February 2022

Thursday 24

Sunday 7
Stoa of Attalos, Athens ancient agora, Greece
• February 7, 2022
Downtown Athens, Greece
Our Sundays

Although we are already counting the seventh day of the month today, it is the first Sunday of February, which means that - at this beautiful, sunny day - most of the archeological sites in Greece are 'Entrance Free' (not the Acropolis museum though, we've said that before)
If you are staying in Athens, take your boyfriend or girlfriend, best friend, children, the rest of your family or even come alone and take a walk in the city center and the neighborhoods around Plaka. It will be magical!
If you are thinking of climbing up the Acropolis hill to see the Parthenon temple and to do this by entering from the entrance of Dionysiou Areopagitou street (which for me personally is the best) start very early in the morning to avoid the crowds. Otherwise, a very nice walk always remains the visit to the ancient Roman market (from Monastiraki area) to see the temple of Hephaestus and the Stoa of Attalos and then visit any lovely coffee shop or restaurant for a coffee, some drink or delicious Greek food in the surrounding area. Have lots of fun!

January 2022

Wednesday 26
Best cheap eats in Paris, France
• January 26, 2021
Paris, France
Best cheap eats in Paris, France

We all love Paris, aren't we? Besides the beautiful vibes and the lights of the city, Parisian cuisine is also a wonderful reason why we should all agree. What are the local foods you should try while you are in Paris and most of all where you should try these traditional, impeccable tastes without paying too much money?
In this new article you will see my best suggestions - so far - for cheap eats in bistrots and restaurants of Paris.
Feel welcome to send me your reviews.
This always keeps me happy!

December 2021🎁

Saturday 25
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

• December 25, 2021 🎁
Athens, Greece
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our best wishes for all the best and with good health to all of you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Have a nice and creative time, with safety, as the Omicron SARS-CoV-2 Variant is coming soon enough to spread out worldwide like a wildfire in a windy weather! Take care of yourself and your loved ones!
If we have our health everything we've ever dreamed of is possible!
I'll be back from the new year!
💋 Kisses!

Monday 6
December - Blue Roses
• December 6, 2021 🎁
Athens, Greece
December the month of Blue Roses

If December was a flower it would probably be a Blue Rose. Some people might ask: Why a blue rose and not a red? Red along with green are the basic colours of the Christmas decorations. Yes indeed but red is also the Easter colour and green is spring’s festive colour theme. But what is the symbolic meaning of a blue rose? Being an element of imagination, blue rose has always been portrayed in art and literature and often symbolizes unattainableness as it represents something which is destined to remain as a dream and as a never-to-be-fulfilled wish. Well December is that kind of month. As another year is coming to its end, reviewing the past months, all the things that we achieved and the things that we couldn’t make them through maybe the feeling is a bit blue. For sure this one and the previous December during the pandemic was quite rough for everyone and many of us had barely succeed to stay alive. Let it be. I am wishing you a December full of lights, without loneliness, with a warm heart and fiery dreams for the future. I wish this would be a December to celebrate!

November 2021

• November 14, 2021
Athens, Greece
The Authentic Athens Marathon 2021

Among all the Olympic sport events, the Marathon Race stands out as it was born by a true historic and heroic event. It was a true triumph accomplished by a news-bearing foot soldier from ancient Athens, who announced - with his last words - the victory of the Greeks against the Persians during the Marathon Battle in 490 BC.
The 42,195m Marathon Race became one of the most competitive events during the revival of the Olympic Games in 1896. A Greek athlete named Spyros Louis, running what has ever since been referred to as the Original Marathon Course from the ancient city of Marathon to the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, won the gold medal of the first modern Olympic Games and became a legend of Greek and International Athletics.
The Marathon Race has always had a prominent place in the hearts and minds of sports enthusiasts, as it represents the highest effort where the human body, soul and mind are tested to their limits as the runner presses himself/herself to reach the finish line.
Every 2nd Sunday of November, one of the largest sport, cultural, and tourism events is taking place in Athens: ATHENS MARATHON. THE AUTHENTIC!
This year the world famous event is taking place today in Athens, Greece.
Temporary traffic regulations are applied on the marathon route in the territory of the municipalities Marathon, Rafina-Pikermiou, Pallini, Paiania, Agia Paraskevi, Holargou-Papagou, Halandri, Filothei-Psychiko and Athens.
All runners end at Panathinaikon Stadium.

