December 2020

Thursday 31
• December 31, 2020
Athens, Greece
Was 2020 a year or a century?

Usually those are the days when we all used to reconsider our actions and lessons we've learned through the passing year but this year, there aren't really too many things to say about 2020, as this year spoke for itself (and didn't behave right or polite). I am sure you've already understood how this year was for me and we all have our bitter or strange stories to share, maybe some stories we all want to forget - so I won't spend one more moment of this year feeding again its ego. I'll move forward. We should all do and try to have the best version of ourselves and our lives in the new year 2021! No matter if you are spending tonight on your own, with your family or friends, I hope you'll have your best time to relax and breath and live the best version of your story. Don't forget that tonight you can enjoy via YouTube Jean-Michel Jarre's Virtual Live Concert in Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris, France. I believe it's going to be MAJESTIC. Happy New Year Everyone!

Wednesday 23
Travel In Greece with Lily Theakou
• December 23, 2020
Athens, Greece
Feels like forever ago

I perfectly know we are heading up on the last week of 2020 and probably I should already had ready a summary of the lessons I’ve learnt this rough year but to be absolutely honest I got nothing. It’s been a long period where we all had to face so many difficulties and some of us so many human losses too. I only feel two things for sure: Blessed that I, my family and my best friends are still alive and healthy and pretty exhausted. With the pandemic still raging it’s getting hard to believe we’re not in a simulation that’s running every possible scenario at once, even worse It’s hard to believe this won’t happen too in the new year. I’ve been looking through my old travel pictures and all those carefree moments and they really feel like they are forever ago. I truly hope for the best, the brightest future scenario in our lives. So as a pre-Christmas post I don’t want to share a moody photo with the Christmas tree and so on but this specific summer-happy photo (at Sarakiniko beach in Milos island, Greece), as a bright new wish. Have fun, take care of yourselves and your loved ones, S T A Y A L I V E. We'll kick it next year. We’ll surely do.

Saturday 19
When I was a Tree - Greek Book by Ifigenia Vita
• December 19, 2020
Athens, Greece
"When I was a Tree" Greek Book by Ifigenia Vita

If you live in Greece and you can't think any precious gift to offer to someone you truly love at those holidays, the best children's book of my last 15 years (at least), I read it this summer and everything that made me think, keeps my heart really warm through this difficult winter.
🎁 You can buy the "When I Was A Tree" book by Ifigenia Vita for your kids or your favorite adults at: (price 10.80)
• (10.80)
• (10) and in many other bookstores as well as
• through (from 10.80). I bought it (at 10.80) from the which makes it super easy for me, as it has many shops and distribution points throughout Greece (and that's something very convenient nowadays).

• December 1st, 2020
Athens, Greece
Welcome New Month | December 2020

We are welcoming the last month of the shocking year 2020, a year that more or less changed us all at every level and made us reconsider our life, our goals and definately our values. But in the midst of all this we must not forget that if we - at least - managed to get here safe, we are so lucky, as thousands of our fellow citizens and over 1.5 million people worldwide died from complications of Covid-19 before this month. Let us all be very careful, things will not be easy - not even in our finances for the year 2021 but if we manage to get out of it all alive - together with our loved ones, we will find the courage to rebuild what was destroyed and find again what was lost. Only resurrecting those who left us - is the only thing that we won't be able to do.
Today is also the world day against AIDS, another deadly virus that unfortunately humanity has not yet managed to eliminate, so in addition to the mask, do not forget to use a condom. Be strong, take care and may we all have a Happy Month! Let's do what we can to stay alive, healthy and human.

November 2020

Thursday 12
The Crown Season 4 | This November on Netflix
• November 12, 2020
Athens, Greece
Netflix Goodies | New November Titles

I know it looks like it took me forever to guide you through this but the influence of lockdown is beginning to be felt in Greece too as in many other European (and not only European) countries and it's a bit disorienting.
So here I am with all the New Netflix Titles for this month and babes YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THEM!Some of them are already on and some of us can already write a review about this but here it is the full new program of the month to choose what you love. I am certainly going to watch the 4th season of my favorite The Crown, America’s Next Top Model: Seasons 19 & 20 and I am kind of interested in...

Saturday 7
Lockdown 2 in Greece. SMS codes and numbers
• November 7, 2020
Athens, Greece
Lockdown No2 in Greece

From today in Athens Greece and all over the country, for at least the next 3 weeks, we enter into the phase of Lockdown 2, as what they call ''the 2nd wave'' of the coronavirus, comes and sweeps them all and unfortunately is expected to take many of our fellow human beings with it. In today's image you will find the information you need for your necessary movement by sending a free sms to 13033. Keep in mind that as an employee or freelancer (as in this lockdown not so many companies will close as in the one of March and April 2020) you will need special certificates so as not to be fined with 300€ for the violation that concerns either movement without a proper sms or special permit or the misuse of the mask, which I remind you that outside the home - is mandatory EVERYWHERE in Greece. And not to be worn on your chin. Neither with your nose out. Take care and take care of those you love and those that others love. Even if you do not know them in person. It's all about love and care for each other. Can you feel it? Below I am giving you (so that you can read more) the relevant link of E.O.D.Y. where you will find information about Covid-19 but also the relevant daily reports of the Greek National Public Organization of Health.

