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HoReCa exhibition
(Review on this trade show)
HoReCa 2019:

✍️ As we have explained again (in the related presentation - review of the HoReCa 2016), the origin name of this huge greek exhibition means:

Ho: from Hotel
Re: from Restaurant and
Ca: from Catering.

That's why the right way to write this is Ho.Re.Ca. or simply HoReCa.

So briefly I will also make known (or just remind to those who already know) that Ho.Re.Ca. is one of the largest annual exhibitions on the Greek tourism industry that manages to gather thousands of visitors every year at the Metropolitan Expo center, near Athens' Eleftherios Venizelos Airport.

HoReCa hosts lots of interesting special events on coffee, food and beverages as well as on hotel equipment, hotel furniture and web marketing.

This year the expo was also held at the Metropolitan Expo (near the airport) and lasted 4 days - from Friday 8th to Monday 11th February.

HORECA 2019 HoReCa Expo 2019
View of the Metropolitan Expo
HORECA 2019 HoReCa Expo 2019

Lily's tips:

Exhibitors and events that I stood out during this expo:

HoReCa's special events
and highlights

HoReCa 2019 expo | Beer and Spirits show Beer & Spirits show

1. Beer and Spirits Show
Favorite highlights:

• How can we successfully combine rum with chocolate and offer to the customers bar of our bar or of a hotel business, a new dining experience.

HoReCa 2019 expo | Coffee Events HoReCa|Coffee Events

2. Coffee Events
Favorite highlights:

• I had the chance to attend on the finals of the national championship SCA Greece for the promotion of the Greek Barista.

HoReCa 2019 expo | Beer HoReCa|Beer Day

3. ​Beer Day
Favorite highlights:

• That day was Sunday. But every other day during this exhibition there were promoters around the place, offering you a glass of beer to taste.

Beer day was an event devoted to beer and the development of Greek breweries with speeches and tasting tests, proposals and information on beer production and ways of serving it.

HoReCa 2019 expo | Gastronomy Forum HoReCa|Gastronomy Forum

4. Gastronomy Forum
My favorite highlights:

• An event that referred to the gastronomic identity of Greek touristic (or not so touristic) areas as well as the raw materials of traditional Greek recipes.
In this Gastronomy Forum I was impressed by the presentation (chef Miltos Giannou/Monday 11 February) on new trends and various raw seafood cooking techniques.

HoReCa 2019 expo | Web hotel event HoReCa|Web hotel event

5. Web hotel
My favorite highlights:

• This event was about the hotel's modern digital presence. From Web Hotel's presentations, I watched the one (from the travel author Dimitris Stathopoulos who) referred to the correct ways of managing the reviews of TripAdvisor, which I personally found very interesting. Unfortunately not many other visitors to the exhibition find it intresting too, as I didn't see much involvement in monitoring this event.

More photos|HoReCa Events:

HoReCa 2019 expo | Mamos Beer HoReCa|Mamos Beer Patra Achaia Greece
Mamos Pilsener beer from Patra (Achaia)
HoReCa expo The Wagon Bar HoReCa|The Wagon Bar
Horeca Expo stand: The Wagon Mobile Bar.
Lafazanis Wines Exhibition HoReCa|Lafazanis
Lafazanis Winery presentation in the expo
Lafazanis Winery HoReCa HoReCa|Lafazanis
From Lafazanis (Nemea) Peloponnese Winery stand. Lafazanis is one of the most modern wineries in Greece. Its annual production capacity reaching the 5.000 tons.
HoReCa expo | Batavia - Greek spices HoReCa|Greek spices
Batavia spices | Greek gastronomy
Greek gastronomy events HoReCa|Greek gastronomy
Another Horeca expo food stand
Greek meat gastronomy events - The Food Baller HoReCa|Greek gastronomy
Horeca Expo stand: The Food Baller.
HoReCa expo | The Foodballer HoReCa|The Foodballer
MTradeSolutions | Greek gastronomy
Greek gastronomy events | Horeca expo Lavazza coffee HoReCa|Lavazza
Horeca's expo coffee stand
Greek gastronomy events | Horeca expo Kimbo coffee HoReCa|Kimbo coffee
Coffee was the king in the 1st hall
HoReCa expo | Greek kitchen equipment HoReCa|Equipment
Kitchen utensils | Hotel+ Restaurant
HoReCa exhibition |  Deco equipment HoReCa|Art Deco
Horeca expo deco stand
HoReCa exhibition |  Deco equipment HoReCa|Art Deco
Another Horeca deco stand
HoReCa expo | Art mediterranean Hotel equipment HoReCa|Hotel equipment
HoReCa expo | Hotel equipment HoReCa|Hotel Equipment
HoReCa exhibition | Hotel rooms equipment furniture Hotel Equipment Furniture
Art Deco | Hotel Equipment Furniture Hotel Equipment Furniture
Art Deco | Hotel Equipment Furniture Hotel Equipment Furniture
HoReCa exhibition | Multihome lights HoReCa|Multihome Lights
Tailor made deco lights Tailor made deco lights
Sunset Eleftherios Venizelos Airport Athens Metropolitan expo sunset
Airplane sunset Airplane in the sunset

HoReCa exhibition:

HoReCa's Website:


Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, Spata – Attica.
Post address:
Building 603A, 19019
P.O. box: 80072
Contact Information:
Telephone: (+0030) 210 3542900


Getting there:

The exhibition center METROPOLITAN EXPO is located at the end of Attiki Odos (see map) and access to it is quite easy given the variety of transportation means, from Metro, to bus or car.


By car:

Visitors can access METROPOLITAN EXPO via Attiki Odos Expressway, 2 km after the terminals at Eleftherios Venizelos airport. METROPOLITAN EXPO has two parking areas in front of its two entrances, where visitors can park their cars (5,500 FREE parking spaces). Trade show personnel will supervise the parking areas and will be in charge of traffic control. Metropolitan Expo Coordinates 37° 57′ 10.00″ North 23° 57′ 29.00″ East.

Public Transportation:

Metro: Metro station Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” Line 3 – Aigaleo / Monastiraki / Doukissis Plakentias / Airport
Suburban Railway: Station Athens International, Neratziotissa – Doukissis Plakentias / Airport
By bus: All the express public buses servicing the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” (X92-Kifissia, Χ93-Kifissos-Liosia Intercity bus (Ktel), Χ94-Syntagma, Χ96-Piraeus, Χ97-Dafni)
Intercity bus (Ktel): Connection to the port of Rafina, Markopoulo, Keratea, Kalyvia and Lavrio.

Free Shuttle Bus Service for Visitors:

Those who wish to reach the exhibition center by Metro or any bus that stops at the entrance of “El. Venizelos” airport, need to proceed to the exhibition center bus station, situated across the entrance of the hotel “Sofitel” and at the airport arrival level (in front of Exit 2); shuttle buses will transfer visitors for free to and from the trade show every ten minutes. Furthermore, HORECA shuttle buses will transfer visitors for free to and from Doukissis Plakentias Metro station.

Exhibitors' Parking:

At the perimeter of the Exhibition Center’s halls for the best service of the exhibitors, there will be free parking where the exhibitors will enter by displaying their card. Moreover, METROPOLITAN EXPO has two parking areas in front of the two entrances, which will serve the visitors of the exhibition. A specialist workshop will oversee the parking areas and at the same time make all the necessary traffic arrangements.

The Organizer:

• Forum S.A.:
Trade Shows and Publications
328 Vouliagmenis Ave, Agios Dimitrios, Athens.
P.C.: 17342
Contact Information:
Telephone: (+0030) 210 5242100

Forum S.A. • Athens


More reviews of the HoReCa international exhibition:

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