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I've tried the Hangover Goody's burger offer pack
with potatoes and soft drink at € 4.90

Goody's Burger • HANGOVER:
February 7, 2020

✍️ Goody's - the Greek Fast Food chain - created the Hangover burger, at the Goody's Burger House(s).

And what am I doing?
I taste it for you.

You should know before you try too.

Is it good? Well cooked?

And the most important thing:
Is it delicious and if so at what price can you order it?

Read below - without fear and passion - a sincere review on everything you need to know before trying out Goody's Hangover Burger.

Hangover Burger | Goody's burger house Hangover Burger | Goody's burger house

Lily's Tips:

What is it made from? | Is it tasteful?

Goody's Hangover Burgers are made with the famous Goody's soft burger bread along with bacon, fried egg, melted cheddar cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise & the Original Hellmann's BBQ sauce.

Are they delicious?

As a combination it is enough tasteful - unless you have an egg issue.
Personally I like the egg - which is why I might be overly demanding - and in this burger I would like it to be a bit better fried because when you open the burger package it is almost unlikely that the egg yolk hasn't been spilled anywhere, spoiling initially the appearance of the burger and overlaying most of the rest ingredients.

Also, ideally the bacon could be a little more crispy but we shouldn't have too many expectations from a fast-food meal, right?
Though I honestly don't like to think like that and you can blame me for High Hope but I would actually enjoy to eat a crispy fast-food bacon as it would be so unique and special.

Eating Burger Potatoes | Goody's burger house Eating Burger's Potatoes | Goody's

Burger's price? Is it Value for money?

Goody's Hangover Burger with ingredients like bacon, fried egg, melted Cheddar cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise & Original Hellmann's BBQ sauce, I honestly think (and compared to other burger prices in the rest of the Greek food markets) at the price of 3,80 it is definitely worth the money.

It may not be the huge "Hollywood" Burger you might imagine from its promotional photos of the fast food chain but my friend, for just €3.80 - when a cheese pie on the street costs €2.80 to give just €1 more (and sitting in the shop - if you want it) in oder to eat a burger with cheese, bacon and egg - Yeah, it's definitely worth it!

And if you are a official member of the Goody's Club you can often enjoy your Hangover Burger (like so many other burgers) at special price offers, such as the one that runs right now at Goody's Burger Houses right now including a soft drink of your choice, french fries/potatoes and of course your burger and it will cost you €4.90 - as you can see in the photos below that I took yesterday from my meal.

How do you become a member of Goody's Club?

It's very easy.
You can do it yourself in advance or you can do it on the spot, at Goody's Cashier before your order is completed, asking the cashier to send you a message link to your mobile phone (by clicking) at the same time (unless you have an Internet connection or MB Internet, use the free internet provided by Goody's) and you're ready!

Every = next - time you want to use your Goody's membership card to take advantage of a lower price or a discount - either by a phone order or in a store order - just give your mobile number to the person who orders it for you and your discount is valid!

Simple as that!

Without the stress of carrying discount cards, coupons or other discount papers you might forget to take with you!

Hangover Burger | Goody's burger houseHangover | Goody's burger house
Hangover Burger | Goody's burger houseHangover | Goody's burger house

Hangover Burger | Goody's burger houseHangover | Goody's burger house
Hangover Burger | Goody's burger houseHangover | Goody's burger house

Info: My visit and taste review of the Hangover Burger in an affordable package of potatoes and soft drinks at € 4.90 took place on 06/02/2020 at the Goody's Burger House store of the homonymous Fast Food chain, located at 70, Andrea Sygrou Avenue, Athens. 117 42 and the service from the staff was impeccable.

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💋 Kisses!

Love Always
Lily (WasHere)


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