• November 7, 2021
Athens, Greece
Such a wonderful day!

Hi loves! I've just stopped by to tell you that today is going to be such a wonderful - sunny - day and in many Greek cities - as well as in Athens - the weather temperature will hit 25°C (77° Fahrenheit).
Prety good for November, right?
Also you should not forget that it's the first Sunday of November, that means there will be free admission to many Greek archaeological and historical sites, except maybe the Acropolis museum (but no worries, you just need 5 Euros per person to visit and of course a valid rapid test or your vaccination passport).
Have fun, stay safe and seize your Sunday!

October 2021

Sunday 31
Monastiraki's square view, Athens, Greece
• October 31, 2021
Athens, Greece
Visit Monastiraki, Athens, Greece

Monastiraki is a quite busy area in the heart of Athens - the capital city of Greece - a unique blend of styles, multi cultures and eras, with emblematic attractions, such as the ruins of the Hadrian's Library, the Ancient Agora of Athens with the Temple of Hephaestus and the restored Stoa of Attalos, which houses a museum with Athenian and Roman exhibits. The open-air market of Monastiraki has small coffee shops, restaurants and taverns with traditional Greek food and recipes, as well as local shops with handmade sandals, T-shirts and interesting Greek souvenirs.

Thursday 28 🇬🇷
• October 28, 2021
Thessaloniki, Greece
Happy Birthday Greece

Today is a public holiday in Greece and Cyprus as it's always celebrated on October 28th.
This is the day of the National Anniversary of Greek Independence. It may be known as 'World War II National Holiday'.
The day is also called 'Ochi Day' or 'Oxi' Day anniversary (pronounced 'ohi') in celebration of Greece's refusal to yield to the powers of the Axis in 1940.
The day is characterised by military parades and folk dances and Greek Orthodox churches hold special services. most public buildings and residences are decorated with Greek flags. Many shops will be closed, but restaurants and bars will be open as usual. Keep also in mind that today it's free entrance in all the archaeological sites in Greece, even in Acropolis Museum, but you have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or have a valid PCR test to visit any museum's interior.

Monday 18
How to get from Athens airport to the city centre
• October 18, 2021
Athens, Greece
How to get from Athens airport to the city centre

Are you planning a solo or a Fisrt Time Trip to Athens? Excellent!
The capital city of Greece has so many experiences to offer to its visitors.
But what do you need to know in advance and how you’ll get to the city center easily?

Athens airport is located in a 27km distance from Athens city center.
There are actually 4 ways to get from Athens airport to the heart of the city center (and this should be the area from Syntagma square, Monastiraki, Plaka neighbourhood and around)

Saturday 2
How to get to El Nido Philippines
• October 2, 2021
El Nido, Philippines
How to get to El Nido Palawan

El Nido iN the island Palawan in Philippines is a managed resource protected area and it is well known for its white-sand beaches, coral reefs, limestone cliffs and as the gateway to the Bacuit archipelago.
El Nido is currently ranked No4 in Condé Nast Traveler's list of 20 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World. Also in CNNgo El Nido was named as The Best Beach and Island destination in the Philippines for its “extraordinary natural splendor and ecosystem”. So how to get to El Nido, Palawan, Philippines? Should you go there by airplane, by local bus, by van or boat? Which is the quickest way to get there and which is the most affordable one?

1st Friday
Welcome October - Brast Cancer Awareness Month
• October 1st, 2021
Welcome October!

Happy new month! It;s a lovely Friday today in and everything looks wonderful in the fairyland! However, I would like to remind you personally, not to spoil this beautiful Friday but to save the rest of your life, that October is the world month of awareness and prevention of breast cancer. This is our month to rise up and do even more. Run to do an ultrasound and mammography check if unfortunately you have neglected it and if you have very dense breasts you should do a digital mammogram better. In October there will be special offers from many private health centers for the relevant exams (in public hospitals are free) while you shouldn't - at least once a month - forget to do the test with the method of self-palpation. Big kiss 💋 and I want to save you from the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women worldwide. Stay safe!💗

September 2021

Sunday 26
Paris Fashion Week 2021
• September 26, 2021
Paris, France
Paris Fashion Week Schedule 2021

The official Paris Fashion Week schedule is here and I have to say it was worth the wait.
Due all pandemic restrictions the execution of the physical fashion event has felt uncertain for months. However, many great designers have confirmed their participation.
Check out the official schedule below and find out the best of Paris Fashion Week.