1st Sunday
Visiting the Acropolis Athens Greece
• November 1st, 2020
Athens, Greece
Happy new month!

Happy new month with good health and a warm heart! November - no matter how optimistic anyone might be - it's a quite difficult month for the public health - due to coronavirus pandemic and the seasonal flu - but also for the economy with the expected lock-downs on entire Greek cities if not in the whole country. Today, however, the weather feels like it's spring out there and if you want to go for a walk and enjoy your Sunday (the shops will be closed and not open today as they used to be the previous years) you can go - enjoying FREE ENTRANCE with those you love, to walk to your loved ones archeological sites, such as on the Acropolis hill with the Parthenon temple (although they are doing work in the surrounding area now). And when I say FOR FREE I remind you that today is the first Sunday of the month (from November to March) where visits to archeological sites and monuments are free of charge for everyone (excluding the Acropolis Museum, see on its site its free entry dates).

October 2020

Wednesday 28

• October 28, 2020
Athens, Greece
The “Oxi Day” is celebrated throughout Greece

As you might already know, today across Greece, Cyprus and the Greek communities around the world, we celebrate the “Oxi Day(Ohi Day means the day we said NO). Ohi Day commemorates the rejection by Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas of the ultimatum made by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini on 28 October 1940, the Hellenic counterattack against the invading Italian forces at the mountains of Pindus during the Greco-Italian War, and the Greek Resistance during the Axis occupation.
(While other European nations succumbed to the Nazi grip, Greece took a total of 216 days to give in. Greco-Italian War: October 28 1940 - April 6 1941 [160 days]. War against the Germans: April 6 1941 - June 1 1941 [56 days]. Total: 216 days of Resistance).
So - if you are in Greece today - it's a public holiday and like every anniversary, most public buildings and residences are decorated with national flags. Schools and all places of work are closed BUT the museums and all the archaeological places around Greece will be open WITH FREE ADMISSION. (Be aware the heavy rain they've predicted for today and except from an umbrella, you should take at least 2 extra face masks for corona virus with you, because a wet mask can't protect you at all - or at least enough).
If you want to read what the protagonists themselves of this war said and wrote about the Greeks and the Greek resistance, please keep reading.

Thursday 22
Free rapid test for citizens in Nea Smirni Athens Greece
• October 22, 2020
Athens, Greece
Free rapid test in Nea Smirni, Athens

Since yesterday in the square of Nea Smyrni in Athens, Free Rapid Tests are carried out by EODY ladders.
I was there earlier today and if you want to be there too, you will only need 15-20 minutes (in the very long queue) of waiting.
What will you need? Of course you should wear your face mask and have your ID papers with you or at least you should remember the A.M.K.A. - medical insurance number of yours.
The queue, no matter how discouraging it may seem, is moving very fast, the people working in the EODY ladders are very helpful and the sample for the Covid-19 test is taken from the nose (you will feel a slight sting or discomfort for a while after but nothing more serious). You'll get the test results with a message on your cell phone (yes, you also give your cell phone number there) within a few hours (if they find you positive, they will inform you immediately though) no worries on this. Just be very careful daily and stay safe.

Wednesday 14
Waymo Google's Self Driving Car
• October 14, 2020
Athens, Greece
Google's Self Driving Car

Do you know Google's car that can take you where you want without having to drive it? The Waymo Self Driving Car. Waymo started as a Google's Project in 2009. Driving with Waymo aims to improve the way people move, while it could save thousands of lives lost every year from car accidents. But how far has Waymo's technology come in 2020?

Wednesday 7
The Golden Dawn party is over
• October 7, 2020
Athens, Greece
The Golden Dawn party is over

Today history has been made: A Greek court ruled that the far-right Golden Dawn party was operating as a criminal organization, delivering a landmark guilty verdict in a marathon five-year trial.
The 68 defendants in the trial include 18 former lawmakers from the party that was founded in the 1980s as a neo-Nazi organization and rose to become Greece's third largest party in parliament during the country's decade-long financial crisis.
This trial is considered as the biggest trial of Nazis since Nuremberg and the second world war.

Thursday 1
Happy October in Greece
• October 1st, 2020
Athens, Greece
Happy and Healthy October

I know it's October but who - in the North hemisphere - can truly say he had enough of this summer? Not many people around the world, as far as I can guess.
Still there are plenty of things to do in Greece on October.
For example the weather is still warm and around the weekend we are expecting temperatures of 32°C and you can plan ahead to spend a day on the beach.

