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Potato chips with barbeque flavour
Date: June 8, 2019
Tsipers Chips Barbeque:

✍️ We are glad to announce to you (before anyone else) that the well-known Chipita company with the Molto croissants, the fresh potato chips and so many other food products on the Greek market that occupies a special place in our hearts (and especially in the hearts of our children) will now produce a new fresh taste in an already existing product.

Which product and flavor is it?

After the successful launch of the new Molto croissant with a cream-biscuit filling (which we first announced you at comes the new spicy taste of Barbeque flavor in our favorite Tsipers potatoes to take off our summer days.

Wavy potato chips with barbeque flavour - Tsipers Tsipers Barbeque Chips
Wavy potato chips with barbeque flavour - Tsipers Tsipers Barbeque Chips
Wavy potato chips with barbeque flavour - Tsipers Tsipers Barbeque Chips

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The new Barbeque (flavoured) Tsipers potato chips - as an idea - is not really that new.

Apart from the fact that Chipita, the company which produces them, had it back in its products list also in the past (so it's now being re-released on the market), the barbecue flavor is now a little bit better known to all of us, for its sweet and spicy flavor character.

The same company has so far offered to the market the Wavy Tsipers Chips: Classic flavor and Oregano taste, in which (approximately in the next 10 days) will be added officially (once again) the Barbeque (flavor).

The positive thoughts of the taste test (before officially anyone can find this product in the Greek market) of the new Wavy Tsipers Barbeque potato chips are:

Fresh and crispy, they create a delicious addiction (What are we going to do with our beach body this year?)

You don't easily find these black potatoes chips (which look like damaged) in their packaging, which certifies that the potatoes - as an original product - are actually carefully selected and of very good quality.

The negative review of this particular tasting test of the new Wavy Tsipers Barbeque potato chips is:

It should be slightly less sweet and a bit hotter to provide the spicy flavor of the Barbeque taste taht we love - even better.

All we have to do now is to see how seriously the producer-company will take the above reviews and what flavor changes - corrections will be made to this product before it is everywhere in the market.

The suggested retail price of Tsipers Barbeque Chips is expected to be 0.50 cents for 55 grams of product and will initially be offered with + 35% free potato chips on every packaging.

Finally, we remind you that the Tsipers aPotato Chips are among the very few potato chips that you can buy from the Greek market Without Preservatives.
That's why they have a maximum expiration date of 2 months.

Wavy potato chips with barbeque flavour - Tsipers Tsipers Barbeque Chips
Wavy Tsipers Barbeque Chips flavour Tsipers Barbeque Chips
Tsipers Barbeque Chips Tsipers Barbeque Chips

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