Friday 22
Sara Wong Collection Spring Summer 2022
• September 24, 2021
Milan, Italy
Sara Wong Spring - Summer Collection 2022

What are the stylish looks that I liked the most in Milan Fashion Week from the Sara Wong Fashion house?
What outfits did I single out?
I'll present you my favorite Top 3 outfits.
Where can you see the whole collection and most important:
Where can you buy them?

Thursday 22
Leonie Hanne's fashion appearance wearing Fendi
• September 22, 2021
Milan, Italy
The fashion appearance of Leonie Hanne and Chiara Ferragni with Fendi

Many things happen and take place - again - in fashion, after their absence due to the coronavirus pandemic - and specifically in Milan Fashion Week which started earlier today September 22, along with the official first day of autumn. What outfits did I single out? Which famous blogger's fashion look made the difference this year?

Sunday 12
• September 12, 2021
Athens, Greece
Half Marathon Race Athens 2021

Good morning and Happy Sunday! If you are in Athens today and you don't know it, today the city center will be closed for several hours (therefore there will be delays due to traffic around the center and changes of public transportation routes if you are there) because the 9th Athens Half Marathon event is taking place. To admit my sin - don't call me multifaceted - I didn't know it either and I had to learn it due to the transportation delays but so far everything is good. However, the day is excellent and if you are close to the center, go to see the athletes of the half marathon. The finish line will be in front of the MAS on Amalia Avenue with estimated finish times of the runners from 08.38 to 11.00. The official site of the Athens Half Marathon to get more information is here

Wednesday 1st
At Agia Anna's  Beach, Naxos, Greece
• September 1st, 2021
Naxos Island, Greece
Good month! Happy autumn!

Good month and a very happy autumn! We know that autumn officially starts on September 22, but with the first days of September - for many people around the globe - this time of the year practically begins. Preparations for schools (for those who have or are in their school years), return to work, a sweet breeze of coolness, a first rain, create the corresponding autumn mood and psychology. However, many continue their holidays - and in my opinion they do very well, as September is one of the most beautiful months for something like this, whether you are located in Greece or abroad. As you might have already seen from my social media, I am also out of my base in Athens, for work and fun, however, as I love so much what I do and I am preparing a lot of intresting material for a beautiful winter with a well-traveled mind. For the time being I must stop here after first thanking you for all the support you showed in LilyWasHere.gr this summer too, raising its traffic to impressive high new records! A thousand THANK YOUS!

August 2021

Sunday 15
• August 15, 2021
Athens, Greece
August 15 in Greece

In case you didn't know it, August 15 (for Greeks it is called “Dekapentavgoustos”) isn't just a national holiday but it's a big day for the Greek Orthodox Church and for the people of Greece, who celebrate the Dormition of the Virgin or Assumption of Mary. It's a day of pure joy and celebration among the top three most celebrated holidays in Greece, along with Easter and Christmas. As it is celebrated in August, the month where more Greeks are on their summer vacations and the country is full of tourists you might won't find many shops open close to this day but you'll certainly find various and different kind of festivities about the holy figure of Virgin Mary all around the country. Wherever you choose to go, have fun and enjoy the traditions, customs and feasts of 15th August holiday in Greece.

Sunday 8
Fires, Greece summer 2021
• August 8, 2021
Athens, Greece
Affliction, greef, sadness and ashes

With last week's heatwaves and the fires that followed in hundreds places in Greece, among them Attica, Arcadia, Ilia and Evia, there is ONLY SADNESS left and ashes.
Everything useful I learn and whatever help I can offer myself or all of us, you can already see through many announces through my social profiles, especially in my daily stories on Instagram.
From that point and on, let each of us help whoever and as much as he can, even if he doesn't advertise it anywhere.
You will find me there.
Take care 🙏

Thursday 5
Emergency phone numbers and useful information on touristic services in Greece
• August 5, 2021
Athens, Greece
Emergency and useful Greek phone numbers

Forest fires rage all around Greece, threaten Olympics birthplace, the forest land on the outskirts of Athens, a big forest area in the island of Evia and several other places in the country, all these while the highest temperature on record for Athens was above 45 degrees Celsius, making the situation unbearable. If you are in Greece right now, please take care and here are some useful emergency phones (that I hope you won't eventually need)

Sunday 1st
Girl at the beach, Greece
• 1st of August, 2021
Athens, Greece
Oh Hi August!