Apart this, October is a wonderful month to explore the capital city of Athens or spoil yourself with some short excursions in impecable destinations around Greece like Meteora or Santorini island while in the meantime you can find some new arrivals in my SHOP to buy
Thank you so much! I appreciate your love and trust!

Whatever you choose or can afford to do:
Have a very happy new month everybody!
Stay classy but above all stay safe, healthy and Covid-FREE!

September 2020

Monday 28

• September 28, 2020
I SUPPORT Armenia with all my heart.


Sunday 27

• September 27, 2020
Free entrance to archeological sites, monuments and museums

Happy SUNday my friends!
Today is expected to be - in many ways - a day pleasant and constructive as apart from the fact that the temperature rises a bit (at least in the capital of Athens, Greece) and the sun rises again (we froze last night with the cold wind), today we can enjoy Free Entrance to all the archeological sites, monuments and museums belonging to the Greek state.
To be precise, however, the Free Rntrance was valid from yesterday, as it has been established to take place on the last weekend of September in all European countries as these two days have been designated as European Cultural Heritage Days.
Personally, I like to take advantage of such opportunities - if so, hurry up, get ready, do not be late! This sites are closing early! The day is expected to be exciting!

Thursday 17
Porto Katsiki Beach Lefkada Greece
• September 17, 2020
Lefkada, Greece
Lefkada as we say Live for Magic while Ianos is coming

Today's photo is from our yesterday visit in the impeccable Porto Katsiki beach in the west part of the island of Lefkada (in Greece).
I hope it will brighten your day and if you are close to the Ionian Sea those days, especially in Lefkada, Kefalonia, Ithaka and Zakinthos, mind seriously the warnings about the Ianos Cyclone that is going to hit the area the next hours. Stay safe and - if possible - four metres above sea level. Secure all objects that may be swept along by the wind causing damages or injuries. Avoid passing under big trees, under suspended signs and generally near areas where light objects may fall on the ground. Avoid walking around for no reason or swimming and if it's possible stay at an upper floor of your home, not in a basement or ground floor. In case of emergency call alternatively: the Police (100) the Fire Service (199) the National Center for Emergency Care/ EKAB (166) or the European Emergency Call Number (112)

Tuesday 8
September mornings in Athens, Greece
• September 8, 2020
Athens, Greece
September Days

Exactly one week after September has entered into our lives, I took this photo for you from Monastiraki area in Athens, Plaka (Greece of course) earlier this morning to cheer you up (in case you need that to but I trully hope you don't).
Isn't this photo of Acropolis hill and the Parthenont temple a beauty?
I love this view so much that I wish I could send you all the amazing vibe from this place too.
Soooo how is your September doing?
Or How are you doing in this crazy September of the year 2020?
Hope I am finding you safe and healthy and maybe enjoying your big vacation plans in a Greek island, why not? That would be a cure rather than just a proposal on September's blues 😉
Send me your inquiries or your September getaway ideas on my e-mail here. I am always glad to have you near 😍

August 2020

Sunday 30
Paralio Astros Greece
• 30 August 2020 Paralio Astros, Greece

Thursday 27
aralio Astros in Peloponesse Greece
• August 27, 2020
Paralio Astros, Greece
A getaway to the Paralio Astros in Peloponesse

As you may have seen in my last public posts on some of my social media accounts, one of my favorite nearby destinations (in less than 2 hours drive from Athens) is the Paralio Astros in North Kinouria. I will take you there mentally today, with photos, suggestions and travel information that I hope you find quite useful when you decide (to go too if you haven't already done so). If you already have been there, read my travel article and send me your own suggestions or your own reviews, I will be very happy - and if you want it we will be published them too!

Saturday 15
Athens in August, Greece
• August 15, 2020
Athens, Greece
August 15th in Greece

In Greece today we celebrate the day of the Virgin Mary (or in Greek: Today it's “tis Panagias” or “Dekapentavgoustos”).
August 15 is among the top three most celebrated holidays in Greece, along with Easter and Christmas. As one of the largest holidays in Greece, almost everything is shut down or running on a relaxed mode for the day. It's also the nameday of the Greek names: Maria, Marios, Panagiota and Panagiotis (they also celebrate on November - twice a year) and in the - pro Corona virus era - that meant big local celebrations and festivals around Greece, with lots of food, music and friends dancing and having fun together.
This year we have to wait - for the next good year to celebrate that way - but until then we should all STAY SAFE! (today's photo is from my today's walk in Plaka, Athens, Greece)

Saturday 1st
August in Greece
• August 1st 2020
Happy Healthy August!

“Lazy summer afternoons,

Walks along the beach,

balmy evenings,

cloudless skies,

stars just out of reach,

sailing on a quiet lake,

Hammocks in the shade...

