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Is a trip to Venice pricey?

✍️ Venice, the beautiful city of the northern Italy, consisting of about 100 small islands in an Adriatic lagoon, has no streets for cars but canals and is full of Renaissance and Gothic palaces.

◉ Venice is one of the places where every person dreams on travel and visit at least once in his lifetime and from the springtime to the late autumn Venice receives more than 60,000 visitors on a daily basis - from all over the world.

How will this trip to the beautiful city of Venice could get cheaper in accommodation, food and travel with the necessary Venetian luxury but without finally paying is as it was made of gold?

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Lily's tips:

How will you travel to Venice on a budget;

Venice is a unique - beautiful Italian city but quite expensive due to its peculiarity - that has no roads for car transportation only water channels for gondolas and requires endless walking, is also hiding some travel tips and secrets - and if you don't pay attention in time, they can easily become travel or tourist trappings:


Staying in Venice isn't the cheaper thing you'll do in your travel life.
This doesn't mean that if you look early in time, you won't find profitable opportunities and accommodation deals.

But there is always the solution of staying outside the water city of Venice (in hotels or hostels) which allows you to reach the center of the city either by your car or by public transport and it will save you money from overnight stays although you will lose time on traveling inside and outside the floating city.

In this case, each traveler must choose what suits his or her own wallet, its available time and at its travel mood.

In order to earn a cheaper accomodation rate in Venice, either if you choose to stay in the floating city either in a city close to Venice (and you will be visiting Venice on a day trip basis) no matter if you are a hotel lover or hostel traveler, it is far more important to pay ahead attention to the period you will pay the visit.

So if you prefer to travel during the high season (late April to late September) keep in mind that the room rates will be far more expensive than the rates in the low season.

On the other hand if you travel with others fellow travel buddies of an elderly age or with movement disabilities or with buddies who don't actually love walking, you have to be determined that in order to see the entire Venice and its most tourist islands - like Murano (Murano is known for its art glass, sometimes referred to as Venetian glass), and the colorful island of Bourano (with its brightly colored fishermen's houses and its casual eateries serving seafood from the lagoon) or even for the very simple issue of getting your suitcases (not to be dragged on all the narrow streets of Venice) to your hotel, you will might have to spend extra money on gondolas or expensive water taxis (which offers a degree of difficulty in boarding your elderly travelers and the owner of the boat is not allowed to leave its boat and help you with the suitcases).

Also, before you book your stay, you need to pay attention to some technical issues first.
For example if you have arrange a very early morning flight from Marco Polo Airport you will have trouble moving in time and arriving at the airport from a hotel in Giudecca at the right time.
In such a case, it would be much better to stay near Piazzale Roma and take the ATVO airport bus which will take you to the airport in about 20 minutes.

For a more economical stay in Venice, try the hotels Ca’ San Giorgio (gothic building in the historic center of Venice, a 5-minute walk from Santa Lucia Train Station) the 3* hotel Al Ponte Mocenigo (prices from 80 euro / double / overnight) the 4 stars Ambasciatori Hotel Venezia (in Mestre but the bus stop for Venice is right in front of the hotel's main entrance) the more budget Hotel Giovannina (two minutes from Venice's Mestre train station) or the 3* Hotel Autoespresso in Marghera city.

Ambasciatori Hotel, Hotel Giovannina and Hotel Autoespresso are located outside the city of Venice but with on a good road connection to it.
The only disadvantage of staying outside Venice is that you miss the early morning hours of relaxation and the late evening of fun in the Venetian narrow alleys.

If you are a hostels traveller you could choose between:

Generator Venice in the heart of Venice - Fondamenta Zitelle 86, Venezia. Prices start at around € 30 per room / night and offers even more affordable rates for rooms you agree to share with others travellers.

We Crociferi hostel:
It is located in the Cannaregio area of Venice and is housed in a renovated 12th-century monastery.
It is just 100 meters away.
It is a 10-minute walk from the Rialto Bridge and the Venezia Santa Lucia train station is a 20-minute walk away. It offers a bar, a 24-hour front desk and free Wi-Fi in public areas.

Bed & Venice – Casa Per Ferie La Pieta (nothing more than what its name says, but its private rental rooms in the high tourist season, cost about 75 euros / night).

Anda Venice Hostel located 8.7 km outside the city of Venice, in Mestre, with a great location (next to a train station with direct routes to the center of Venice) and overnight accomodation rates from 15 euros.

Water Taxi Venice Water Taxί • Venice
Budget Trip to VeniceTrip to Venice

Food • drinks • entertainment:

You are wrong if you think that Venice, with the plethora of tourist shops of all kinds, has not developed any competition on food's, beverage's and entertainment's prices.