Hello August! Finally you came back! It's been a year since you were here but it feels like 4 - at least, and maybe for some people it felt like much more:/ If you are following me on social media you might have seen today's photo from the last days of July. It's from a beach close to Athens = about an hour drive - on a weekend escape. Yes this and the last year haven't been that easy - because of Covid 19 - for us who we love to travel anytime, anywhere and most important writing our experiences on this but I hope we are doing our best, I hope we all are staying safe and sound and we'll fix it later! This month, if you are travelling in Greece, it's the official vacation month for most of the people - at least for those who can afford it, so be prepared for many tourists around, if you are visiting a touristic island or place. It's also the month we are expecting too high temperatures like 46 degrees Celsius under shadow (= 114.8 degrees Fahrenheit) and maybe big fires, so please have fun on your holidays but be safe all the time. I am sending you my love for now! We'll be in touch somehow.

July 2021

Wednesday 21
Antetokounmpo powers Milwaukee Bucks to first NBA title for 50 years
• July 21, 2021
Athens, Greece
Giannis Antetokounmpo clinches NBA title for Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks, powered by a masterpiece from Greek-Nigerian forward Giannis Antetokounmpo for a second NBA championship with a 105-98 win over the visiting Phoenix Suns. Giannis' legendary performance powers Bucks to 1st NBA title in 50 years as he produced another performance for the ages, posting a playoff career-high 50 points, 14 boards, and five blocks to power the Bucks to a thrilling 105-98 Game 6 victory over the Phoenix Suns. "The Greek Freak" also joins Shaquille O'Neal as the only players in NBA history with three 40-point, 10-rebound games in a single NBA Finals series.
We are so proud of what you've done and who you are Giannis!

June 2021

Thursday 24
Chiara Ferragni in Athens
• June 24, 2021
Athens, Greece
Chiara Ferragni in Athens

Hi! I came to see how you are doing with that heat and to inform you that since yesterday Chiara Ferragni is in Athens for a short presentation that she will make today regarding her collaboration with Nespresso.
I know, you might don't give a damn about it, but just in case you do, you should know that she stays at the Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens in Vouliagmeni, where the small Nespresso event will take place. Unfortunately it's not expected to visit more central locations in the Greek capital city. However, she'll probably stay for a while in Greece for family vacations and relaxation.

Monday 21
• June 21, 2021
Athens, Greece
Holy Spirit Celebration

Today in Greece we have the celebration of the Holy Spirit.
Although it's not a non working / public holiday for everyone, there are many Greeks who - as they are doing every year - took the chance and left those 3 days the city of their main residence.
This year, in fact, we may all have needed it more than ever, considering that for almost a year and a half now, we have been living under the shadow and losses of a pandemic, in all areas.
So have fun wherever you are and a happy new week!

Thursday 17
Dior CRUISE 2022 Live Show Athens 2021
• June 17, 2021
Athens, Greece
Dior CRUISE 2022 Live Show

If you are not one of the lucky official guests of Dior for the Dior CRUISE 2022 fashion event / show that will be presented live today at the Greek Kalimarmaro stadium in Athens, you can watch it in the link below. You shouldn't miss it. It will be amazing for sure!

Tuesday 1st
Monastiraki, Athens, Greece
• June 1st, 2021
Athens, Greece
Happy New Month!

Welcome June!

Happy New Month everyone!

Please stay safe and try to enjoy every minute of your life.

This photo is from today's walk in the historic center of Athens, early in the morning.
My God how much I love early morning walks, before work and before the rest of the world start their day.

On the background it's Acropolis hill and the name of the street I'm in is Aiolou, in Monastiraki neighborhood. If you are in Greece and especially in Athens this period, have a walk there - any time of the day - you are going to love it for sure!

May 2021

Sunday 30
Summer Essentials clothes, accessories and outfits
• May 30, 2021
Athens, Greece
Summer Essentials clothes, accessories and outfits

With such hot temperatures in May and looking forward and officially to the first summer month - June, I thought of writing an article with the five (5) absolutely necessary summer pieces - in clothes, jewelry, shoes and accessories - that you must have in your wardrobe if you are a girl or a woman (without wanting to limit myself to this) and which will fit with quick and simple movements in your unique style and any summer outfit.