These are the simple treasures of which August days are made.”

Happy and healthy August to all of you my friends!
And please remember:
August is always the best cause for all the gods

July 2020

Saturday 25
The Persians Live from Epidaurus
• July 25, 2020
Epidaurus, Greece
The Persians Live from Epidaurus

Great news my friends and lovers of the Greek culture and civilization! Tonight at 21.00 for the first time ever a live ancient Greek drama performance will be streamed globally from the a UNESCO World Heritage Theater of Epidaurus: “The Persians” the most ancient performance of Aeschylus. Don't miss the chance to watch it live for free from where you are!

Wednesday 15
Bioten Tissue Mask Hyaluronic
• July 15, 2020
Athens, Greece
Test and review: Bioten Tissue Mask Hyaluronic

This morning I had a little spare time so I decided to try the Bioten face mask (Tissue Mask Hyaluronic) on a clean face to see what effect it will have on my skin. According to the promotional message of the Bioten company this Hyaluronic Tissue Mask (with Hyaluronic acid) is the perfect solution for a dehydrated and dull skin. The face mask offers effective hydration, while fine lines appear smoother after use.

Is this face mask delivers its promises?

Given its special price (in the Greek market you can find it from €1.30/face mask) I I thought I had to test it out and write my review, so in case you need this, you could buy it too.

Tuesday 14
Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love
• July 14, 2020
Athens, Greece
Lifetime Quote

How are you doing my friends? Are you on vacation mode or just not yet? Hope everything is fine and shiny like the weather here in Greece!
For today I just wanted to remind you one of my lifetime quotes that could actually be a game changer on your life, as it's on mine:
Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.
This will certainly make a huge impact in your everyday life and decisions.
💋Keep that always in mind!

Monday 06
Summer shopping from my store
• July 6, 2020
Thessaloniki, Greece
New month - New experiences!

Happy New Month my friends! Stay safe, hopeful and happy!
Ok I know I've been kinda late for the Happy July wishes but I've been busy with some personal issues of mine trough the previous days but now I am back to inform you (unfortunately it's a only in Greek presentation) about the first book of my beloved and very talented friend: "If" for me or "Ifigeneia B." for the most of the people called "When I Was A Tree".
So if you are in Thessaloniki (Greece) today or in the area around, feel free to come at the presentation tonight (19.00, PARATY & LOFT multispace - 8, Pindou street) and congratulate this wonderful lady writer for her work. It will be fun for all and a nice thing to do!

June '20

Monday 29
Summer shopping from my store
• June 29, 2020
Athens, Greece
Shop from my e-shop

Good morning and may you all have a perfect week loves!
I just wanted to thank you once more for your love and support you are showing me and introduce you my fresh new store (mostly e-shop via for the moment) called GreekArtGifts.
In my shop you'll find a wide variety of stylish handmade gifts of art and other elegant gifts for yourself and the people you love and care about.
We can assure you that with every single one product you purchase from us, you help at least 2 - 3 Greek businesses to grow.
Want to see some more and maybe make your first purchase?

Wednesday 10
Summer makeup - make up
• June 10, 2020
Athens, Greece
New MakeUp Contest

Τhe MakeUp and beauty site put together a fun contest for people to practice and show off their makeup skills while we're all stuck at home during COVID-19 in the categories:
Smokey Eyes (full face photo),
Cat / Weded eyeliner,
Glam Makeup,
Editorial (Dramatic, artistic, runway style of makeup not seen every day),
No Makeup Makeup Look (photo of before and after).
The makeup contest will be judged by an expert team of makeup lovers.

Friday 5
Perigiali Lefkada Greece
Perigiali | Lefkada
• June 5, 2020
Athens, Greece
Happy threekend to all of you!

Full moon today and as usual we are getting a little more sensitive and perhaps some other a bit nostalgic. So it brings me back to the small seaside village of Perigiali, in my favorite Greek island of Lefkada and since there aren't much been written about this beautiful destination, I collected all the useful info (places to hangout, restaurants to have some descent food, beaches and hotels to stay) that you will definitely need when you visit it. Read all about it here and enjoy your threekend (as Monday is the day of the Holy Spirit in Greece). Wherever you go or even if you don't go have a good time and stay safe.

Thursday 4
Greek Summer ¦ State of Mind
• June 4, 2020
2020 Greek tourism campaign

Greek Summer is a State of Mind
What makes Greek Summer so precious?
It's not the sea - it's not the sun - it's more than that
Greek Summer is a state of mind
Being with the people you love
Connecting with nature
Feeling free
That's Greek Summer
So this year
enjoy your Greek Summer
you are.

