health, the end of the pandemic and all the best!
Today's video is from the 2021 countdown to the change of the year in the spectacular electronic virtual live concert of Jean-Michel Jarre and just like that (in a symbolic way) I wish it'll be this New Year for all of us!

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