April 2021

Not Just Any Sunday

• May 2, 2021
It's the Greek Easter!

Happy Greek Easter to all the Greeks around the world with good health, love, joy.
And again with Good Health.
“This year Easter is different” they say, but the truth is that last year was different too. Now we had thousands of dead, fortunately we do have a vaccine and unfortunately we also have thousands of people ignoring the federal warnings - thinking that this is an act of revolution against any state power - and go to spread the pandemic in the Greek countryside. For me “feeling tired” is not an option when people die. "I am tired" is not an option even when it will just hurt someone else in any way. I will not stand or care on what others do. This is the excuse of mediocrity. And I am not mediocrity. Neither should be you. Make the change. Become life. Stay alive.

April 2021

Friday 9
Sell online in Greece without your own eshop
• April 9, 2021
Athens, Greece
Start selling online in Greece NOW

Nowadays, e-commerce is more necessary than ever, in increasing the income of a company. But what if you don't have the financial ability or the partner you trust to build a good and functional online store?
Today we will see the most popular platforms these days in Greece to start selling without having to have your own e-shop and of course - in short - I will tell you what I think about them.
I also have a gift for you, a TOTAL FREE Code to start your own Etsy shop. Are you highly interested? See the relevant link - without any delays - by clicking here

April 1st

• April 1, 2021
Hello April!

Hello April! Keep us safe and sound pleaaaaseee!
Hello friends! Happy new month!

April is the kindest month. April gets you out of your head and out working in the garden.
― Marty Rubin

March 2021

Tuesday 30
Greek Air Travel Deals with Olympic and Aegean Air
• March 30, 2021
Athens, Greece
Greek Travel Deals with Olympic and Aegean Air

We are all looking forward to this summer. In fact we love to think about where we could go, somewhere by the Greek sea - to be more carefree - on a Greek island possibly or on another mainland Greek destination. So today - the Greek Aegean Air comes along with the Olympic Air and they offer you an impressive discount on your travel tickets...

Thursday 25
Παρέλαση 25 Μαρτίου 2021
• March 25, 2021
Athens, Greece
200 years from the Greek Revolution!

200 years from the Greek Revolution: Personally, I am very proud to be Greek and my ancestors were these people who not only lived so heroically but just as heroically sacrificed their lives so that we - you and I, our parents and children and every generation from now on, could live free. The parade in the center of Athens was very impressive - if you did not see it you can watch it here and your best wishes for both this national day and my name day really moved me. However, my joy is greatly diminished by the fact that there are people right now who are dying outside the ICU because they can't find a place inside and no matter how hard the Greek media try to convince us that it's OK, it's not so serious, imagine that it could be you or me or someone you love, who - if he had the ICU at his disposal when he needed it, he would be able to live and become well and not another registered victim of the pandemic. Happy Birthday Greece and I'm sorry. For so many people who sacrificed, you deserved better.

Saturday 6
• March 6, 2021
Athens, Greece

The narcissists and how to spot them in your life

I can only imagine that you came across this article to see if someone close to you who significantly affects you is a narcissist or has elements of narcissistic behavior.
And I don't mean by the innocent myth of the beautiful Narcissus who fell in love with his image in the reflection of the water but in the very negative sense of the effect of narcissistic behavior possessed by toxicity in the words and actions, something we read and see lately almost everywhere.
If you just want to know if the person you are interested in learning about has narcissistic behavioral disorders, read...

Tuesday 2
• March 2, 2021
Students Get Canva Pro for FREE!

Let's face it people!
Canva is turning to a very useful tool for many of us who want to create beautiful designs as easy as with a simple drag and drop.
For some people the free version is just enough but so others definitely need the pro. For example if you are a student and you need to get Canva Pro totally free for a year's period, here's what you should do:

Monday 1st
• 1st of March 2021
Athens, Greece

🌷🌸🌹🌺 March it is!