Tuesday 2
• June 2, 2020
June 2020 / Black Lives Matter 👊👊

Normally a day like this I would write to give you my best wishes for the new month we are already in but honestly this ain't gonna be a normal June for the whole world. I can't breathe. I can't say enough about what is going on these days in America while we are in 2020 and SpaceX made history on Saturday with a successful rocket launch from the Kennedy Space Center but lots of things should change. Humanity doesn't deserve that. Our Present + Future DON'T DESERVE THAT.
Black Lives Matter 👊👊

May '20

Tuesday 26
Lily in Lefkada, Greece - Travel
Lily in Lefkada, Greece
• May 26, 2020
Athens, Greece
Greek Vacations / Summer 2020 / Covid-19

Lefkada - the Greek island of the Ionian sea with the amazing beaches to swim - because of its easy access (you don't need to get on board to reach this beautiful Greek island as it’s accessible from the mainland via a causeway on the northern tip) is one of THE BEST GREEK ISLANDS TO VISIT IN 2020 according to the latest CNtraveller's post and during the Covid-19 period.
Except Lefkada, the list of suggested Greek islands also includes: Skiathos island, Sifnos, Paxos, Hydra, Milos, Serifos, Amorgos, Mykonos, Santorini, Kefalonia, Corfu, Ithaka, Folegandros, Syros, Zakynthos, Crete, Rhodes, Symi, Naxos, Tinos, Astypalea and Patmos.

Friday 15
A real decision is measured by the fact that you've taken a new action. If there's no action, you haven't truly decided - Quote
• May 15, 2020
Athens, Greece
What should I do with my life?

Yesterday's thoughts lead me in the path of today's new life-post below:
Have you ever wondered what you should do with your life?
Somebody might tell you “Trust Life” or “You are where you meant to be” or even worse “Everything happens for a reason” and the beat goes on.
You know what I’ll tell you?
– That’s Bullshit.
If you are here reading me it’s not because it was meant to be.
Probably it’s because you know you’re not living up to your full potential or you don’t know what your full potential might be.

Thursday 14
A Good Plan Today Is Better Than A Perfect Plan Tomorrow - Quote
• May 14, 2020
Athens, Greece
Note To My Shelf

Nothing, I did not want to interrupt.
I just wanted to make a reminder to myself and anyone else you can feel this.
“A Good Plan Today Is Better Than A Perfect Plan Tomorrow.”

Perfect is the enemy of the Good and guess what:
Perfect Rarely Exists.
Sending you my love, pattience and a big kiss.
We'll win.

Friday 8
Agiofilli beach Lefkada
Agiofylli Beach, Lefkada
• May 12, 2020
Agiofili, Lefkada, Greece
Experiences in Lefkada Greece

Agiofili beach is located on the south side of the enchanting Greek island of Lefkada in Greece (you already know it's one of my favorite Ionian Islands - and general in Greece - with a quite easy and cheap access) while you can get there - if you don't have your own yacht or boat (like us) either by a small boat that you will find in the port of the village of Vasiliki and makes this exact route several times a day, or by driving your car up to a certain point after Vassiliki village and...
So what do you think?
Are you coming with me on this emotional journey?
I am sure you'll find it quite useful when you visit that beach too.

April '20

Thursday 30

You and Me | Lily's relationship
• April 30, 2020
Athens, Greece
A very important day

Today, except from the truly important (at least for me) birthday of my hubby, which - because of the coronavirus quarantine - we will spend the day as houselovers but safe, I would also like to inform you about something that may seem very useful for you - especially if you are a woman or not but you still enjoy makeup and love taking care of yourself that FOR JUST A FEW DAYS there will be a discount of -50% on the prices of all the Clinique and MAC Cosmetics products in Greece if you shop them on line.
That's why I've turned them into active links so that you can easily (if you click on whichever of the two beauty companies you prefer) visit directly their site to shop whatever product you choose at the half price!
Take the chance and seize this opportunity asap - because this kind of discount is not expected to last that much. Shop everything you'll need, whether you are staying home for the quarantine or whether you are thinking to spend some time outdoors in Greece - safely starting from this Monday.
💋 Big kiss and I wish we may all enjoy a 🌻 HAPPY NEW MONTH 🌺 (and not just for a month) with safety and good health starting from today!

Tuesday 28

Faroe Island Tour |
• April 28, 2020
Athens, Greece
Online Travel

Today there is an amazing spring weather outside. Early in the morning, crossing the center of Athens, the streets and sidewalks were empty, both of cars and pedestrians. Unfortunately, this didn't last too long. Today's speech of the Prime Minister at 18.00 on how and when we will return to a new, differentiated "everyday routine" I hope to keep in mind for as long as it's necessary that the lockdown measures can be relaxed soon, but it's not because we've wiped out the mockery, but because the state's economic hardship is forcing our country's economy to come out on top of the man with the excuse of the man. SO PAY ATTENTION. In the meantime, I have a new travel article for the Faroe Islands and what they did that was really clever to attract new travelers in the middle of the pandemic ...

