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Visit Karlsruhe
(Best things to do while you are
traveling to the city of Karlsruhe)

Travel • Karlsruhe

Best things to do
when you visit Karlsruhe

✍️ You are might planning to but haven't visited yet the beautiful city of Karlsruhe in Germany.
Well, no worries.
You are just like me a few days ago.

Except the fact that now I am the one who already went and came back to tell you lots of things that even I couldn’t find earlier in all the Google searches I’ve made on the Internet with the importance of that specific detail that makes all the difference.

So now I've got for you the best things to do while you are traveling to Karlsruhe.
Where to go, the attractions you must see, where to stay, what to eat and definitely where to drink cocktails or good local beer.

But let's start from the basics before we go into the interesting info:

Karlsruhe (formerly spelled Carlsruhe) is the second-largest city of the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg after its capital of Stuttgart, and its 309,999 (2016) inhabitants make it the 21st largest city of Germany.
On the right bank of the Rhine, the city lies near the French-German border, between the Mannheim/Ludwigshafen conurbation to the north, and the Strasbourg/Kehl conurbation to the south.
It is the largest city of Baden, a region named after Hohenbaden Castle in the city of Baden-Baden.
Its most remarkable building is Karlsruhe Palace, which was built in 1715.
There are nine institutions of higher education in the city, most notably the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie).
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport (Flughafen Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden) is the second-busiest airport of Baden-Württemberg after Stuttgart Airport, and the 17th-busiest airport of Germany.

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useful phone numbers •

Services for residents
of the city of Karlsruhe:

(For general infor­ma­tion and referrals to city service offices call:)
+49 (0)721/133-0

Authority hotline 115:
Please call 115 for questions and requests to the city adminis­tra­tion concerning the following topics:
• Foreign affairs
• Waste consulting
• Passports and regis­tra­tion
• Police matters
• Motor vehicle regis­tra­tion
• and more...

Emergency phone numbers and on-call services:
Please call 112 the Standar­di­zed emergency number in Europe for:
fire brigade, police and medical rescue services.

Fax number for emergency:
+49 (0)721 - 93
Don't use email
for emergencies!

Crisis response hotline:
(Call in case of major accidents and/or disaster situations)
+49 (0)721/133-3333

Visit Karlsruhe's Palace Standing in front of Karlsruhe's Palace

Lily's tips:

KARLSRUHE's Attractions
to visit during your trip.

Karlsruhe Palace and its surroundings:

There is a lake in front of the Karlsruhe palace that freezes during the cold winter months, so you might see many locals ice skating at this time.

Also - in front of the palace - there is a large garden that will impress you with its colorful flowers in the spring time and the trees of its garden will offer you exactly the same feeling in the autumn months.

On the Summer period, choose a good weather day, take a blanket, your favorite book and some food with you and relax in a pique-nique on the grass of the park, as many locals do.

Also in the summer the castle is alive with light shows and concerts and in the park there are lots of interesting activities such as a medieval festival, music festivals etc.

Karlsruhe's Palace - as all the other Palaces in Germany - are called 'Schloss' ((that means Castle or Palace in German language) that was erected in 1715 is nowadays a baroque reconstruction, since in September 1944 the palace was destroyed by bombs.

After WWII the exterior of the Palace was rebuilt in the original way, but the interior was adapted to house modern exhibition rooms for the Museum of Badisches Landesmuseum or the Baden State Museum, that hosts till nowadays.

It is definitely worthwhile to visit the rich museum, which gives also the chance (admission fee only 4 euros/person) to go up the tower the 'Schlossturm', from where - at an altitude of 42m - one has a great view over the Schlossplatz in front with several central streets around it.

At the back of the Palace, facing north, is the big 'Schlossgarten' while to the west are the interesting Botanical Gardens of Karlsruhe.

This palace is one of the main attractions of the city.
Its light show in the night is worth watching.

The Palace at Karlsruhe is the hub of the town and very easy to find with a map or even on foot from the town centre.

To reach the Palace from Karlsruhe's train station (Karlsruhe Hbf) you don't have to take a Taxi*.
You just need to take the local bus No10, right in front station's exit or take the trams No1, S2, 4, S5, S1, S11 and leave the tram at "Marktplatz" station.
From there the Palace is less than 5 minutes on foot.

* Germany doesn't have Uber. Only regular taxis. But taxi rates could be quite expensive. If you don't mind, you can always take a taxi - for any distance in Karlsruhe.
Taxis are almost always available in front of the Karlsruhe main station (Karlsruhe Hbf Vorplatz).
A taxi to the city centre will cost you about 10€ and less than 20€ from the city centre to the ZKM.

Karlsruhe's Palace at night Karlsruhe's Palace at night
Karlsruhe's Palace at night Karlsruhe's Palace at night
Karlsruhe's Pyramid | Marktplatz Karlsruhe's Pyramid | Marktplatz

Karlsruhe's Pyramid | Marktplatz:

This (about 7m high) pyramid of red sandstone in the middle of the city's central square (the Marktplatz) is mainly a historical symbol, much more than an architectural attraction in itself.

Marktplatz - on the other side - is the most commercial square and street in the center of Karlsruhe, where are the shops of all the big international brands, among coffee shops, small restaurants and beer bars.

At the moment (June 2019) the whole area around the pyramid is a big construction site due to the 'Kombi-Lösung', where all the actual tramway traffic should go underground, thus the pyramid was surrounded by heavy machinery and heaps of gravel.