So, apart from the well-known luxury (and some quite expensive choices) for all the above, in Venice you can, simply and affordably:

Eat like a local, the best Cicheti (a combination of small Venetian traditional appetizers) in town atAll’Arco (casual ταβέρνα) near the famous Rialto Bridge, as well as fresh fish accompanied by zingy prosecco. And all those at a very cheap price (usually less than € 20, near the Rialto Bridge).

Dine light among the locals, with a local flavor, to the excellent Osteria Al Squero, near the Giudeca Canal, one of the best choices you have in the city of Venice for a quality and an economic lpass of wine or aperol spritz, beers (3 euros/glass), Cicheti from 1,40 euros / item an ideal meeting - point for vegerterians too.

By the Ponte dei Tre Archi canal, in Pizzeria Bigoleria Gnoccheria you will enjoy tasty Capricciosa pizza with porcini mushrooms and brie cheese ( price for pizzas around 8 - 9.5 euros) but also gnocchi and fresh pasta dishes and if you prefer it in the late afternoon, you will have your meal accompanied with a very beautiful sunset.

Tasty Italian food at affordable prices will also eat at the Bacaro Quebrado (3.5 euros for Spritz, 2 euros for water and 1.5 euros for a small glass of wine without an extra couver charge). His spaghetti with shrimp and mussels as well as those with meat are suggested (cost about or less than 12 euros per serving).

Eat local crepes (interesting vegan options are offerd too) in Cocaeta - Non le solite Crepes (crepa prices start from € 4.5 to 12) probably with a waiting time as it's a small place and all the crepes are cooked by the owner and his passion at the exact time.
Finish your mini meal with a delicious tiramisu.

Try tasty and affordable street food, homemade sandwiches and excellent cheeses and sausages, accompanied by local wines and overlooking the quiet canal. All in the small but welcoming La Bottiglia - Local Street Food.
But at El Refolo you will find the same options, (except for the canal view as it is in a central part of town) and you can combine them with a very economical glass of Spritz.

Tast the delicious tapas suggestion, accompanied by a glass of wine, in the small in space but great in ideas and competitive prices Bacareto Da Lele near the train station to eat a nice and economical Italian pasta with pesto or duck for about 6 euros / dish at Bigoi Venezia and finish your meal with a delicious Italian ice cream as a dessert at Suso Gelatoteca - hidden in a small arcade, just a few meters from the Rialto Bridge (we distinguished the ice cream flavors of peanut, mango, toffee candy and dark chocolate) with prices less than 5 euros for 3 (large) ice cream balls.

Take advantage of the happy hour's cheaper prices of the famous (and full of bars) street of Bacari, drinking proseco and small glasses of wine at a price near to € 0.60 / each.

Trip to Venice Lily in Venice • On a budget

Affordable attractions:

Some of Venice's most famous attractions can be visited on a cheap entrance ticket or for no money at all.

The entrance to the magnificent interior of St. Mark's Basilica is totaly free. Built in 828 AD, this architectural wonder (basilicasanmarco.it) is clad with precious marbles from Syria, Egypt and Palestine and more than 8500 square meters of mosaic gold.

Free guided tours organized by the Diocese from April to October, explain the theological symbols in the mosaics and a cheap ticket of 2 gives you access to Pala d'Oro, where you will find the precious coffin of St. Mark.

If you choose to climb the bell tower of St. Mark, you'll have to pay an entrance of 8 € but the view of the beautiful Venice from above is worthless.

In the famous opera of Venice (which has recently been renovated) you can make a small tour of the Teatro La Fenice in just 10€/pax. For more information and to be informed about its unique performances, click to Teatro La Fenice di Venezia.

Likewise, beyond the Grand Canal, the magnificent architecture of the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute in Longhena is also something you can visit for free.
The unusual structure of the octagonal dome is similar to the Greco-Roman gods and it has been said to have mystical healing properties. The sacristy (entrance ticket 3 €) a miracle within a miracle, containing 12 masterpieces of the famous Italian (the most important member of the 16th-century Venetian school) painter Titian.

Many Venetian churches, such as La Salute, contain invaluable works of art and are worth visiting, especially with a combined ticket - Pass Chorus (adult fare 12 € - reduced ticket 8 €, valid for 1 year, which can be purchased online from chorusvenezia.org) and which provides you access to 16 churches, including I Frari and San Sebastiano.
Without this combined ticket, you will have to pay about € 2.50 to € 3 per person separate for each visit.

Fee walking tours in Venice you will find, as well as paid walking tours.
Depending on the quality of the translation, the consistency of the tour guide and the purpose of the tour, you can choose between free or paid.

But as I promised you before that I will reaveal you all the economic ways to get to know Venice, I made below a short list of free walking tours (with a free guide):

Free Tour Venice
Free Walk in Venice
Venice Free Walking Tour

But for many - beyond the sights, the bustling canals and the streets full of shops and tourists - the true beauty of Venice and its priceless value is the city itself: An architectural masterpiece of floating palaces built of Istrian stone.
Grab a map of Venice and wander around its narrow alleys.