Sunday 19

Easter at Home
• April 19, 2020
Athens, Greece
Happy Healthy Greek Easter!

Χριστός Ανέστη!
Best wishes for the years to come full of health!
Last night, people put their Sunday clothes on their balconies, holding lighted candles, wishing each other Happy Easter to the neighbors or to a loved one on their phone, while barrels and fireworks echoed in the urban neighborhoods.
I know this year the Greek Easter wasn't the best one that most of us had ever imagined.
Though it is still a wonderful gift for us who are still alive and healthy and we should never forget or understimate that.
May we all be able to make every next holy resurrection along with all the people we love!

Stay strong.
Stay healthy and hopeful.
Hold on.
Toughen up.
Beat the disease.
Never stop dreaming of a better tomorrow.


Wednesday 15

GreeceFrom Home - Greece From Home
• April 15, 2020
Greece From Home:

The New Digital Platform Brings Best of Greece to You
(This new platform will allow travelers to explore the best of Greece with online resources)
Greek Tourism Ministry as well as Greek National Tourism Organization and Marketing Greece launched a new “Greece from Home” platform in order to continue to promote Greece and its culture, while supporting global social distancing efforts. Beyond giving prospective through wonderful images and videos, online visitors have now new ways to explore the country from afar laying the groundwork for a quick rebound once the danger from the virus has passed. The platform’s website aims to promote Greece and its culture, promote Greece as a tourist destination and help professionals in the tourism industry to better their digital skills.

Sunday 12

• April 12, 2020
☀ SUNday

"The rough time will pass.
Don't forget your dreams.
Don't forget Greece.
Dreams Can't Be Quarantined."

Today I have this marvelous video for you
worth watching until the end.

Friday 3

Quarantine Coronary Selfie
• April 3, 2020
Athens, Greece

1st Friday of the month today.
What's on your plansahahaha?
(Ok I know. Many of us share the same plans: Food, late drinks, fun night out. And then we'll hopefully wake up from our pleasant dream on Saturday morning).
Whether you are very fond of learning or (and you do well) jus wanting to get rid of all the unpleasant death news around you, while staying at home I have for you the:
• Free online MOMA's art lessons (Museum of Modern Art in New York) - more information about you can read by clicking here and the
• Google's Free Online Tutorials to grow your business online - which you can see by clicking here
I also inform you that if you have booked an Olympic Air ticket with a travel date until 31/05/2020, you can now (and until April 08) change it online at no extra cost whenever (at any future date) you wish to travel until 27/03/2021!
And to make your life a little easier in this difficult and especially critical time we are going through, I have put the relevant link for you below

Wednesday 1

If this year's April has an allegorical image
• April 1st, 2020
Athens, Greece
Good month in a good health!

If this year's April had an allegorical image in emotion, would probably be today's photo. I took it a few years ago infront of the beautiful but furious sea of Paros, a season like this.
Today is April Fools' Day and with all this mess around us I have the feeling that death is the only one we should all fool this April.
"April is the cruelest month" as T. S. Eliot says
"but we should all get out of this alive" - as I believe.
So that we can enjoy many more Aprils with flowers, gatherings and beautiful moments with all the people we love!
I am wishing you all a good month in a good health!

March '20

Saturday 28
Athens, Greece
Daily Thoughts

Every new dawn that we are healthy along with those we love, we are not just “well”.
We are really happy.
Also in light of what we are hearing and learning, I would like to add the following:
Even in Sweden, domestic violence has dramatically increased.
You must feel safe inside your home.
Violence should not be accepted in any form, verbal or physical.
Victims of violence or third parties who are living in Greece should call immediately at 100 or at 24-hour SOS tel.: 15900 (365 days/year).

Friday 27
Athens, Greece
Daily Thoughts

According to what I've been seeing around me lately - and especially on social media, the fear of the coronavirus disease and its possible consequences has made some of you unpredictable - in a bad way - and quite rude. We need to remain calm here my friends, as well as in any other difficult situation, if we really want to stay alive.
Think of other people as being scared too. You are not alone. Other people are not your enemies.
We are all facing the same fears and we must stay united in this in order to get out stronger.

Wednesday 25

Our race was crucified many times, but, here we are, still alive
• March 25, 2020
Athens, Greece
Happy Birthday Greece!

Who would have expected that almost 200 years since the brave Greek Revolution (1821) - we wouldn't be able to honor it on parades, nor could we celebrate, because of the coronavirus outbreak and WE SHALL STAY HOME. But that's what we are called to do now for the people we love and that is what we will do. Be careful and we shall celebrate again next year (in 200 years).
Happy Birthday Greece, Happy Birthday to Evangelia and Vangelis for their nameday! Let's all stay Home, Healthy and Safe!
“Our race was crucified many times, but, here we are, still alive.”
— Theodoros Kolokotronis, 1770-1843, Hero of the Greek Revolution

Monday 23

Lily Was In Italy - Lily Was Here
From my last trip to Capri Italy
• March 23, 2020
Athens, Greece
We change our habits, we change our lives, we save lives.

