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From Karlsruhe to Mannheim:

✍️ We all know that if you want to travel to Mannheim by plane from another place either in Germany or outside the country, you have two options:

1) Visit Mannheim through the Frankfurt airport (FRA/EDDF) or

2) Go to Mannheim through the Karlsruhe airport/ Baden-Baden (FKB).

Of course there is always the chance to want to visit Mannheim from Karlsruhe (especially if you want to meet this beautiful small German city and Karlsruhe's Top Attractions) by taxi or through public transportation for business or just any other touristic reason.

So how can you do that?
How much does it costs?

Searching around other travel sites, I couldn't find a reliable answer, so I decided to write this article for any fellow travelers (like me) who seek for more and accurate information on the transfer options, in order to program his/her trip.

and: Here we go!

Lily's tips:

✍️ Let's start from basics:

Bus | Travel

Travel by Bus
Karlsruhe ➠ Mannheim:

Useful ⓘnfo:

What do we know about
Karlsruhe's bus tickets
and transportation system?

One ticket will suffice for all methods of trans­por­ta­tion in Karlsruhe.
You can obtain tickets from vending machines at the various stops.
Tickets are also available from outlets in the market place or at the central train station.
If no vending machine is available, you can buy a ticket from the BUS driver.

The fine (if you get caught without a valid/stamped ticket or pass) is €60 – tourists included.

Since the typical one-way fare is about €2.80, it’s really not worth the embarrassment.

A Tageskarte (day ticket) is valid for 24 hours of travel and will save you money if you plan to make a lot of trips within that time.

A round sign with green Ⓗ in a yellow circle identifies a Haltestelle, a bus or tram stop.

At some stops there may be an electronic sign that indicates the route number and when the next bus will arrive and in almost every case, you'll find a framed timetable on a post at every stop.

Always validate your tickets to the yellow, orange or red machine.

If you don't validate your ticket it's like you don't have any ticket.

If you want to
travel by bus from Karsruhe to Mannheim there are plenty of buss routes in an everyday timetable to do that.
You just have to go to the Karsruhe's central train station (Karlsruhe Hbf) and book a ticket ahead.

Busses depart to Mannheim from the same site.
Transfers from the one city to the other by bus, are daily available almost every half an hour and the ticket for one person costs from 5 - 7 euros (one route).

The end of the bus route to Mannheim is in Mannheim Hbf.

Train | Travel

Travel by Train
Karlsruhe ➠ Mannheim:

Useful ⓘnfo:

What do we know about Karlsruhe Central Railway Station, where is it and how can you go there?

Karlsruhe‘s main station is located to the south of the city centre, opposite the city gardens/zoo.

When leaving the station using the main exit, you will see both a taxi stand as well as tram stops on the newly designed square outside the station.

The tourist information office is also situated on the other side of the square.

Karlsruhe is the only German city with two TGV connections.
In addition to the east-west Paris-Bratislava route, Karlsruhe has also been on the TGV Marseille-Frankfurt high-speed route since March 2012.

More information can be found at

The railway station of Karlsruhe is one of 21 German stations that belong to category 1 (big and busy railway stations).

This station hosts plenty of shopping and dining options and has a "travel agent at the station" as well as a Tourist Information Center (working hours daily).

There are toilets in the main entrance hall and others (kind of) hidden in the back left corner. The access (via the revolving door) costs: 1 euro.

WC users can store their bags in the lockers in front for 20 minutes free of charge.

There is a direct connection through the train station to local busses and tram.

Until which Mannheim's station do I book a ticket?

If you want to go to the central station in Mannheim you have to book a ticket from Karlsruhe Hbf to Mannheim Hbf.

There're are a few stops in between the distance, in case one of them is closer to your final destination.

The duration of the trip is (depending from whether you'll choose a fast train or not) from 23 to 53 minutes and the ticket prices (one way route for 1 adult traveler in a 2nd class seat) are starting from 10,80 EUR (in the slowest trains of 53 minutes long) to 18,50 or 23,50 (the highest price we've seen in the internet through commission sites for the fastest trains).

Book your train ticket from Karlsruhe to Mannheim:

Whether you'll choose to book your ticket right from

1) The Karlsruhe train's station ticket shop (see more info here),
the ticket vending machine in the station (English menu is available)
or on the internet, you should always mind the routes and the timetables on the weekends, nights and public holidays.

On the internet I currently trust two web pages for my tickets:

2) DB (Deutsche Bahn - the official Germany's Rail site)Info tickets here
Regional trains in Germany are designated RB (“Regio” – RegionalBahn, stops everywhere) and RE (RegionalExpress, faster trains with fewer stops).

3) Rail.ccCheck here ticket's prices

but to be quite honest, when I travel now I use the ticket vending machine on the station to buy a new ticket (Yes in the English menu) and it's easy.

Karlsruhe Germany | Train StationPhoto © DB
Karlsruhe Germany | Train StationPhoto © Hunter Bliss

Access to the Karlsruhe's Hbf train station:

By bus:
The international bus station of Karlsruhe (Germany) is right behind the main station.

The German discount bus lines like Flixbus depart at the end of the bus station, away from the railway station.

Public transport tickets:
In the Karlsruhe region you only pay one tariff for a ticket that can be used on all city railroad, trams, regional trains, and bus lines that are operated by the Karlsruhe Verkehrs­ver­bund (KVV - this is the local transport authority).

So one ticket will suffice for all methods of transportation.

You can obtain tickets from vending machines at the various stops.

Tickets are also available from outlets in the market place or at the central train station.

If no vending machine is available, you can buy a ticket from the driver.

Please note:

The vending machines in the trams and trains do not accept bank notes, only coins.

To be valid your ticket must be stamped with the current date before the start of your journey.

This can be done by inserting your ticket into the yellow stamping machines found on all the transport services.

In most cases, if you have obtained your ticket from a vending machine, it will have been already stamped.

Useful Contact Info:

Tourist-Information Karlsruhe:
Bahnhofplatz 6 , 76137 Karlsruhe
Daily open from 09:00 - 18:00

Public transport in Karlsruhe
Phone number:
(0049) 721 6107-5885

In German:
Official webpage:
Public transport in Karlsruhe

Map: Karlsruhe Hbf trains • Germany

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