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Como lake
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Como Italy

✍️ Como is a region of Lombardy, located in the southern Italy in a population of about 584,000 inhabitants (as a community, the Como itself has a population of about 84,000 inhabitants) and is considered world-wide as one of the most beautiful and picturesque places to visit in Italy as it is bordering from the northwest with Switzerland and surrounds the north part of the homonymous enchanting Lake Como.

Because of its location on the edge of the vast lake, the city of Como has always played an important role in Lombardy and was a center of trade and financial transactions during the Middle Ages. For the history, Como was fully incorporated into the Kingdom of Italy only in 1859.

◉ Today, the city of Como with its magnificent lake and Alps background is an international tourist destination and thousands of people visit this particular region of Italy to explore both its picturesque town with plenty of historic buildings, fine restaurants and major museums and the impressive Lake Como - made up of beautiful towns and villages such as Cernobbio, Menaggio and Bellagio - and the rest of the natural landscape.

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Lily visit Como lake ItalyLake Como Italy

Lily's tips:

• When is it better to visit Como region and its lake?

If you're George Clooney, you may visit the beautiful region of Como whenever you want. It is no coincidence that the Hollywood Hollywood star has bought (since 2002) Villa Oleander and Villa Margaret in the village of Laglio, which he uses as a country house.
For the rest common people (I put myself inside and let your fingers get tired to type under my pictures "You are goddesss") the ideal travel period is in the late spring or in the early autumn, where you will probably achieve more affordable prices, warmer temperatures with a quite tolerable degree of humidity while nature is incredible colorful and beautiful.

Also - if you don't like crowded places (like Como's old town and the tourist villages of the lake), avoid visiting this region on public holidays and weekends or in days with planned outdoor concerts and festivals (organized from time to time) in the region.

However - keep in mind if you can suffer the bitter cold weather - that on Christmas and New Year's Eve, the city of Como illuminates its buildings and attractions magically.

• Top things to do and see around Como?

While you will be walking by the lake in the beautiful Como or in the narrow streets of its picturesque town, there are some attractions you could see and some activities you could do in order to memorize your trip on the lake and the surrounding area different than the common diary of a classic tourist.
You could do this trip as a real traveler.
So the sightseeing you must see are:

Como's Cathedral (Duomo di Como) is certainly the most impressive building of the city, dedicated to the Virgin Mary and dating from the 14th century.
Its Gothic image with the stone statues on its facade and its characteristic small towers wasn't completed before the 18th century.

Como Cathedral ItalyComo Cathedral
Como Cathedral Italy - Duome di ComoCathedral of Como

Museo Archeologico Paolo Giovio (The Archaeological Museum of Como) which is housed in Palazzo Giovio and has a fantastic range of exhibits (ceramics, jewelery, agricultural machinery) and other interesting finds dating back to the ancient Greek era and presenting a really interesting view at the history of Como and its inhabitants years.

Lose yourself in the narrow streets of the old town and enjoy a coffee in the bustling Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini or Piazza Cavour in front of the Cathedral and next to the harbor of Lake Como.

Como Italia visitComo Italia
Como Town Italy

Take the cable car which crosses the mountain on the east side of the lake and leads to the mountain village Brunate, which also offers great views of the Como lake and its beautiful natural landscape.
There you can find many terraces and restaurants where you can also relax and enjoy the fresh air of the mountain.
For the more adventurous, there is also a 2 hour hike leading to the top of Boletto Mountain for even more magnificent views of the Como lake.

Take the boat that takes you to the lake to a one - way trip (to visit the beautiful scenic villages around the lake such as Bellagio and Cernobbio) or to a round trip with a tour guide along who will show you all the important locations and villages around the lake.
The price of the Ferry ticket - varies according to the travel zones - starting at 1.80 € per person for very short boat trips, while the cost of the one way ticket of the classical cruise is 4.60 € for those from 12 years old and above, just 3.70 € for the 65+ years old and 2.30 € for children from 4 to and 11 years old.

In the highest pricing zone of the boat trips within the lake (zone 5) the ticket price is set at 8.30 € for passengers from 12 years old or more, at 6.60 € for seniors over 65 and at 4.20 € for the young children.

It is also important to know that if you buy a round trip ticket (or as the Italians say: 'a andata e ritorno') from the start overall it will cost you cheaper.
Finally, you can take a 'Day Pass' with free shipping for a whole day at around € 15 per person, including the villages of Varenna, Menaggio, Tremezzo and Lenno.

