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What face creams have I been using daily for the last month?
A combination of Korres and Vichy:
February 27, 2021

✍ Tomorrow is my best friend's birthday (normally of course it is on February 29, so he officially grows up every four years for that and he remains a child).

So as I was thinking that "we all grow up very fast" (except as we said from my best friend and other people born on the same date) and on the occasion of one of your last three questions that you have sent me for reviewing face creams that I have mentioned in the past, I thought it could be a good idea to let me inform you about the new combination of face creams and serums (in this case) that I have been using for the last month.

◉ And the reason for that is because they are new products - which I haven't mentioned to you in the past again - and in this combination they give me a very good result that I would like to share both for you to know about it and for me to remember it in the future and to try it again.

Korres Black Pine Serum 3D Lifting Serum and Vichy Liftactiv Supreme face creams

Lily's Tips: So today I will talk to you about the beauty combination of a Korres serum with both Vichy Liftactiv Supreme day and night creams.

Maybe - I say maybe - Vichy Liftactiv Supreme creams by themselves would not have excited me so much as a result, if I hadn't used them with the serum (with which I am clearly excited) Black Pine by the Greek company Korres.

What exactly excited me about the Anti-Wrinkle Firming & Face Lifting 3D Serum 3D BLACK PINE Contour Correction by KORRES?

I'll tell you right away.

Even if I apply it on my face and neck only at night (with gentle circular movements and a light finger massage) and not in the morning too, every time before my Vichy Liftactiv Supreme anti-wrinkle cream, it leaves my skin very - very soft the next morning, as if it has a thin velvety layer of silk from hydration on.

Not oily.

Hydrated, with a great feeling and texture.

And the reason why I am so sure that this wonderful result is mainly due to the lifting serum of Korres is because during this month that I apply the serum every day, even if I tested a different night cream and not Vichy after the application, the result the next morning was awesome once more.

In addition, I note that I leave an extra 3-5 minutes after applying the serum on my skin before applying the day or night cream in order for it to be absorbed by my skin and not be clogged by the two creams in a row (it might be a wrong reasoning or explanation but I speak from my experience and based on what works with it and not as a beautician or a dermatologist).

Vichy Liftactiv Supreme day and night creams are good, I tried to use them alone without the Black Pine seroum but they did NOT give me the final desired result of hydration and texture, the following morning.
It felt as if my skin was extra thirsty - it didn't pull me though - but it was a different sensation, not this perfect combination I was used to the days before.

During the last month that I've been using the combination of Liftactiv Supreme from Vichy on the top of the excellent KORRES BLACK PINE & Lifting Face Serum 3D, I've seen a difference in my skin, both in density and in texture, hydration and a slight facelift - meaning that soft face wrinkles and tiny expression wrinkles are almost gone.

Also, after cleansing my skin well, I apply the Black Pine serum with a gentle finger massage on my face and neck, I wait for it to be absorbed and then I apply Vichy Liftactiv Supreme cream, I sometimes feel small light tightening moves on my skin and maybe this will give the final result of a soft facelift (not very intense or easily discernible, most people will probably not understand anything when they'll see you but I believe you will definitely see it and you will feel the improvement of you face's texture both in appearance and in the touch of your skin).

If you have tried this serum and those face creams too, either together or in a beauty combination, send me your opinion and your own review, I will be happy to know what you think about it.

Korres Black Pine Serum 3D Lifting Serum and Vichy Liftactiv Supreme face creams

Where to find these products online at the cheapest price:

"Firming & Lifting Face Serum 3D BLACK PINE " from KORRES:
— At ToFarmakeioMou στην Αθήνα (Χαϊδάρι) από 18,59€
— At Realpharmacy στο κέντρο της Αθήνας (Εξάρχεια) από 19,95€
— At Carelife στις Σέρρες από 20€
— At Greenpharmacy24 στη Μονεμβάσια από 20,05€
— At Beautamins στην Αθήνα (Νέος Κόσμος) από 20,54€

"Liftactiv Supreme" Anti-wrinkle and firming day care cream 50ml by Vichy:
— At ToFarmakeioMou in Athens (Haidari region) from €19.80
— At PharmacyDiscount in Athens (Anoixi) from €20.11
— At BoxPharmacy in Thessaloniki from €21.09

— At WeCare in Preveza Greece (Filipiada region) from €21.15

Anti-Wrinkle Cream and Firming Night Care "Liftactiv Supreme" by Vichy:
— At PharmacyDiscount in Athens (Anoixi) from €20.57
— At ToFarmakeioMou in Athens (Haidari region) from €20.58

— At WeCare in Preveza (Filipiada region) from €21.43

Send me your comments or shops you've found those specific products at an even better price here.

Korres Black Pine Serum 3D Lifting Serum and Vichy Liftactiv Supreme face creams


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