Good morning and have a healthy week,
after your own requests and my own thoughts on the needs of such a different era we are going through, I have decided that I will continue to keep you updated with what is happening in Greece while we are facing the deadly coronavirus but I will also continue to write about the life we ​​left behind, our daily emotions nowadays in all of these unpredictable survival changes we are going through and of course our dreams, goals and the aspirations of tomorrow.
The Greek government imposed a traffic ban across Greece from 6.00am today, so we have to change our daily habits, stay home - unless we have the necessary mobility (work, pharmacy, bank, supermarket), we value every precious moment of life, we help the people in need and above all we try our best to stay healthy (and coronavirus free).
Lot of patience and good luck to all of us!


• March, 2020


I have decided to keep on spending all the next days that will be necessary to keep on informing you (unfortunately only in Greek) of all the officials decisions of the Greek government in order to face the COVID-19 in Greece!

Wednesday 4
Clinique store day cream and make up
• March 4, 2020
Athens, Greece
On the occasion of Women's Day

I have a lot to tell you about the Coronavirus - Covid 19 that - today - marked its 9th outbreak in Greece. I also have a lot to say to you about all this alarm situation at the Greek borders and our ruthless neighbor Erdogan. I have a lot to tell you about a lot but because the situation needs to maintain calm, I'll leave it - for now - to the experts and I'll finally tell you except from Happy Month! all the things I know for sure:
On the occasion of Women's Day (March 8) Clinique has decided to offer -50% off all its products on its online and physical store. TO EVERYTHING! If you are taking care of your appearance - whether you are a man or a woman - this discount will make the difference. And besides that, I've learned also today - that at the same 50% discount will be offered in the Greek Galerie de Beaute stores, on makeup and perfumes from Estee Lauder, Mac, Tom Ford, La Prairie, Burberry, Paco Rabane, JPG etc. again until Women's Day (March 8).
I don't know if you're still sitting. I am on my way to a -50% shopping therapy!

February '20

Monday 24
Positano Italy Travel
• February 24, 2020
Positano, Italy
Monday | Visit Positano Italy

Happy new week!
Positano's travel article is ready for you to read here and Italy is always a good idea to travel in!
Although Italy now becomes the centre of European COVID-19 outbreak with more than 200 people infected and the death toll continuing to rise we should not give up hope for the best and take care of our hygiene first and above the rest.
For the Positano trip and travel tips read...

Friday 21
Galleria Umberto I Naples Italia
• February 21, 2020
Athens, Greece
Friday | The weekend is almost here

Yesterday it was the day that we call in Greece Tsiknopempti (literally: Smoky smell grilled Thursday) - that traditionally means the day we eat meat and to be more specific we eat grilled meat.
In the Greek Orthodox tradition Tsiknopempti is the Thursday of the 2nd week of Apokria (the week of Kreatini), during which large amounts of meat are traditionally consumed prior to the arrival of Lent, the fasting season leading up to Easter.
Yesterday however, walking around Athens' neighborhoods, smelled grilled chops and meat and you could hear more laughters than any previous day.
I'm not very that into the mentality that certain days you have to eat certain things - like yesterday; we all had to eat meat as if we are only living with vegan cravings the rest of the year. But I am in favor of the joy and its small occasions - as everyone understands and supports it and from wherever it might comes from (I don't believe that I should clarify that I don't mean malevolence etc with this).
We went out for fish, fried squids and other fried fishes anyway (we certainly didn't save cholesterol though).
But today is another day. It's Friday. And I wonder:
Are you already making big weekend plans or are you thinking about having a loose time? I'm preparing a travel article for my beloved Positano anyway, which I think you'll love. Today's photo is from the starting point of the journey to Positano, the beautiful city of Naples. If you're thinking of traveling there in the future, see the top 10 things you can do on your trip by clicking here
Good morning! Have Fun:)

Δευτέρα 17
Happy Monday
Monday • Again
• February 17, 2020
Athens, Greece
Monday. Again | Happy enough?

On a question like 'It's Monday again Are you happy enough΄ I'll say: Yes. Definately. You know my opinion on Mondays anyway.
If you don't like them, it's not the day. You have to change maybe your work, your people close to you, your environment or even your country? However, make the change that will make YOU feel good.
Like a new opportunity:
To live.
To love.
To create.
To do great things assap.
It's Monday again:
A - M - A - Z - I - N - G - C - H - A - N - C - E

Friday 14
Dare to Love. No matter what
February • 14
• February 7, 2020
Athens, Greece
Saint Valentine's Day | Or maybe not?