Paved streets from Piazza San Marco, such as Calle Larga XXII Marzo and Frezzaria, are filled with jewelers, antique shops, glass trade shops, art galleries and fashion shows.

The commercial galleries where you pay no entrance fee, like Galleria Traghetto as well as Galleria La Salizada, present all about the Italian contemporary art and photography.

In San Pólo, the frescoes of the Ruga degli Orefici protect the famous Attombri glass while its fishermen and peasants continue to expose their merchandise to a timeless spectacle for the 700-year-old Rialto's outdoor market.

Βενετία | Venice Browsing at the Rialto Market gives a real flavour of local life Rialto © Richard I'Anson / Lonely Planet / Getty Imagesα

Cheap transportation:

To find out how you can get to Venice from the airport and figure out what's good for your trip's budget check here.

Be aware that the cheapest way to reveal Venice's secrets - within the city - is definitely on foot. So wear your comfortable and stylish shoes (you are not too far from Milan, don't forget about style) and get ready for a long walk.

If you are not in a walking mood in order to discover every secret spot of Venice on foot, there are more coastal (other than gondolas) solutions that you can find at a very affordable price.
So let's get started:

You can cross the Grand Canal with a water-friendly sea-bus.
So a 3.5 km journey from the No1 or No2 waterbus under the Grand Canal, which offers a fantastic city tour, costs only 7 € per person, giving you the chance to see about 50 palaces, six churches and scenes featured in four Bond films and more than one thousand years of history, from the fantastic Venetian Gothic Ca 'd'Oro to the neo-classical Palazzo Grassi.

Also, if you insist on a ride on the waterways of Venice with the picturesque gondola instead of paying 80 € / person for a half-hour walk, try to find in the Tu.Ri.Ve summer or winter gondola's tour deals at the price of 49€ / person.

On the same site you will find different types of guided tours at very low prices, from Walking Tours to Venice's less touristic streets, authentic Venetian food and aperitif tours, entrances and guided sightseeing tours without waiting in the huge lines (queues) to even legendary walks based on ancient myths and beliefs about the ghosts of Venice.

Trip | Venice Lily in Venice • Italy on a budget

• Where exactly is Venice and how will you get there?

The nearest airport to Venice is the Venice Marco Polo VCE airport (7 miles or 8 kilometers from the city center) but there is also Treviso airport (19 miles north of Venice) where the most economy flights and air companies usually land and which is located about 70 minutes away by car from Piazzale Roma (the main road of Venice).

Treviso airport connects to Piazzale Roma Terminal with the ATVO bus (70-minute route at a cost of 12 € one way or 22 € on a return ticket).
Public buses usually wait for delayed inbound flights - so their route schedule may not always be right on time.

From Marco's Polo airport you can reach the city of Venice either on 4 wheels or by the sea. Bus travel is faster and cheaper but the choice of boat is much more in Venice style (and expensive, as a water taxi for a 25 minute journey like this, charges a small group of people approximately 100 euros - and the owner of the sea taxi is not allowed to leave his boat and come out to help you with the suitcases).

Returning to the most economy suggestion of the airport bus to the city of Venice, from Marco Polo airport there is the ATVO express which does not stop on the way and reaches Venice's center (specifically on Piazzale Roma) in 20 minutes.
The ticket (€ 8 one way and € 15 on return) can be purchased at the airport, at ATVO machines or on the internet.
Correspondingly to go to the airport, you can buy the ticket in the city center.

There is also another budget bus of ACTV line 5 which will take you from the Venice Marco Polo VCE airport to the center of the town. Tickets for this bus cost almost the same price like those of the ATVO buses and can be bought even in the coffee shops where you can buy newspapers called Tabacchi (with a big T letter over them).

Lily's Suggestion: The ticket on the ACTV bus line 5 should be validated within the bus via a ticket machine - if you insist on preferring this bus but frankly I would suggest you to pick ATVO express which offers you free wi-fi, it's faster and have a bigger space for your luggages.

Finally, if you travel e.g. 4 people without a lot of suitcases (so they can be transported by a single car), you can share the cost of a taxi to / from Marco Polo airport which will cost about 45 euros (the total price for all you four).

Map of Venice • Italy

• Summarizing on a economical trip to Venice:

Solutions exist - for a budget trip to Venice - even when "money doesn't exist".

Read carefully all the above information, send me your own comments or queries if you want here with an optimistic mood, avoid the summer for your visit (and with that you will avoid excessive humidity day and night, a slight stench, mosquitoes and many flies) and get ready for a very - very beautiful trip - a quite memorable experience.

• Important note:

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♡ Thank you all for your trust and support!
💋 Kisses from the beautiful Venice in Italy!

Love Always
Lily (WasHere)

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