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✍️ It has been a whole year already since the Covid-19 appeared in the worldwide stage and brought our lives upside down, maybe a little more for the lives of those who love to travel and wandering around in new places.

◉ But how can we travel during these dangerous times and be completely safe?

And here is the point where the technology comes to give a solution again to the difficulties of our lives and to travel us online from our living room, our bedroom, our kitchen or from any other place of our house that we prefer, as long as we have a good wi-fi internet connection and of course the mood to travel.

So below I mention you some internet applications that will offer a different perspective to your daily life, they will make you a little forgot about the restrictions of lockdown and a lot to feel that somehow - at least - you finally-travel again while you are safe.

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Online travel due to CovidOnline trip to the Feroes Islands - See it here

Travel Apps:

My best five applications and why

1. Google Arts & Culture:

In this famous Google app you will find group virtual tours of hundreds of the world's best galleries and museums - from MoMA in New York and the Uffizi in Florence to the Acropolis Museum in Athens.

Although this application is more famous for its museums, it also hosts panoramic videos of art installations, historical events and very interesting theatrical performances.
And the best of all?
You will have to pay zero price for the cost of the tickets while you will clearly avoid the endless queues and the incessant tourist crowds that you would meet on your way in another case.

2. Google Earth app:

Have you ever dreamed of standing in front of the Taj Mahal, entering the Blue House of Hong Kong, looking at the famous pyramids of Egypt straight ahead or standing facing the Eiffel Tower in Paris from all the right corners?

Google’s Earth ‘street mode’ displays 3D cityscapes allowing users to discover streets and landmarks from ground level - without having to package their suitcase or even leave their living room.

You can practically travel anywhere in the world and see a snapshot of what that street, landscape looks like as if you were there yourself.

3. Drive and listen app:

Do you feel that you have forgotten for a while the incredible feeling of roadtrip or travel by car and driving to the busy streets of the big cities, where - if you are not lost - you watch the daily life of the locals unfolding around you while listening to a song of the local radio station inside from your car - at the same time?

In this case this travel app is made especially for you.
Drive & Listen, a new app by Turkish student Erkam Şeker, allows anyone to take a virtual road ride in one of the app's 38 available cities, enjoying the sights and sounds of the street as well as local radio stations, as he said in his interview with Lonely Planet.

This application leads you to small travel wanderings on the streets of international cities such as Paris, Rome, Havana, Miami, Barcelona, New York, London, Beijing, Istanbul, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, Nice, France and many others.

Unfortunately it doesn't include (yet at least) any Greek cities such as e.g. our Athens or Thessaloniki.
Do you think that the nationality of the neighbor - developer is responsible for this and he hasn’t included Greece within?
I personally want to believe that it's an unlucky choice he made.

However, if you want to experience this online travel experience, visit the application here: driveandlisten

4. Fly and listen:

Equivalent to “Drive and Listen” app is the “Fly and Listen” application.
The only difference is that here your point of perspective changes and instead of from the road, you see tourist spots from the air, with the help of a drone. In this application you will already find Athens within.

With the “Fly and Listen” app you can fly all over the world while listening to the local music from the most famous radios in each country (140 countries in total are included).
More than 10,000 radios and countless selected aerial videos will take you to some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in our world.

See the “Fly and Listen” application and what it can offer you on a psychologically level when you miss your travels - here:

5. Window Swap app:

With the web application Window - Swap you will be instantly transported to the windowsill of a random stranger for up to 10 minutes.

If you are bored and want to see something else, just click the button(Open a new window somewhere in the world) and you will find yourself in a completely different window - of some other random stranger in the world.

Unfortunately this application dosn't allow you to choose where you would like to be transported but this is also the unexpected element that makes it somewhat interesting, do you agree?

Do you want more?

Here are some extra links to web tours, travel guides and internet videos.

• Acropolis
Virtual tour of the Acropolis of Athens.

• Discover Ireland
Everything about Ireland in a YouTube video.

• Japan VR
A 360-degree virtual tour of Japan that takes you to all the top spots and highlights you need to experience in the country.

• Google Earth National Park Tours
Visit the most famous US National Parks via Google Earth.

• A Tour of the Sistine Chapel
An online tour of the Chapel of the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

• Faroe Islands
A technology-assisted online travel to the Faroe Islands.

• Lights Over Lapland
For some stunning images from the Aurora Borealis in Norway.

• Chile 360
Here you can download an application that provides 360 degree tours in the country of Chile.

• AirPano Mount Everest
This app will show you a 360 degree view of the Everest Mountain.

• Virtual Yosemite
Virtual tour of the Yosemite National Park in the United States, so famous for its waterfalls, towering granite monoliths and its beautiful valleys.

• AirPano Zhangjiajie National Forest
Photos taken from above, of the famous Zhangjiajie National Forest in China.

• AirPano Namib Desert
Travel to the top of the dunes in the Namib Desert of Namibia.

• Cincinnati Zoo Videos
Lots of wild life videos from the Cincinnati Zoo.

• Tennessee Aquarium Live Cams
See what the animals and the fish of the famous aquarium are doing.

• Travel Guide to Seattle
Travel information for Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

• Broadway HD
Your favorite Broadway's show in HD quality.

• The British Museum
An online tour of the British Museum (where unfortunately the famous Parthenon Marbles are still on display instead of the Greek Acropolis Museum where they belong).

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💋 Stay safe, travel safe!

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