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Eat sushi in Nea Smyrni?
(A review on this sushi restaurant)
ΝΑΚΑΜΑ Nea Smyrni:

✍️ Small interior space with a nice sushi bar with high stools right in front and an almost open kitchen. I say Almost - because although you see the Asian chefs preparing the sushi, you can't see their hands while they are doing it.

Within the restaurant you can't smoke but Nakama casual sushi bar in Nea Smyrni also offers the possibility of outdoor tables with heating from special stoves - if the weather is not warm enough on its own. At the restaurant's exterior you can smoke.

The disadvantages on the Nakama sushi bar and restaurant in Nea Smyrni is that the available tables for lunch or dinner are quite small, especially if they want to eat 2 people, and they look more like coffee tables than tables for sushi.

If you order many plates with sushi, with so little free space available on the table top, the waitress have to bring you the dishes one by one because thay simply:
Don't fit in all together!
This is a quite uncomfortable situation for food and it's not pleasant at all, especially if you have ordered all the sushi dishes together.

The people working in the service are kind and helpful. But I do not think they have yet developed extraordinary speeds in delivering the sushi but we did not feel any delay while we were eating in the store.

Sushi prices are very good and inexpensive and although it's not the best sushi I had ever eat, almost everything from the menu we've tried so far was quite delicious and superior to taste and quality of its price.

This quality and affordable price in favor of quality and taste that you can enjoy them at a lower price than what we have used to so far, is an extremely attractive advantage that somehow weakens slightly the severity of negative elements of the indoor area on this restaurant.

Mind beafore ordering from the menu some sauces or special servings tops that can decorate a few sushi foods, especially if you have a more sensitive stomach.
The gray walls and chairs facing them before the very small dining tables don't make the dine in experience pleasant.

You may say I am too obsessive or just obsessive, but as long as you decide to decorate your restaurant with indoor plants, it's best for all that the plants aren't dusty, especially if they are next to (the very small) tables where you are eating.

Nakama Sushi Nea Smirni Nakama Sushi Nea Smirni
View of the indoor space of the restaurant Nakama Casual Sushi Bar in Nea Smyrni, Athens
Nakama Sushi Nea Smirni Photo • FB: Nakama Sushi

What we ate from the menu:

During our first visit to the Nakama Sushi restaurant in Nea Smyrni, we ordered the following sushi dishes from the menu:

1. Inside out rolls:
Rainbow rolls
Sushi rolls with crab stuffing, avocado, cucumber and on the top tuna, shrimp and sea bass.
8 pieces.
Price of this dish: 5,50 euros

2. Inside out rolls:
Salmon teriyaki rolls
Sushi rolls με καβούρι, αβοκάντο και σολομό με teriyaki sauce.
8 pieces.
Price of this dish: 5,50 euros

3. Nakama rolls:
Sushi rolls tempura with ebi shrimp, avocado, pepper and mango sauce.
10 pieces.
Price of this dish: 6,50

4. Nakama rolls:
Sushi rolls with black rice, salmon, crab and dynamite sauce.
Price of this dish: 6,50 euros
(this are the sushi rolls we've ordered twice in the same night as we thought they have a delicious taste).

5. Nigiri:
Nigiri salmon
Rice with salmon fillet.
3 pieces.
Price of this dish: 3,50

Food cost per person:

In total (without any wine) we ordered (for 2 people) sushi of 34,10 euros and with 2 glasses of white wine of 3 € each (not something extremely tasty) we paid almost 40 euros (20 euros per person).

But we (as some people claim) might eat more quantities than the average peron.
On the other hand, maybe those who claim that at NAKAMA Sushi bars you can eat well for 10 euros per person, they don't seem to be quite objective about.

However, the full menu of Nakama casual sushi bar for ordering in the store for delivery or simply for a price check you can find it here

Nakama Sushi Nea Smirni Nakama Sushi Nea Smirni
Nakama Sushi Nea Smyrni Photo • FB: Nakama Sushi N. Smirni

Casual Sushi Bars:

• ΝΑΚΑΜΑ Sushi Nea Smyrni:
El. Venizelou 44, Nea Smyrni, 171 22 Athens
Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday
13:00 - 00:00
Contact Information:
Telephone: (+0030) 210 9373243
Facebook: nakama.nea.smyrni
Official website:

Restaurant's map: ΝΑΚΑΜΑ Sushi • Nea Smyrni

• ΝΑΚΑΜΑ Sushi Kolonaki:
5, Massalias street, Kolonaki, 106 80 Athens
Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday
13:00 - 00:00
Contact information:
Telephone: (+0030) 210 3616053
Facebook: nakama.nea.smyrni
Official website:

Restaurant's map: ΝΑΚΑΜΑ Sushi • Kolonaki

The first visit to Makama's casual sushi restaurant in Nea Smyrni took place:
on Friday 11 January 2019 after 20.00.

While there was a phone call for a reservation for 2 pax on the same day (a very polite gentleman took the phone reservation) when we arrived at the spot all the proposed tables were only One) right next to the entrance door which wasn't a good idea because it was quite cold outside this January's night and the Second) was right next to the stairs of the toilet (and the dusty indoor plant).

On my second visit on February 2019, I wrote to the WhereIsLilyNow e-diary page:

Today I had an an after work sushi and the opportunity to re-examine the location and the food of Nakama Sushi Bar in Nea Smirni. Fortunately, even if I still don't go crazy on its decoration, I was able to confirm that the sushi this casual restaurant offers at a very good price is sometimes good enough and worthwhile to turn a blind eye to its interior design. Besides that, the thing with the interior decoration issue maybe is a little bit subjective and you might find this place beautiful and interesting to your aesthetics.

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