"Good morning, happy week and a happier month!"
This must be one of my favorite combo wishes, it all starts together: Day, week, month, all very promising and hopeful or at least that's how I want to see it at every beginning even though the desired result doesn't always occur as I was planned to be.
Like yesterday when I was thinking about all the previous year's resolutions and the new goals I had set for the year 2021 at its beginning (except of course for me and my loved ones to stay alive and healthy) and realizing that February has already passed and I am NOT on the ideal path for the other goals I was a little stressed, something I admit wasn't in the most creative way but today I decided to change it and work on achieving my short-term and long-term goals with more discipline and consistency.
So whether you are in the same phase - and you might need this a little bit more or not, I wholeheartedly wish you all to have a Good day, happy new week and a happier new month!

February 2021

Saturday 27
Ορός Korres Μαύρη Πεύκη 3D Serum Ανόρθωσης και οι κρέμες Liftactiv Supreme της Vichy
• February 27, 2021
Athens, Greece
Face creams I used this month

Tomorrow is my best friend's birthday (normally of course it is on February 29, so he officially grows up every four years for that and he remains a child).
So as I was thinking that "we all grow up very fast" (except as we said from my best friend and other people born on the same date) and on the occasion of one of your last three questions that you have sent me for reviewing face creams that I have mentioned in the past, I thought it could be a good idea to let me inform you about the new combination of face creams and serums that I have been using for the last month.

Monday 22
• February 22, 2021
Athens, Greece

Happy new week!

In Greece we are saying that thing about riding bikes “just like riding a bicycle” that includes other things too, that once you’ve learned doing them, you never forget how to do them again, no matter how much time has passed by.
Like that We Don't Ever Forget How to Ride a Bike we could suppose that flying a plane would be exactly the same.
But what’s the truth?
Are pilots getting rusty and forget how to fly?

Tuesday 16
I hate snow
• February 16, 2021
Athens, Greece
Greece dressed in white

It's snowing today, it's snowing all over the place, in the biggest part of Greece and of course in Greece's capital city (Athens) and in fact downtown Athens, in its center.
As much as I'm happy with the joy of some kids who went out to play with the snow on the sidewalks, I can't stop wondering when this will end for the sun and the temperature to rise up high again.
As you might have understand from my previous posts, I've never liked the snow that much - neither the snowy landscapes, unless I'm somewhere really warm and I have nothing to do outside in the snow and the cold the whole day.
In fact, maybe part of my dislike for snow is because I may have been forced to have fun playing snowball fights when I was a toddler, which I didn't enjoy at all, but I had to do it because everyone thought it was fun (or they were pretending it was fun too) and when you are a child you definitely don't want to feel that you are staying "out of the game".
However, I think that there are many of us who are united by the slogan "Sun and sea, spring and summer forever" and if you want to read more about it, there's a relatively recent article of mine (from just two years ago) entitled "Five reasons why we hate snow».

Sunday 14
Greece as a gastronomic destination
• February 14, 2021
Athens, Greece
Happy new week with good health!

Happy Valentine's Day my loves!
All the best to whom is in love with another person, with life, with the springtime, with quality food, with travel as a life style and with whatever make you the happiest of all!
Today I am sharing a tribute from Lonely Planet that nominates Greece as a Sustainable Travel Destination among 10 - in total - sustainable people and places.
So according to the Lonely’s Planet tribute Greece may not be known worldwide for implementing formal initiatives surrounding sustainable practices, but informally, Greeks have been green for centuries.
The age-old habit of growing vegetables, harvesting olives and preparing silky oil, and cooking up a storm with tomatoes, fresh fish and wild greens is the norm for most folk

Monday 8
Online travel due to Covid
• February 8, 2021
Athens, Greece
Happy new week with good health!

Happy new week with good health for all of you! Here in Athens we've enjoyed a weekend with wonderful Alkyonides days and a traffic ban from 18.00 to 05.00 in the morning - because of Covid lockdown - making our need to go out and travel bigger than ever (especially for those who live in Athens or other cities with the deep red danger due to coronavirus). For those of you who feel me and are sending me a heart with a virtual hug to make everything feel better, I uploaded today a new article with some of the best online applications that allow us to travel around the world from the safety of our living room.

Monday 1st
• February 1st, 2021
Athens, Greece
Happy New Month folks!

Welcome February! We love you even more through your differences. Be wise, keep us safe, happy and creative!