Actually I don't care. You might love it and want to celebrate the day with flowers, red gift wrapped presents and why not a romantic dinner and If so you should definatelly do that. On the other side you might want to spend it like any other day and if that's what feels you, that's what you should trust.
Dare to Love. No matter what. You or you and other people around you. Love is never enough if you spread it right. Don't forget that.

Friday 07
Goody's Hangover burger
Goody's • Hangover burger
• February 7, 2020
Athens, Greece
New tasting review | Goody's

I taste it for you the Hangover burger, at the greek Goody's Burger House.
You should know before you try: Is it good? Well cooked?
And the most important thing:
Is it delicious and if so at what price can you order it too?

Thursday 06
Moma New York museum of art
ΜΟΜΑ • Free Art Courses
• February 6, 2020
Athens, Greece
ΜοΜΑ is calling

The exciting news of the day:
Did you know that MoMA - the Museum of Modern Art in New York - offers now totally free online courses, to anyone who wishes to learn (as long as he understands English of course) about contemporary art, fashion, design and photography? Even if you didn't know it, don't worry. I am here to inform you about. After all I think you already know that. Right?
But what do you need to know before you even start?

Wednesday 05
Acropolis view from Thissio
• February 5, 2020
Pedestrian Street, Thisio, Athens, Greece
Weather and winter mood

After the amazing sunny days that we've enjoyed lately in Greece, today is the first moody day of February, who clearly hasn't woken up with joy.
By tomorrow night - as you probably already know - we are even expecting snow on the outskirts of Athens and today in many of the northern parts of the country, it's already snowing.
There is a Greek saying for February that perfectly fits those days: “Ο Φλεβάρης κι αν φλεβίσει, καλοκαίρι θα μυρίσει μα σαν τύχει και θυμώσει μες στο χιόνι θα μας χώσει!” and - in free translation - it actually means that maybe February could smell like Summer but if he gets angry we'll be drown in snow.
Beware Loves! Cold and flu strike days like these.
P.S.: In my photo it's the view of the Acropolis hill from the famous Thissio's pedestrian street that I took earlier this morning. The cloudy sky is ''Woah!''. Right?

Sunday 02
View of the Herodeion ancient theater from Acropolis hill
02022020 • Seize the moment
• February 2, 2020
Acropolis hill, Athens, Greece
Sunny 1st Sunday 02022020

Good morning!
Did I wished you a great month already?
Have a wonderful month then!
Happy 1st Sunday of the month and don't forget:
Today you can enjoy entrance FREE to many archaelogical places in Greece like Acropolis hill and Parthenon temple as much as in many Greek museums (Acropolis Museum unfortunately is not included)
Have fun and enjoy an awesome sunny day!
(Today's photo is mine - from earlier today - while I was climbing up to the Acropolis hill and it's the view of Herodeion ancient theater from above!)

January '20

Monday 27
• January 27, 2020
Athens, Greece
💔 Mamba out

Kobe's Bryant (or Black Mamba's) last game for Lakers - in the mid of April 2016, I remember it like it was yesterday.
In order to watch live his astonishing final game - where he scored 60 points - I decided to spare my sleep - even if I had a rough patch at work that period - because in Greece the time the game started was so early in the morning.
That was a happy time for all of us.
Unlike yesterday.
When his helicopter crashed, killing Kobe, his 13 years old daughter and seven other passengers.
His death was a tragedy as he isnpired( me and many other people I am sure), in every good way the previous years, to become something betetr. Something to love!
Mamba (is) out 💔 this time for good and our heart broke in two

Thursday 23
I don't like Winter
Oh no, not again!
• January 23, 2020
Athens, Greece
Is it summer yet or should I go back to bed?

Although I was born in winter - as you probably already know if you are following my posts and reading me all that time long - wintertime IS NOT my fav. In a slightly funny attempt to explain why I feel like that, I've also written a favorite article in the past on “5 reasons Why we don't like Winter” and in the essence of this fact I really try every winter - not to fall in a hibernation state of mind or at least I am trying to get rid of that as soon as I can.
Be patient if you like winter's cold. If you love Summer I am sure you'll understand. I'll be back soon with lots of lifestyle's updates, exciting travel ideas, fashion tips, and Make Me Guess - beauty tips.
Until then please stay healthy and warm (both in your heart and home)
I'll be baaaaaaack!
💋 Smack!

Wednesday 1st
Welcome 2020
2020 • Welcome
• January 1, 2020
Athens, Greece
Happy New Year | Happy New Decade!

Happy New Year and a Happy New Decade!
Welcome the new “twenty-twenties”!
Your success and happiness lies in you. It’s never too late to become who you want to be. Let us celebrate the dates on which “we change the world.” And from the bottom of my heart I am wishing you the funniest, the most memorables and awesome years of your life! May everything you desire turn into your living fairytale!
My best wishes, lots of hugs and kisses!





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