Como lake Italy

Visit the picturesque village of Bellagio on the other side of the lake Como.
If you do not choose to do it on a small boat (you'll need about 45 minutes in total) choose definitely to cover the distance by road (like we did) as in the day's light is beautiful, crossing other smaller villages along the lakeshore and a vibrant nature.

We covered the distance in a rental car from Milan but you can alternatively do the same route with the local transportation.

The ticket's price - if you'll choose to cover the Como-Bellagio route by local bus, it's less than 3 euros per person (one-way ticket), and it takes about an hour and five minutes to get there. Tickets can be bought at the special ticket offices and not inside the bus.

Reaching the famous Bellagio village, besides many tourists, you can also find a wide variety of luxury shops, several beautiful well-designed public gardens - as well as private gardens (owned by rich and famous people like the famous Villa Serbelloni) and also some amazing cafes and restaurants.

If you want to eat and drink more cheaply in Bellagio I suggest you eat at the "La Divina Commedia", at "Trattoria Rana" and on the Bistrot Restaurant "Antichi Sapori" with Italian, mediterranean and vegetarian cuisine.

For a good Italian pizza with a lake view we preferred "La Bellagina" ideal for street food-pizza and light Italian snacks the "Bellavita", for ice cream the "Gelateria del Borgo" or the "La Passerella" and finally for beer the Italian Pub "il Tiglio" or the "Taverna Gambrinus Bellagio".

Finally enjoy on peace your Prosecco and a good Italian coffee at Caffè Bar Sport Bellagio looking out over the beautiful view and the people passing-by.

Como Bellagio - Bellagio Como ItalyComo Bellagio
Como Bellagio - Bellagio Como ItalyBellagio Como Italy

Do some extreme activities around the lake, such as canoeing or rock climbing discovering lake's adventurous side - why not yours too? Companies like Lake Como Adventures will help you discover these unique experiences Lake Como offers you and will guide you with all the information you need to make your trip memorable.

Visit the picturesque village of Menaggio located on the west bank of the lake (a good opportunity if you finally decide to cover the route from Como to Bellagio by car or public bus).
In the Menaggio village, besides the beautiful view of the lake you can discover some fantastic restaurants (which of course also offer you a lake view) and for the more adventurous travelers there is private boat rental service (costs of about 75 Euros per hour).

If you want a budget homemade ice cream (gelato) prefer the "Gelateria Edo", a light meal (in the stomach as well as in your pocket) you will be delighted at "Cafe Del Pess" and a home-made Italian pizza with wonderful white wine at very reasonable prices, enjoy the small and family "Pizzeria Lugano Ristorante-Bar" "Pizzeria Lugano Ristorante-Bar" (pizza della casa is excellent).

Lake Como Menaggio - Menaggio Como Italy Menaggio Λίμνη Como
Lake Como Menaggio - Menaggio Como ItalyMenaggio Como Italy

• Hotels and accommodation:

The most famous historical hotels located near the main square of the old town and the harbor of the lake Como are the 4 star Palace Hotel as well the 4 stars Metropole suisse.
But they are luxury hotels, so their overnight rates are not the most economical.

So if you're looking on - cheap accommodation - for your vacation in Como, you are more likely to find it in the nearby Como Lake villages (even in Bellagio) rather than in the old town.

I would suggest, however, that you take a look at it "In Riva al Lago" which offers an economical overnight stay at a very central point in Como and in "Gira Guest House".
In Varenna search for an overnight stay at the 2 stars hotel "Albergo Europa"and in the "Albergo del Sole" in Bellagio or for a cheaper accommodation book at the "Hotel Il Perlo Panorama" (which is higher than the harbor and at a distance of 3 kilometers but in addition to reasonably priced overnight also offers a beautiful view of the lake and the village) or if you are a hostel lover bok the "Menaggio Lake Como Youth Hostel" (50m. from the lake in the picturesque village of Menaggio).

Hotels Como ItalyHotels Como Italy

• Where Como and its lake are located exactly and how will you go there from Milan;

Como is about 36 km from Milan, less than 40 minutes by train (starting from the Milan's central station with final destination of the Como San Giovanni Train Station) and one way ticket prices are very cheap, starting at 6 euro / person.

You can find quite frequent itineraries and tickets of the route to GoEuro.

Map: Como + lake Como • Italy

• Summarizing Como's trip:

Como with its beautiful lake, its beautiful picturesque villages in an Alps background, is definately a favorite travel destination and is recommended to everyone - and if you choose carefully of accommodation and food - it can also be a quite cheap destination.

• Important note:

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♡ Thank you all for your trust and support!
💋 Kisses from the beautiful Como in Italy!

Love Always
Lily (WasHere)


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