January 2021

Sunday 31
25 χρόνια από το βράδυ που χάθηκαν τρεις ήρωες στα ΙΜΙΑ
• January 31, 2021
Athens, Greece
25 years since we've lost three heroes at IMIA

Today there are 25 years since the military crisis and subsequent dispute over sovereignty between Greece and Turkey in 1996. 25 years since the greatest Turkish challenge to the indisputably Greek islands of Imia in the Aegean, marked by the death of three heroic officers of the Greek Navy, of Lieutenant Christodoulos Karathanasis,
of Lieutenant Hector Gialopsos and
of the originator Panagiotis Vlachakos:

Immortals Greek Heroes.-

Sunday 24
Porto Katsiki beach Lefkada Greece
• January 24, 2021
Lefkada, Greece
One of the best beaches in Greece

Last week I was looking back at Porto Katsiki's photos, the famous beach of Lefkada which is also considered to be one of the best beaches not only in Greece but in the whole Mediterranean and so this Sunday I decided it was time not only to tell you but also to show you many interesting and useful things about it.

Sunday 17
Porto Katsiki beach Lefkada
• January 17, 2021
Athens, Greece
In the heart of winter I will always raise summer

Sunday 17 January today (is the day of Saint Antonios and tomorrow the day of Saint Athanasios - Happy birthday to those who celebrate their name day), the feast of Saint Antonios is considered - traditionally - to be the heart of the winter and if you take a look around you (ok maybe not for us who are staying in the center of Athens, but in many other places and locations of Greece) the snow and the bad weather will not refute it.
Even if I am happy with your joy for the snow and all those photos you are uploading out in the cold (if you have somewhere warm to stay after) and the picturesque phrase of the "white day" that we jokingly waited to see after the troubles and anxieties of 2020 - you know me - I remain tamed in the summer (and in Spring of course) and my rebel soul shows it in every way. Hence today's photo from my favorite Lefkada island and its famous beach, Porto Katsiki and I hope that in just a few months we will be able to swim again in that heavenly light blue sea 🎏
May you all have a relaxing Sunday and a happy new week!

Saturday 16
The Three Loves Theory Helen Fisher
• January 16, 2021
Athens, Greece
The Three Loves Theory | Helen Fisher

Baby it's cold outside and is snowing all over the country so this tough Saturday during the Covid lockdown we are going to talk about Love that "warms the cockles of our heart" and the famous Three Loves Theory of Helen Fisher, the American biological anthropologist, human behavior researcher and self-help author, who proposed that humanity has evolved three core brain systems for mating and reproduction.

Thursday 14
5 Best Motivational Podcasts
• January 14, 2021
Athens, Greece
5 Best Motivational Podcasts | 2021

Are you stuck in a rut and need some guidance to help you move forward?

Well, read this:

The rise of audio content is expecting to be huge in 2021.
As so many lockdowns have forced the nation to get out and walk, instead of listening to music, people are choosing to listen to podcasts.

Whether you are feeling you need a reason for actions, willingness, and goals because you are stuck in a bad situation happened to you in the past or even right now in the coronavirus time you need to find the burning desire in you to move forward.

How this can happen?
Everyone is different and might need something else to figure it out but I'll tell you my winning project...

Wednesday 6
Flaming Capitol January 6, 2021
• January 6, 2021
Greece, World


Today - in the midst of a very contagious pandemic - the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece bypassed the decisions of the government - having its practical tolerance - and opened the churches along the country for the celebration of the Greek Orthodox Epiphany. On the other hand in America, angry Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol (of course they were white, they probably would have been shot just only with the thought of doing it - if they weren't white) and a large part of American people proved that “If you look at the monster for a long time, in the end you start to look like him”. Ah! And (just in case you're wondering) what Putin did, today he finally opened the good vodka he kept for special occasions (and not because the old Russian calendarists celebrate Christmas Eve).
Well done so far 2021! (of course I am kidding) Take care! 💋Filia!

Friday 1st
WhereIsLilyNow?Jean-Michel Jarre VR Experience in Notre Dame Live 2021
• January 1st, 2021
Athens, Greece
Wishing you a Fabulous New Year!

The Attic night sky was lit up by fireworks at the turn of the year and people from its balconies shouted as if we were in Wuhan. I hope you had a wonderful time, alone or with friends and family, I hope that you were safe and forward-thinking and I wholeheartedly wish the new year to bring us health, the end of the pandemic and all the best!
Today's video is from the 2021 countdown to the change of the year in the spectacular electronic virtual live concert of Jean-Michel Jarre and just like that (in a symbolic way) I wish it'll be this New Year for all of us!

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