The pyramid is on the site of the city founder's grave and in gold letters it says:
'Markgraf Carl Wilhelm legte den ersten Grundstein zu seinem neuen Wohnsitz und dieser Stadt am 17.Juny 1715'.

Apparently the pyramid is also a work by Friedrich Weinbrenner, the main architect and city planner of Karlsruhe, who worked in the neoclassicism style.

By him are also the two most important building on the Marktplatz (beside the Pyrarmid): The 'Evangelische Stadtkirche' and the 'Rathaus' (city's town hall)

Take the local bus No 10 to reach the Pyramid and the Marktplatz from Karlsruhe's main train station (Karlsruhe Hbf).

State Art Gallery | Karlsruhe of Art:

You will find many small galleries in the city of Karlsruhe but this one is definitely the best (or at least the one) you should visit because there are always some quite interesting temporary exhibitions to see.

The permanent collection in the main building is rather unimpressive except from the gem in the basement in the form of a chapel which is a combination of art nouveau and folk art.

ZKM | Karlsruhe center of Art and Media ZKM | Center of Art and Media
The ZKM | Center for Art and Media:

It is located in Lorenzstraße 19, D - 76135 Karlsruhe
Phone: +49 (0) 721/8100-0

As you will see in their official site the ZKM | Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe is more than a museum.
It is a place of research, technical development and artistic production.
Scientists and artists from all over the world find ideal conditions here to realize theoretical and practical projects.

Through international cooperation with other museums, universities and publishing houses, the ZKM is not only connected with the latest developments in art and science, but also sets new thematic priorities that are taken up worldwide.

Regular Opening Hours:
Wednesday – Friday: 10 am – 6 pm
Saturday: 2 pm – 6 pm
Sunday: 11 am – 6 pm
Monday – Tuesday: closed

Entrance fee: Every Friday from 2 pm the admission into the museums is free.
For more information about your visit and admission fees, click here

Zoo | Karlsruhe:

This Zoo is almost in the center of the city, right between the train station and the Marktplatz. Not the biggest Zoo you might have seen but it's still a nice walk through a beautiful garden, close to the nature and its life.

Turmberg hill | Karlsruhe Germany Karlsruhe Germany | Turmberg hill
Turmberg hill | Karlsruhe:

Famous small hill just outside Karlsruhe, easily accessible by tram, by car or on foot.
It is always worth visiting a sunny day either to see the sunrise or to watch the sunset in a clear (from clouds) evening, to watch the city lights on an spring night or the night of December 31 to watch from there the fireworks that accompany the New Year's Eve celebrations.

If you don't want to walk untill the Turmberg hill or you don't have your private transportation, use the tram to climb you the top of the hill (costs only 5 euros per couple on a round trip) and enjoy the fantastic views of the city of Karlsruhe.

There is also a small café / hilltop restaurant with easy access to a toilet.

Best Bars & Restaurants
to drink & eat in Karlsruhe

Der KofferRaum bar:

Great cocktails, cozy atmosphere on the bar and jazz sounds on the decks.
Definitely a must visit while you are in Karlsruhe.
Address: Hirschstraße 17, Karlsruhe, Germany
Official site:

Carlos Cocktail Bar:

Old style cocktail bar in Karlsruhe
Cool place and nice bartenders.
Best service if you come early to avoid groups.
Address: Markgrafenstraße 32, Karlsruhe, Germany
Official site:

Toro Tapas bar:

Spanish tapas - restaurant, excellent wine, friendly and cozy atmosphere.
Avoid rush hours. It gets really crowded.
Top location in Karlsruhe and great service.
Address: Akademiestraße 57, Karlsruhe, Germany
Official site: Toro Tapas bar Karlsruhe

Oxford Pub - Bier & Burger:

Great variety of beers.
Tasteful burgers in a good price - Value for money
Authentic pub atmosphere.
Address: Fasanenstraße 6, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany
Official site: Oxford Pub - Bier & Burger Karlsruhe

Bratar Burger Bar:

Burgers, sausages and chicken wings in a central location of Karlsruhe's town.
Also some vegan options are available for vegetarians in the menu.
Friendly staff.
Address: Ettlinger-Tor-Platz 1, 76133 Karlsruhe, Germany
Official site: Karlsruhe

Badisch Brauhaus:

Really great place to enjoy 'typical German food'.
It is a place directly attached to the brewery so they have really tasty fresh and local beer. If you like to you can seat in a big beer barrel, creating a more impressive experience for you and your friends or guests.
Enjoy the local homemade beer with great local food if you want in reasonable prices!
Address: Stephanienstr. 38-40, 76133 Karlsruhe, Germany
Official site:

Hotels and Rooms
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Rooms & Hotels to book online in Karlsruhe Germany

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More photos
from Karlsruhe

In front of Karlsruhe's Palace
At Karlsruhe's Palace At Karlsruhe's Palace
At Karlsruhe's Palace At Karlsruhe's Palace
At Karlsruhe's Palace The schlossplatz at Karlsruhe's Palace
In front of Karlsruhe's Palace In front of Karlsruhe's Palace
In front of Karlsruhe's Palace Schlossplatz: In front of Karlsruhe's Palace
In front of Karlsruhe's Palace In front of Karlsruhe's Palace

Map: Karlsruhe • Germany


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